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Phoenix Comicon 2017 - Cosplay Music Video
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Hey everyone, we worked really hard this weekend on filming some amazing cosplays and the end result is pretty dang awesome. A lot of love was put into this from both our end and the fantastic cosplayers, so please give it a watch if you can! It’d mean a lot :) 

I’m shooting Curie today! So excited to have a better shirt. I have such a wonderful crew helping me today, I’m so excited ❤️ 💉

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at first i was disappointed that hancock’s first name is john because i was imagining my character sarcastically going ‘john’ every time hancock was a snarky sinner. 

but then

sole survivor is teasing him about his historical cosplay. 

hancock’s heart beats faster and wants sole to say it again.

when your romantic companion drank up all the Nuka-Cola and you tryna decide if you should blow them up in their sleep

Sole Survivor - Fallout 4
Cosplayer: Bree The V. @breethev
Shot by: Tyler McMinniman for @nerdcaliber

please don’t remove caption