fallon do not gift

Fallon, I do have a few silly little gifts for you ♥ They’re nothing much but I still hope that you enjoy them!!

One I’m sure that you can see behind our boys here ;) but I will get to that in the next post! I know we had talked a while back about me possibly doing an inspo journal of some sort for you/our sims. I also know that you have found a great bit of inspiration & have had lots of fun lately on Pinterest when it comes to your characters & such. So I have combined those ideas. I have been working for a few weeks now on THISan Arvi Pinterest ^__^ As you’ll see, most of the boards are geared towards them or include things that they would post or even pics that reminded me of one of them or the other. In addition to that though, there are also some boards set up for some of our other main ships (though somehow no Wyatt & Dorian board? lmao). I hope that you like it!! I know it’s cheesy buuuuut.. you like cheesy & cute soooo ;))) Let me know when you’ve seen this post & I will send you the login info so that you can add to it as well if you would like ♥


Do Not Gift List: For Your Single Friend

Happy Black Friday, pals! We know you’re doing some holiday shopping today, so we put together a nifty Do Not Gift Guide from some of our favorite Do Not Read lists to help you figure out what NOT to buy.

Got an friend or family member looking for love? Skip these books. 

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