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I have to share your story behind this picture. I love it too much not to share!


My Grell has a Tumblr blog. The more intriguing/inspiring questions he receives get sketches in reply.

Grell was asked by Anonymous: “So Grell, if you had a chance at Undertaker, Lau, William, or Sebby who would it be? But you can only pick one love, so choose wisely. And why would you choose them?”

Grell replied:

Grell gasps, “Oh, you are breaking my heart! What a difficult question for me to answer!” He throws his head back, with the back of his hand pressed to his forehead in a melodramatic fashion. Seconds later however, he resumes a more thoughtful stance. “Well.. I can rule out Lau, I have just never looked at him ‘in that way’. He and I have danced before… but he was really high on opium at the time. I did lead the dance, and he kept laying his head on my shoulder and murmuring ‘tell me I am pretty’. It was so difficult not to laugh! But, I am getting side-tracked.” He exhales a sigh, “As painful as the decision might be, for the purpose of this situation, I would have to rule out William and Sebastian as well; because they always play so hard to get. Don’t get me wrong, that is indeed part of the thrill of chasing after either of them! But, if they are constantly pushing me away, it just might not be written in the stars. That doesn’t mean a girl can’t have her fun while it lasts!” He grins. “And finally, if I could choose only one, it would be my beloved Undertaker. From the moment I first threw my self at him..” The redhead clears his throat, “I mean.. From the moment I first began to fall for him, he is the only one that didn’t push me away, or hit me. In fact, he welcomed me with open arms.” Grell smiles, a lovesick sort of expression. “The Undertaker treats me the way a Lady deserves to be treated. He is truly the other half of my soul, my one love.”

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Multiplication and Projection

Sow the Gold in the White, Foliate Earth which is the 3rd Earth that serves the Gold, it Tinges the Elixir and the Elixir Tinges it in turn. To Tinge is to Color, and it is used in Alchemy in the sense of a Penetrating Transfer of Power. This is where the last 2 phases of ‘Multiplication’ and 'Projection’ are addressed.

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