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My half of the trade with @privateengine !
The girls having a double date with two who don’t get along so well… 

Mara: “Come on, honey. It’s just a double date.”
Mia: “Yeah, Danse. Can’t we have one night without you two stink-eyeing one another?”


I was wandering around Red Rocket, doing some maintenance on all our power armor suits when Danse walked up to me and did his “I like when you’re this close” in that awkward trying-to-be sexy voice of his. (his power armor senses were probably going off and came over to stare at me while I modded them)

I turned back to sort of ‘aww’ at laugh at him at the same time


“Need to get in some more target practice.”

X6: ‘stares at Danse’

Danse: ‘sweats and pretends not to notice X6′

I was laughing too hard to get the take screenshots with the subtitles on.

X6 is like an over-protective big brother. Either that or he’s really pissed about Danse’s coat.

Sole Party 2.0 Day 3:

How is your Sole Survivor at a party? Do they like being around people or are they scared of crowds? Where would they spend most of their time?

Dread is very social and loves to meet new people! Especially if they are a fan, shorty after arriving @theartofblossomings Glenn spots Dread and approaches him nervously offering some Fancy Lads he brought. Dread is excited that someone recognizes him from pre-war and tells Glenn not to be shy he would love to answer anything thing they may ask about his career, he compliments him on his uniform. Unfortunately for Glenn he gets no explanation for what’s going on but at least gets a first hand account of some great games he remembers.

After mingling for a bit Dread spots his buddy Andoy @andoy-blog arriving and another sole unloading a bunch of Perfectly preserved Pies at the snack table. He can’t let that opportunity pass him up so he heads to grab some, he suggests Glenn do the same. He then heads off to hang with Andoy for the night.

Sole Party 2.0 hosted by @hawkfurze

(I’m not much of a role player so I hope you like the chibis! And hope Glenn liked meeting Dread, we will see if the party is prepared for Dread and Andoy’s shenanigans)

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Sole Party 2.0 Day 2:

The Party has started and your Sole has just arrived! What are they wearing? How was their arrival and did they bring anything to the party? 

As this is a spring time party Dread will be sure to arrive in one of his fave flashy outfits, a patterned Hawaiian shirt and slacks. His friends have dubbed this the “Dad shirt” without his knowledge.

As Dread is a flashy guy not only in style but personality, he will be sure to make sure his presence is known as he arrives. He will happily greet the host and inform them that he brought the entertainment nudging toward the drinking buddy beside him. “Not only does he provide drinks he’s got some good jokes too! You’ll love him!” Dread will then scout the room for anyone he may know. After a quick look around he goes off to mingle drink in hand hoping someone recognizes him.

sole party is hosted by @hawkfurze

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