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My half of the trade with @privateengine !
The girls having a double date with two who don’t get along so well… 

Mara: “Come on, honey. It’s just a double date.”
Mia: “Yeah, Danse. Can’t we have one night without you two stink-eyeing one another?”


I was wandering around Red Rocket, doing some maintenance on all our power armor suits when Danse walked up to me and did his “I like when you’re this close” in that awkward trying-to-be sexy voice of his. (his power armor senses were probably going off and came over to stare at me while I modded them)

I turned back to sort of ‘aww’ at laugh at him at the same time


“Need to get in some more target practice.”

X6: ‘stares at Danse’

Danse: ‘sweats and pretends not to notice X6′

I was laughing too hard to get the take screenshots with the subtitles on.

X6 is like an over-protective big brother. Either that or he’s really pissed about Danse’s coat.

L.A.V.A Stream Drinking Game

Take a sip each time….

  1. Max is called a cinnamon roll/sunflower seed
  2. Robbie says something apropos to the word PENIS
  3. Max does sofa parkour
  4. Someone leaves the screen to get food
  5. Hungry guest is Hungry
  6. Ray is the only one paying attention to the game
  7. RayChase.jpg
  8. Someone dubs over their own character 
  9. The More You Know w/ Robert Daymond
  10. Julia slays (take caution)
  11. Raylia smooches  (*^3^)/~☆
  12. Milo is a good boy (take caution)
  13. The chat dissolves into “Robbie NO!”
  14. The chat dissolves into “DON’T die!!”
  15. The chat dissolves into “Hiii Megan!”
  16. Technical difficulties that only Max can fix
    We hear:
  17. Ray’s adorable singing voice
  18. Max beat boxing 
  19. Robbie beautiful singing voice
  20. Ray’s amazing dad jokes

  21. Ray cuddles Milo 
  22. Milo gets picked up
  23. Someone guesses the right voice actor on 1st try
  24. Ray says one of Noctis’ lines.
  25. Robbie doesn’t know how to end the stream
  26. Harambe.

This is for fun so for the love of Bahamut’s balls don’t do these all at one time. Notice it says take a sip not take a shot, I don’t want you to die.
Please know your limits and stick to juice if you’re underage in your respective countries/states.

Feel free to add your own while we wait for the next stream!

Summer Iced Tea - Fallout Style

Summer Time Iced Beverage - Fallout Style!

Things are heating up outside and you’ll need a way to cool down! Try this recipe for a signature Fallout Iced Tea Beverage!

What you’ll need

- Fallout4reacts “Nuka Cola” or “Nuka Cherry” tea from Adagio ! (You may also use the “Passion Tango” blend from Teavanna if you can’t get your hands on the Fallout tea! (Which is what I used here)
- Lemonade, you choice of brand. (You can also drink this without lemonade)
- Captain Morgan’s Pineapple White Rum (Feel free to exclude for virgin recipe)
- Ice
- A cool cup to drink it out of!

How to make it

Step 1 - Boil some water and steep your tea of choice (about 4-5 teaspoons of tea leaves) in a large heat proof pitcher, filling it up only about 2/3 of the way full. I have Teavanna’s Tea Pitcher that comes with a filter, but if you don’t have one, you can brew the tea in whatever pot you like and transfer. You want to steep your tea for a long time, you’ll need it STRONG so double or triple the time that is suggested on the label (Although I steeped mine for 2 hours… oops)
Step 2 - Once it’s all steeped, remove the tea leaves and add sugar to taste while still hot, you want it to dissolve so stir that in too.
Step 3 - Fill the rest of the pitcher with ice, this dilutes the strong tea and cools it off at the same time. Make sure to stir in the ice!!
Step 4 - Prep your cup, fill with some ice and add 1 ounce of Rum!
Step 5 - Fill about 2/3 of the cup with the iced tea you just made
Step 6 - Fill the rest of the cup with your lemonade, then mix it all up and enjoy!!