Ready For The Storm - Chapter 10

Hermione slipped one of her many scattered ties around her neck and began threading the red and gold fabric through the loop she made, her outward actions were normal, docile, routine, while inside she was reeling. She had woken up despairing over her hairs uncontrollable volume, the dull shade of her pupils, and her unevenly full lips. Her traitorous eyes fell to the Daily Prophet that remained on her bedside table, and she was glad she had thought to close the paper. Not that she needed to see it, she knew full well what was there, in her mind’s eye, Hermione could picture Daphne Greengrass’ long blonde waves falling like water over her perfectly sculpted shoulders. As Hermione’s fingers involuntarily tightened she pulled the knot in her tie too tight and released a low groan, she needed to pull herself together; she had more important things to think about, at least that was the theory.


Catbells by Manadh Photography

Five steps of waterfall 5 by lorcachi // Nishizawa-valley is the waterfall which is the last highlight.
Only three waterfalls are being taken here, but actually.
Five waterfalls range to the bottom from the top, and, this.
Three waterfalls where a picture is in it.
The sound of water which falls in a ravine in the autumn which deepens silently straight
The ring which is so rests a central nerve in the brain, and, very, heart
I’d like a place!


Smudge Fudge will wait with me on this wall and demand pets until I get picked up. She also loves to be outside when it rains and yells excitedly to let us know that water is falling from the sky. 100/10

The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

* Please note that the following breakdown contains some potential spoilers for the movie - they’re mostly based on inferences and rumours, but you probably want to skip this post entirely if you’re spoiler-averse. *

I’m exhausted (I woke up way too early to watch that trailer!), but I knew I couldn’t rest until I had done this. There is so much to unpack here, so you’ll have to excuse me for omitting some things (mainly space battles) and skimming over others. 

I’m sure I’m wrong with a good chunk of this, but this is all meant in good fun.

I hope you enjoy my first stab at breaking this baby down - if you think it can be improved or spot anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.

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Months are passing without your fingertips on my blouse buttons,
with someone else’s hands vainly trying to dig deep into my soul
while I’m staring at the phone about the one I’ve gotten so little from.
Years, years may pass,
but you,
you are always there.
These trees carry you from the deepest roots to their highest leaves,
through the clouds,
to the waxing crescent with the fullness of 7 percent;
the water I consume is you,
the flame of the candle and its scent is you,
the breeze rubbing on my face is you.
You are in the eyes of the stranger at the gas station,
you are the teardrops falling into a bathtub water,
you are in the rain.
It doesn’t matter where you are-
you are everywhere.