Brian Wright (and Robert Wood)

Value Added Artwork #3

Acrylic paint on thrift store find of a Robert Wood print.

I’m quite sure that Robert Wood would have done this seascape a bit differently had he had the foresight to add really cool purple invaders from space, who not only have large, gaping mouths, but a penchant for summer squash.  So, I felt it necessary to enhance the scene as I feel he would have intended…

Brian Wright

“Woman #3” - Sketch-a-day 679.

Watercolor (?) on paper.

I worked off of a drawing of a woman that I have worked off of 3 or 4 times before. I just love the length of the face, the long Roman nose. The “watercolors” are just about the cheapest things in the world and they really acted a whole lot more like gouache.  I’m not very handy with either medium, but I like the colors. I’ll practice more.

Brian Wright

“Sticks & Bones” - Sketch-a-day 341.

Ink and conté pencil on mid-toned paper.

Very much in the style of Jon Carling. He does such wonderful drawings in black and white - rarely have I seen much color at all.  In a way, I think you could compare that to a recording of a song that has been stripped down to an acoustic guitar and a microphone. If it works at that level, it’s probably a great song.  I’ve always been more of an “idea” guy than an “execution” guy I guess. (That being said - I also love a well-written tune that is highly produced.)