It was a mini celebration. Daehyun finally was able to quit his job and Chase was proud of him. So he took the whole day to making sure Daehyun would have fun. The last of the date, and honestly he was focused on making Daehyun feel special and happy with just the two of them, was a pool part with their friends. Reassuring Daehyun that Daehyun could move in with him too and stay while looking for a new job. He didn’t want to force anything too quickly, knowing that would be bad, as he shook his head. Right now it wasn’t time to think about it. Hesitantly he looked around the pool for Daehyun to come back. It was sometimes hard to look at Daehyun’s naked chest now that he imagined what they did, which caused him to blush a little. Shaking his head once more he took a deep breath before taking off his shirt. It was going to be fine. It’d be better anyways and more normal. Letting his feet kick the water at the end of the pool he saw Daehyun coming back with drinks as he waved. (@fckxillusion)

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Au where Dad's Sousuke and Shiro having a day off to complain about their kids together.

FFFF I feel like they’d both START to complain

but then both pull out their wallets to show off rows and rows of family photos

“This is Pidge riding a modified space Roomba. Oh, here’s when Hunk took us to space Chipotle. Lance and Keith couldn’t agree on what kind of meat they wanted and ended up dunking each other’s heads in space guacamole. They’re all good kids… just a little rough around the edges sometimes. Especially Lance.”

“Aa, maybe he’d get along with Momotarou then. He’s this one, dabbing with his pet stag beetle while Ai falls into the pool in the background. Uozumi tried to fish him out with a net but Rin yelled and surprised him so much he ended up falling in too. … We’re an unusual family.”


Elizabeth Henstridge, Chloe Bennet & Ming-Na Wen talking about Elizabeth falling into the pool at the EW Party.


Gems from this video:

- Iain tells the story of planting a fart emitter on Chloe in the room during a readthrough (she was in on it)
- Clark tells the story of Liz falling in the pool at the EW party the night before
- Zachary Levi’s look of horror while Clark is telling said story


ETA: The boys are doing NerdHQ’s panel right now and they’re saying she walked right into the pool at the EW Party last night while she was talking with Chloe who proceeded to laugh her ass off. Ruined her shoes / hand bag / phone and all.

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do you still do the plans of fics? it's been a while but if you're maybe bored or just don't mind? fitzsimmons + i'll be waiting (all that's left to do is run)? i'd love it if you did it but i'll understand if you don't feel like it, obviously :D

it’s a love story, baby just say yes

  • fitz is the young apprentice to a famous landscape gardener, and travels around europe with him designing rose beds and water features and walled gardens for the lords and ladies of the renaissance era.
  • jemma is the only daughter of the english ambassador in verona and when he puts her in charge of redecorating their italian villa she squares her shoulders and sets to work, hiring the best landscape gardener in europe.
  • she meets fitz for the first time as he is making the final adjustments to the mechanics of the last marble fountain. she calls out a hello and he turns in surprise, slips, and falls into the pool. jemma jumps in after him in alarm and they both come eye to eye in the shallow base of the fountain.
  • (it is very hard, jemma discovers, not to be enchanted by someone when your first impression of them is him dripping wet with a small frog croaking on one shoulder.)
  • from then on, they are friends, and fitz allows her to follow him as he tours the gardens, explaining the structuring and making changes to the plans where she wants them. 
  • (it is very hard, he finds, not to fall in love with a brown haired girl with a mind as carefully constructed as any of his garden designs and a heart as golden as the sun.)
  • when the gardens are finished, jemma invites fitz to the celebration ball. initially, he refuses.
  • what are all those lords and ladies going to think, he argues, when you turn up dancing with the gardener’s apprentice?
  • she steps forward and brushes his hair out of his eyes. they’ll think how lucky i am.
  • unfortunately, jemma’s father thinks the exact opposite.
  • fitz leaves the party in haste on horseback, the ambassadors insults ringing in his eyes. jemma watches him leave, with tears in her eyes.
  • over the next few months, she hears nothing from him, or at least that’s how they want it to look. but whenever a mysterious pink rose plant, or a fragrant honeysuckle or rare jasmine vine turns up at the ambassador’s house jemma puts her nose to the flowers, sighs deeply, and smiles.
  • a year later, she is sleeping in her room when she hears the crack of pebbles hitting her window. frowning, jemma steps out onto her balcony, looks down and gasps.
  • standing on the grass below, fitz is waiting for her, a handful of stones in his hand.
  • what took you so long?
  • he shrugs. had to make sure i wouldn’t get thrown out this time.
  • fitz’s mentor, it turns out, died leaving his only apprentice his sole heir. now a rich man carrying on one of the most exclusive and distinguished businesses in europe with houses in england, spain and brittany, there is no part of him that jemma’s father cannot consider suitable for his daughter.
  • the ring he shows her is gold, set with a pink diamond and two emeralds either side like a jewelled rosebud but it is the grin on his face that makes jemma’s heart soar.
  • he climbs the vine of honeysuckle growing up her wall and slides the ring onto her finger, before reaching up and kissing her, soft and slow.
  • hmm, he says quietly when they finally pull away, i knew i’d planted this here for a reason.
  • (jemma almost pushes him off the balcony.)

so the whole idea of ‘feel first, label later’ is great and honestly probably good for most people, but it’s also kind of alienating to not know what label suits you best, because until you know where you fit in, you feel, well, alienated.

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Mage verses a Knight with an anti magic shield. Any ideas?

Sure ! I think about that one pretty often. And I have two main ideas.

1) Summon something able to fight the Knight. Demon, animal, monster, another knight… Whatever you have.

2) My personal favorite : use the battlefield against him. Create an earthquake, melt the ice he’s standing on (if you happen to fight on a frozen lake), let him fall in a pool of lava or in quicksand. His armour will probably be your ally in a fight like this. Of course as long as you have the time to cast your spell.

Important notes : 

- Never target the knight himself ! It’s obviously useless. Target everything around him and be creative with that.

- Try to buy time by summoning monsters to keep him busy and then cast the actual spell. Chances are very good the anti-magic shield won’t protect him against sand, (cold) water and rocks falling on his head.

Alarin would say you can always kidnap his family and negociate but I guess that’s not the point here…

fall out boy’s a pool. some people are chilling at the shallow end with their floaties…i’m the one who dove in too soon and is drowning..the life guard has been off duty


Jumping into the pool on a hot day is pretty wonderful. Same for the jacuzzi on cold days. Too bad we can’t stay in there all day, we’d get pretty pruney! Lol.


Ok ok, I actually haven’t tried a pumpkin spiced drink. We had these pumpkin spice chocolate chips once that I tried and they were not my fancy so I just stayed away. Lol. There’s a Starbucks practically next to my house. As soon as pumpkin spice season comes around i’ll give you my vetdict.