fallout cannon


@jhaithulier and I were talking about @quinzelade‘s fic By No Constraint and how I got ~feelz~ when it came to seeing bloatfly meat in a dog food bowl in his room, and there was a cat bowl, and then some cans of dog food, too… And I think he’s a crazy cat/dog daddy deep down and I can’t wait to see him bonding with more critters. Basically, we aren’t the only ones who think this way. XD Original images found on a 3am search binge on pixiv.net. Enjoy~

EDIT: Last two pictures are by @logicalfangirl so be sure to visit their page for more art!

The technological differences between flights (especially when they’re humanized) have the potential for some comically absurd situations.

I mean, think about it. There’s a fair amount of flights who’d likely use primitive weaponry such as spears, slings, axes, bow and arrow, etc. Even rocks can be used as a weapon (looking at u earth flight.) And while they’re effective in their own right, they’re a stark contrast to Lightning and their brand new, Fallout inspired Tesla cannon.