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I’m shooting Curie today! So excited to have a better shirt. I have such a wonderful crew helping me today, I’m so excited ❤️ 💉

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at first i was disappointed that hancock’s first name is john because i was imagining my character sarcastically going ‘john’ every time hancock was a snarky sinner. 

but then

sole survivor is teasing him about his historical cosplay. 

hancock’s heart beats faster and wants sole to say it again.

“I’m back home from Närcon and I can finally upload the very first proper photo of my Piper Wright cosplay! Love this shot of me as Piper and MacCready by Nossbornart. I’m quite pleased with the overall look of this cosplay even though somethings are still missing.

Cosplay: Piper Wright - Fallout 4
Cosplayer: Lorethia Cosplay

Cosplay: MacCready - Fallout 4
Cosplayer: Nossbornart

Photo: Han med kameran”
- Lorethia

Amazing Cosplay!