Drunk History night twice a month at Sanctuary, where the companions all get smashed and attempt to recap historical events that most of them know absolutely nothing about, much to Sole’s utter delight


Piper, slamming down another Nuka-Cola Dark: okay so like, back in 17-fuckever there was uhhhh there was a guy and he signed this fuckin, document right

Sole: he sure did yes

MacCready: Piper stop saying the f word

Piper: no. anyways he wrote about freedom and there was an army and a horse

Preston, who canonically has studied history: Piper do you…do you mean George Washington

Sole: yeah ok put all of that in the Library of Congress

Deacon: the what

LF blogs to follow

been clearing out inactives for a while and my dash is shrinking a bit too far.  looking for active blogs w/ content such as:

  • critical role
  • taz/mcelroys
  • bullying griffin
  • d&d in general 
  • d&d mini painting/setcrafting/dm stuff in particular
  • skyrim
  • fallout
  • witcher
  • dragon age
  • mass effect
  • red dead redemption
  • far cry
  • ass creed
  • deus ex
  • pillars of eternity
  • stardew valley
  • rimworld
  • other vidya
  • modding (mainly bethesda)
  • todd howard memes

original content isn’t necessary but is always a plus.  like or reblog and i’ll check yr blog out. mutuals feel free to share this too.

Deacon definitely doesn’t have some sort of secret crush on Nick Valentine. Nope, Deacon absolutely does not get ‘crushes’, especially for a certain dashing detective with a heart of gold, sharp wit, and a sharper mind. Especially if said detective is also pre war, with a classic (and attractive) Boston accent, and the same viewpoints on major things like synths and the Institute. No crush at all. Not even a little.

Funny how Justin Ayo, acting head of the SRB insists harder than anyone that gen 3 synths are just machines then proceeds to tell you how coursers are recruited and trained.

“The SRB constantly monitors out gen-3 synth population, looking for specific traits. Those who show tenacity, fearlessness and independence undergo a rigorous training regimen. We teach them armed and unarmed combat, investigative techniques, psychology and mechanical skills.”

Interesting. You’d think a machine could be built and programmed to your exact specifications.