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Hehehe I lurve yew gaiz

Maybe some more than others.  And I forgot I was on a train for a second.  It’s been a long few days.

In which Shane has a rant.

Okay so you know when you were younger, in the bar with your family, you’re playing with beer mats and your parents tell you to stop ripping them up? I know understand why.

Now that I am a barman it is the most annoying thing in the world. Little kids throwing them around and some adults (Yes that’s you Ayla) still do it. 

It is so fucking annoying because a.) I have to replace them, thus making more mess and b.) they get stuck to the floor so  at half 3 in the morning I am left cleaning it up picking the bits of mat off the floor. So people just stop doing it for the love of all things holy.

fallofthegiants asked:

I feel like a butthead messaging you only after I saw your post, but happy birthday! Sucks that it doesn't feel like your birthday, I hate that, I always get so excited for my birthday and then it just goes rotten. I hope yours gets better! :)

Thank you! haha no worries. I’m just extremely tired. Hours upon hours of school work and lack of sleep has hit me like a brick wall. I’m going to eat in like an hour and a half so that’ll make me happy!


So i’ll start this off by wishing myself a Happy Birthday :)

Okay, maybe that sounds a little conceited.. i don’t care… ha

There were about 130 people who sent me messages through FB/Tumblr/Text all wishing me a happy birthday, many more in person while roaming the campus today.  It made me realize that I really do know a lot of people.  It’s weird, I’ve never really been the social type of person.  Bottom line is every single birthday wish I received today put a smile on my face; every smile and every hug, none were taken for granted.  Even some of my students wished me a happy birthday… how did they even know?! Anyways, today was a good day.

I’d like to make a special shout out to someone on here who has quickly become a good friend, My new friend Ayla(fallofthegiants) who is now trying to teach me Irish Gaelic (I’ll try, but no promises), thanks for the numerous “happy birthday” messages and the video… lol.

Thank you to those of you who wished me a happy birthday on here as well, I really did appreciate it.  It is now time for me to go to bed.  I’m not exactly sleepy, simply tired; exasperated may be the proper term.

Goodnight everyone, and thanks again. :)

fallofthegiants replied to your post:so I was going to have pizza and cinnamon sticks from Dominos delivered to your dorm but I don’t know when you’ll be there or what your room number is or how you’d actually get it, but I wanted to do it to cheer you up because you’re lovely and shouldn’t have to feel sad like that.

I .. ahem.. have no idea what you’re talking about.. cough..

teheheehe of course you don’t. thank you :D