If you missed The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, watch Rhett and Link’s clips online now!


I had to rewatch the Will it ‘smore? just because it was so amazing. It got me thinking about how last time Rhett and Link were on the show, Jimmy didn’t really know who they were and they were all a little stiff and formal.

This time they were almost like old buddies, and Jimmy kind of looked up to them (not just physically) instead of vice verca. I think he was a bit intimidated by Rhett, but he clearly was impressed by Link and his nonchalant way of sinking all those nasty smores. And then at the end of the segment Jimmy called them legends!

It’s funny how sometimes you don’t realize just how big and successful R&L are because they are so familiar to you and also so casual on GMM, but these two guys are really legends in what they do. Everything they do just amazes me.

And the best part about them is that they are still despite the fame and success, these two silly boys who do what they love. Which is why we love them.


Here’s the Will It S’more! Again, sorry for the horrible recording. 

(Watch the interview about the book here!)


ICYMI: Here’s yesterday’s instagram story

  • Jimmy: We had him on the show, we had a great time with him... we went out and had sushi together.
  • Adam: Yeah I heard about that. I actually saw that, a little bit of that on TV. I'm like "this isn't gonna go well, he doesn't like this."And uh, my favorite thing about Blake is that he does- when he's talking *country accent* about the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Oh yeah!
  • Adam: *country accent* Like the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Yeah we were talking about sake and he's like *country accent* "You mean rice wine?"
  • Adam: *country accent* Rice wine.. But you gotta get him to say like, "white bread" or "snow white." You gotta work it into the conversation when he comes back here cause it's so great it's like "WHA-ITE"
  • Jimmy: *laughs*
  • Adam: *country accent* WHA-ITE BREAD, SNOW WHA-ITE...
  • Jimmy: *country accent* Snow wha-ite..
  • Adam: It's very aggressive, and there's a lot of- the "WH" is like really pronounced. "WHA-ITE BREAD! WHA-ITE."