Sleep does not come swiftly to those
like me who sit awake late into the
morning, with nicotine tattooed into
their fingerprints and beer water-falling
down their throat. This has never been
a romantic way to live; a face full of
worry lines way too young, hands
always shaking even without a trigger.

I wonder if you know how your
silence screams in my sleep,
how your face still appears in
these nightmares I so terribly
want to call dreams.

—  claustrophobia // Haley Hendrick 

oneiriad  asked:

Coldwave Viking AU

1 - Mick is a beserker. His pyromania is still a problem, but his prowess in battle is more than good enough to excuse the occasional bouts of confusion and distraction, and at any rate his tendency to start fires is easily exhausted during raiding months by, well, raiding. Not so popular during the time when they’re back at home, though.

2 - Mick kidnaps Len because he sees Len take advantage of the chaos to bludgeon someone to death. He appreciates that level of bloodthirstiness in a man.

3 - Len does not take kindly to being kidnapped. He realizes very quickly that he can’t fight his way out and decides to resort to singing very loud, very obnoxious songs about people’s mothers - but only when the sea is rocky and everyone has to stay at their place for fear of falling into the water. Mick, again, enjoys the bloodthirstiness involved in this.

4 - Mick insists on believing that Len is a monk because he was found at a monastery. He does this both before and after they get their annual visit from the Jewish traders that come by, who greet their co-religionist Len with great joy, because it pisses Len the hell off.

5 - Len was at the monastery because they stole his baby sister. Lewis had taken her to be baptized without asking anybody else involved (or at least he said he did) and then sold her to a monastery. Len was there to steal her back. The person he bludgeoned was the priest that cut the deal with Lewis.

6 - Len survives pissing off everybody else (as he does) because Mick protects him. Len begrudgingly repays him by appointing himself the person who manages Mick’s pyromania. It works out quite well for all of them, especially when Len starts taking over planning the raids. He’s still a very, very good thief.  

7 - They’re married by the time Lisa shows up at the head of an invading army to rescue Len. It’s very awkward all around until someone breaks out the alcohol. That is how Len and Mick accidentally create one of the first cross-country alliance marriages in the region.

anonymous asked:

I feel like the video is going to have like Harry walking on a narrow walkway where on both of his sides there is water falling like a waterfall and all this stuff is falling in slow motion as harry walks and like I just imagine so much and how he's going to invest so much into his music videos bye

It’ll be so dramatic in the best Harry Styles way and I, for once, am ready to drown myself in tears