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“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.”


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Fallout 4 (2015)

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Why not have the Companions reactions to a short! Sole walking through some snow and falling straight through it? I think that would be sweet!

I have never seen snow before in my life…hope you Americans are enjoying it over there! We’re positively sweltering hot down here! XD

Ada – She had wanted to warn Sole of the possibility about them falling through before it even happened, not only because Sole was vertically challenged and not particularly careful with where they step, but because the sensors in her robotic feet detected how unstable the snowy terrain they were travelling along really was. “Sole, I recommend-” whoomph. Too late. She’d stomp over to the hole were Sole disappeared and would try her best to get them free while apologizing about her late warning, trying to shrug off the grumpy looks the Sole Survivor was giving her.

Cait – One minute, Sole was trudging along in front of her talking about something or rather, the next they had disappeared in a big poof of white powdery snow. The brawler stood confused for a second as the cloud dissipated and Sole was nowhere to be seen, but when she spotted the small hole and the equally as small Sole wriggling around trying to climb their way out, she just couldn’t hold back her laughter and ended up doubling over in a fit of hysterics.

Curie – When she saw Sole fall straight through the snow in front of her, she immediately rushed forward to try and help only to fall through it herself with a sharp gasp only to start spluttering from a mouthful of snow. “Oh mon Dieu! Sole, I am stuck too!” She’d try to clamber her way out, but in the end it would have to be Sole who somehow manages to free them both with a wry grin.

Codsworth – He didn’t give the snow a second thought as he dutifully followed his master/mistress across the white plains of the wasteland, loving the new change of scenery because at least its’ not all brown and grey and miserable like it always was. But suddenly Sole disappeared and he was left calling out for them worriedly because oh no, he can’t be left alone again! When he stumbles upon the hole and sees them looking back at him with a grumpy little frown on their face, he’d pause in confusion. “Pardon me, sir/mum, but…why are you down there?”

Danse – He was half expecting himself to fall through the snow, what his big heavy metal frame and equally as a heavy footsteps that literally crushed the snow beneath him, so it surprised him a lot when Sole – who was travelling behind him – had fallen completely through the snow with a muffled slosh. He’d stomp back over to them, peering down with no attempt to hide his amused smile and offered them his armoured hand before hoisting them back up.

Deacon – He totally knew it was going to happen and was simply waiting with a barely concealed smirk with each step Sole took until finally the snow gave way and he was left laughing his proverbial ass off. “You know, I thought I was the master of disguise, but look at you boss! Hiding in plain sight.” He shook his head in mock astonishment, arms loosely crossed in front of him as he gazed down at Sole with a grin. “You’ve learned well the ways of stealth, grasshopper.”

Dogmeat – His feet were cold, his nose was cold and his little ears were bloody cold too, but that won’t stop him from being a good boy and following his person to the ends of the earth and back. They seemed happy to have him along, giving him pats every now and then for which he was always grateful for, but the unexpected happened. Sole fell down! He’d whimper softly as he bounds over to the hole, peering down and cocking his head when he sees Sole well and truly stuck inside the cold stuff. Hope they want company, because in goes Dogmeat for cuddles and kisses that Sole just won’t be able to get away from.

Gage – It was always boring going for long treks with nothing to kill, even more so in the colder months because with the layers upon layers of snow comes the reluctance of everything and everyone to step foot outside the confines of their shelter. So when he set out with Sole, the last thing he expected was to be laughing his ass off…that is until the almost comically short Sole Survivor fell straight through the snow without any warning whatsoever. In the end Sole had to save themselves because the raider was too busy trying to get a hold of himself and reliving the funniest thing he’s ever seen that reduced him to nothing more than a laughing mess.

Hancock – He thought he was high or blinked too long when Sole suddenly disappeared from sight in front of him, but when he realised they had fallen completely through the snow, he couldn’t help but give a hearty chuckle before helping them up. “Need a hand, short stuff?” His cheeky grin would probably earn him a well-deserved punch to the arm later by the shivering Sole Survivor.

MacCready – He’d been aching to push Sole into a large clump of snow, remembering back to the times he spent doing the exact same thing to other kids at Little Lamplight. He cracked up back then from the flailing arms of half buried kids, so imagine how funny it would be to see the very short Sole Survivor do the same? He was about to nut up and do it before all of a sudden they slipped down with a muffled curse into some soft snow. No help would come to then because the mercenary would be wiping away burning tears of laughter while clutching his happily convulsing midsection.

Nick Valentine – He had warned Sole before they set out to look out for soft spots and other hazards buried within the snow and he truly did expect them to heed his warnings. That is until they stumbled upon an unstable patch of powdery snow and disappeared completely from view. He would have laughed had he not been more concerned for their welfare, but as he offered them his hand and pulled them up “to the land of living” as he put it, Sole could’ve sworn they saw an amused grin on his face.

Old Longfellow – Like Nick, the old hunter warned them about the snow, but like the young hotshot they were, they obviously didn’t listen to him. So when they fell through the snow with an oompff and a crash, he let his fully belly laughter reign freely, kicking back and watching them try and climb their way out of the freezing cold hole called “I told you so.”

Piper Wright – She hates being cold, hates it with a passion. Walking along with Sole shivering her butt of is definitely not the way she wants to spend these next few months of winter, but for as long as Sole asks her to be there…begrudgingly, she will be there. Just grumpy and mumbling and shivering until they bunker down somewhere warm where – like a cat – the reporter will come back to life as per her usual self. When Sole disappears however, she momentarily freaks out because oh no, she’s lost Blue! How is she supposed to find someone so little in this kind of crappy weather?? She almost falls into the hole with them when she finally finds them and during her efforts to try and pull them free, she can’t help but giggle and vow to herself to tell Nat all about it when they get back.

Preston Garvey – Personally, he loved the snow. Fresh, new, clean…the cold he could most certainly live without but the snow itself was beautiful. While he was walking with Sole at his side, a wistful smile is almost permanently etched onto his lips which only disappeared when Sole themselves suddenly vanished into the white floor. “Oh my G–” He rushed over to where he last saw them, crouching down next to the suspicious looking hole in the snow with a furrowed brow. “Sole? Are you okay?” When they wiped away the icy frost on their face and looked back up at him with a sheepish smile, only then would he allow himself to laugh before pulling them back up.

Strong – The big guy himself was so used to tripping over his own two feet in the thick snow, that he didn’t think much of it when Sole disappeared in a cloud of white powder beside. It was only when they didn’t get back up that he started to worry. “TINY HUMAN. GET BACK UP NOW!” He peered into the little hole and saw them gazing helplessly back up, then erupting into a roar of laughing when he finally realises that they’re well and truly stuck down there. “TINY HUMAN FUNNY. TINY HUMAN SO SMALL NEXT TO STRONG!”

X6-88 – Snow was so…peculiar. There really wasn’t much that he was familiar with that could readily be compared to snow, or at least, no closely anyway. He was still becoming accustomed to the new behaviour of the odd powdery substance when he realised that his travelling companion was nowhere to be seen. “Sole?” He called out, surveying the barren fields of white. When he spotted the hole, he assumed some kind of creature sprung forth and took the Director so he charged forward ready for a fight, but upon inspection he damn near laughed out loud when he spotted Sole stuck way down in the cold snow’s embrace. When he finally got them out, he couldn’t hold back an amused chuckle.