You'll Be Back
  • You'll Be Back
  • Jimmy Fallon vs Jonathan Groff
  • Hamilton Mixtape

LHS: You’ll Be Back - Jonathan Groff, Hamilton: An American Musical (2015)

RHS: You’ll Be Back - Jimmy Fallon, Hamilton Mixtape (2016)

(listen with headphones!)


Mad Lib Theater with Chris Pratt


Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Recreate Styx’s “Too Much Time On My Hands” music video 


The first time we were putting up the show I was still writing, and now Tommy’s got a job, he’s directing them, Alex is doing musical direction, Andy’s – But I have nothing to do. The play is written, so I’m just the proud grandparent. (x)

Old Man Miranda has transformed to Proud Grandpa Miranda! lol.