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anonymous asked:

i'm not sure that you'd have an answer to this but how feasible are the fighting scenes in attack on titan? How difficult would it be to use the ODM gear featured in the series? What type of muscle would you need and what physical toll would it have on your body? Would it even be possible to go that fast and maneuver around as easily as they show it?

You ever been on a rollercoaster? Not the traditional wooden ones, but the kind of rollercoaster that hates you and wants you to die horribly? Where the track is above you and you’ve got some serious neck protection as you go round, and round, and round on high speeds? The one that tries to turn you into hamburger? Yeah, good.

Now, imagine that combined with the Nasa centrifuge.

Or, just watch ShoddyCast’s “The SCIENCE! Behind Power Armor in Fallout 4″

That’s what the fight scenes in Attack on Titan would be like. You’d break your neck and liquefy your internal organs in fairly short order. The amount of damage done to the human body via deceleration at high speeds is rather insane. So, no it is not possible. (Spiderman isn’t real either.)

However, realism is not why we watch anime. Anime characters don’t worry about physics. Neither should you.

Except whenever you get into a car.

Drive safely.


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