“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall” - Ray Bradbury. 👈 When was the last time you faced a fear head on, and truly dived out of your comfort zone? The last time you threw caution to the wind and took a leap of faith? The last time you tried something different? Gave a stranger a chance? Or even went somewhere new? Fear can often hold us back from progressing ourselves, and keep us locked in our “bubble-wrapped” lives of safety. It’s scary, it’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, it’s challenging - but it’s also powerfully changing 💖 This weekend, I challenge you to try something different that makes you feel a little….uncomfortable. Speak publicly. Go on a first date. Climb something. Learn something. Jump out of a plane. Go to a bootcamp. Switch off your mobile phone. Surf. Yoga. Play. Eat something weird. Talk to a stranger. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Be alone. Be together. Confront that person about that thing… Whatever it is that makes you feel challenged; do that. Try it. Do it. Overcome it. Everything you’ve ever wanted, is on the otherside of fear. After all, “He who has overcome his fears, will truly be free” #quoteoftheday #fearless #shakti #empowerment #freedom #skydive #fallinghumans #fitandhealthy #wellness #melbourne #fitness #yoga #yogi #girlswhosweat #fitchicks #girlswhoyoga #girlswhotravel p.s. thanks @skydivethebeach for helping me find my wings 😇 (at Skydive Sydney-Wollongong)

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