“When I was a teenager I remember watching my dad fondly playing fallout 3 and thinking it was the coolest thing in the whole world. Fallout 3 was dark yet somehow inviting, always making me itch for more. I couldnt have been happier than when I got it for christmas on the pc that same year. It was my first M rated game I ever owned and I played it so much that I had clear dreams about it and its world. Even six years later its still my favorite game and im looking forward to a new game sometime soon!”

Fallout Confessions


FALLOUT Lore: Volume 15 - Three Dog ft. Erik Todd Dellums  

OK, listen up folks: This book is important.

Yeah, this is a “young reader” book whose audience is primarily young teen girls, but as a long time Superman fan I picked it up to read anyway, even as a 42 year old man.  

Not only was this a good enough story to keep me interested, but the author completely nails Lois Lane.  Completely captures exactly what an exceptional character Lois is.  Completely hits the target that DC seems to have really missed lately in the comics.

This book also offers an incredible role model for young women who is not intimidated, fights for what’s right, and though discovering who she will eventually be has an incredible grounding in herself and her abilities while still being someone who struggles with her own problems.  She isn’t flawless, but she is learning how to take control of her destiny, and that is a really refreshing contrast to other such stories I have seen.  

This is a book I want to be around for when this young lady is ready to read (that’s my granddaughter if I haven’t pointed out her perfection here already).

Indeed, when little Jade here comes of age, I want a series of these for her, and that’s why I entreat you to read this book, or at least buy it.  WB/DC needs to know this is the way to go with this character, and other girls and women in comics. This book nails it, proving that “all ages” or “young reader” does not have to mean “childish” and a girl can be the master of her story.

I can’t think of a better character to prove that than Lois Lane.  

Buy, read, and enjoy this very important book.

“I’ve never, ever, completed Fallout New Vegas but I’ve completed Fallout 3 twice even though I’ve played both of these games since release. It’s mostly because I have this thing where I keep making new characters or I just explore and do side quests. The farthest I’ve gotten in Fallout New Vegas is killing Mr House then I move on to just exploring.”

Fallout Confessions