I really missed being able to talk to companions for lengthy periods of time like as much as I love Fallout 4 I hate that you can only really say ‘your thoughts?’ To get some sort of one liner out of them

I’ve been talking to Veronica since the moment I recruited her and it’s so entertaining to have deep conversations about her backstory, finding out what drives her and then inferring on that through more questions….. How I would love to grill Nick the same way and find out all about the years he endured after being trashed by the Institute

Trawling from Goodsprings to the 188 Trading Post through deathclaw, powder ganger and radscorpion infested territory because screw going through Primm and Novac gotta recruit the pneumatic hessian lesbian to the undying postman’s noble cause (to mcfuckingKILL Mathew Perry)


I was tagged by the awesome @wasdmoving with this little tag game about sole survivor’s looks! 

Share 3 facts about your Sole’s looks and tag 3 people.

# 1 Jay is vain and loves to have a perfect hairstyle. That’s why he keeps a fancy hairbrush on him at all times and often checks if his hair is ok.  Also the reason he hates the rain, power armor, and knit hats. They all ruin his hair.

# 2 Jay wears favorite Jangles the Moon Monkey socks at all times if he can.  The world has ended but the socks are still there, washed and mended by Codsworth. Jay wore them to his wedding and will wear them with the most badass armor he can find. Until they finally fall apart. 

# 3 Jay wears his army helmet because he has to but he hates it. He usually puts a pack of cigarettes and a flower under the helmet strap. Just because, STYLE.

bonus facts !

#4 Jay’s entire body is freckled save for the usually covered parts. BUT sometimes if he is really safe and it’s warm, he would bask in the sun naked. And then >>>> freckled butt

#5 His Settlement Casual outfit (as above) is something he’s put together from things he found in the Wasteland or got from various people. Like the T-shirt is from Piper who told him to stop being silly and stop parading in the Vault suit cause that’s dangerous. The bomber jacket is from the BoS of course!

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