8+1 cards on Valentine’s Day

It’s late and Nursey has just gotten back to his dorm, and at times like this he really hopes that he will get dibs next year; he pretty much spends most of his free time in the Haus anyway.

He rummages in his bag to find his phone so that he can charge it before faceplanting into his bed. If he forgets about that and his phone dies again, he will definitely be chirped to death - just like that time after he let his phone free fall into a cup of tea. Or that time after he cracked the monitor because he dropped it while falling down the stairs. Seriously, the SMH, specifically their beloved co-captains, are always out for blood for chirp material as if their lives depend on it.

But when he finally pulls his phone out from the mess that is his bag, there is a note firmly attached to the back of it. And on the little yellow post-it note is a familiar scrawl,

Happy birthday, jerk. Only you can manage to be born on this day while being so damn clumsy. -WP

Oh, now he gets nine cards on Valentine’s day. Well, one of them is a tiny piece of paper, but it is still being put into that drawer for important things; he is a romantic from heart afterall.

Want me to Help? (MGG)


Reader gets turned on by a wet dream (her and Matthew) wakes up and tries to ease her arousal but Matthew wakes up and does it for her (very smutty)

Warnings: smut, not edited

Your pov:

His hands wrapped around my legs spreading them wider for more access. My back arched off the bed feeling his lips attach to the inner of my thighs. The soft warm kisses lead up to my heat causing my arousal to drip through my panties. I arched my back feeling the warm wetness of his mouth place hot open mouthed kisses on my core. His hands traveled under the hem of my shirt pushing it up over my breasts letting them fall free. His mouth kissed and sucked at my core making me moan out his name louder and louder. 

As I was on the brink of my climax I awoke to the throbbing arousal of my core. My hands came up to rub my groggy eyes. My bare body laid in bed next to Matthew. The wetness of my arousal dripped onto my thighs as I rubbed them together trying to ease the throbbing. I bit my lip and brought my fingers down my body feeling myself. I ran my fingers softly and teasingly over my slit feeling the satisfaction my core craved. I placed my fingers above my clit letting it hover. I pushed them down and rubbed myself in circles trying to stay quiet. I felt the bed shift slightly. I looked over to Matthew’s side to see him staring at me with dark eyes. His hands caressed the side of my face and traveled down my body feeling my breasts creating shivers down my body. I whined feeling his long slender fingers cup my core. 

“You’re so wet.” He commented licking his lips and climbing over my body. He removed my hands from my clit and pinned both of them above my head. His lips hovered over mine as he grinned his length on me slowly. “So what did you dream about?” He asked in a slightly deeper voice from the sleep. I moaned and closed my eyes thinking about the wet dream. “Your lips.” Was all I could manage to say. He kissed my breast rolling the tip around in his mouth. “What about my mouth?” He quested back softly. He started to make love bites all over my cleavage, leaving saliva. I bucked my hips upwards to make more friction and whined. “Your mouth was here.” I told him biting my lip. “I don’t think that I can handle that right now. I just need you in me.” I told him. He nodded his head and pushed his hips into mine filling me up. My eyes rolled back into my head finally getting the attention I needed. His head dipped down into my neck softly kissing at the junction of my shoulder and neck. “You feel so good.” He commented in between each thrust as he went deeper and deeper. I wrapped my arms around his neck playing with the end of his hair. “Please harder.” I moaned, whimpering for a release. He nodded his head pushing my legs open wider thrusting slow, deep, and hard. “Right the-re.” I commented digging my nails into his shoulder; biting his collarbone. “I’m about to.” I mentioned as I released around him arching my back. He thrusted fast inside me hitting deep inside me. As his thrusts got sloppier I felt him release inside me. His body collapsed onto me with a moan. “That is one way to wake up.” I said giggling. He just nodded his head, still coming down from his high. “I’m just gonna sleep here.” He said sleepily pulling out of me and resting his head on my chest. I giggled and nodded as I covered our bare bodies with a blanket. I ran my hands through his sweaty curls and closed my eyes. “Sleep well.” 

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"I’ve wanted this for so long" Oh please please please! I dont know how to make clapping emoticon but i would if i knew because, damn this prompt is beautiful.

She sits on his bed. Hair quickly tucked back behind ears, not lacking in evidence of sleep. Her knees loosely pulled to her chest, one hand draped lazily around them. The other reaches out, touches the shafts of light that pour in through the cracks in his roof. She breathes out contentedly at the warmth on her skin, turns her hand so she may cup the sun in her palm. A strand of hair falls free, brushes against her cheek. He can count the ridges of her spine from here, and his fingers follow a trail of freckles, a pattern whose mystery he has only begun to solve. She turns her head to look at him, smiles over her shoulder.

He’s been drowning for so long. A willing death – afraid to breach the surface, loath to breathe the air he believed poison. Everything reflected through a sheen of water, unable to touch the sun that flickered through blue. Now here he lies, hand upon a sun of a different sort. He sits up, leans against her, his head upon her shoulder. He breathes in the scent of lavender, the soft lingering smell of sex, of his body pressed against hers.

Her hand touches his hair, light against the tips of his ear. Her body twists and she stretches herself out above him, weight falling gently upon him, lips upon lips as his head leans back into the pillow. Her elbows sink into the mattress as she brushes away the strands of white which cross against his forehead. She kisses him thrice in the space she has cleared, one for each lyrium dot which crowns his brow. She breathes life into his lungs, lips against lips, his hands travelling the length of her back.

Black hair mixes with white, a dark shroud which veils around them. He cannot stop holding her, touching her, willing her body to meld into his. He wants her ever closer and closer still, melding skin against skin, bone shifting into bone, too close to ever be parted again. He thinks he can keep her safe inside his chest, beside lung and throat, nestled within the branches of his heart.

“Fenris.” She fills him with the sound of her, and he closes his eyes as he touches against her cheek. He holds her face in his hands, tilts his own upwards for another kiss. “Fenris,” she says again, low against his mouth, “I love you.” An arm slips around her waist, holds her tight as he turns them, so that it is he looking down at she, black crown replaced with white. He holds this wild thing in his arms, this bird of prey, made of fire and flesh and claims it his.

“Hawke,” he murmurs, “I am yours.” Arms around his neck, hands thread through his hair. Sunlight flickers against his back, a warmth that cannot match hers. He lingers in her ocean, by her side, and aches to tell her how long he’s wanted this. Instead he holds her closer and does not let go.

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I need more Ron x Astoria! Pleaseeeee! Anything! I really love the otp! (Sorry for the english sucks. Brazil says hi!)

  • astoria gripped ron’s hand tighter.
  • she tried to suck back the tears, but now they were free-falling.
  • he squeezed her hand to reassure her that he was there.
  • it was a cloudy day, a day she knew her father would have hated.
  • her father hated most things, including her.
  • but she could not hate him.
  • that was not in her nature.
  • she watched his funeral from the hillside.
  • and how daphne’s arm was looped through her mother’s, and how her mother showed no emotion.
  • astoria was no longer a greengrass, even though that would always be her maiden name.
  • it ended as soon as it started, and ron and astoria stood from a distance and watched as everyone parted to leave.
  • astoria watched as her mother begged for daphne to go ahead.
  • and she was surprised to see that once her mother thought no one was watching, she fell to her knees and was sobbing into her hands.
  • the depth of emotion her mother was feeling caught astoria off-guard, and it made astoria feel emotions she did not know she possessed.
  • she was in ron’s arms before she knew it, and she pressed her ear against his chest to hear his heartbeat.
  • she concentrated on its rhythm to bring her back to ease.
  • one, thump, two, thump, three, thump.
  • once she opened her eyes again, she saw that her mother was walking away from her father’s grave.
  • her moment of overwhelming sadness was over as quick as it started.
  • just like her parent’s love for her.
  • she stood there with ron for awhile longer until they were both soaked from the rain.
  • he rubbed the pad of his thumb against her knuckles and played with the ring on her finger.
  • “do you want go down to his grave now?” he asked, “they’re all gone.”
  • astoria knew she should, but she did not feel it was appropriate.
  • he was her blood, but he was not her father.
  • he was never her family, no matter how hard she desperately tried to make him be.
  • the same went for her mother and sister.
  • they never loved her, and family loved each other. 
  • she was alone, until she found ron.
  • “no,” she answered, “i don’t want to go down and see my father’s grave. i want to visit fred’s.”
  • she looked up to see that ron’s face was full of shock, but once he looked into her eyes…
  • he understood.
  • she knew his eyes were welling up with tears, but no one other than her would have been able to tell because of the rain.
  • although she never knew fred, she knew he was more her family than her blood relatives ever were.
  • the weasley’s were her family.
  • ron was her home.
  • “okay,” he replied, “let’s go.” 


Me with any anime
  • Me: Oh, ouran high school host club looks stupid
  • Me *a week later*: KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE
  • Me: Free!? Me watch that? No thanks
  • Me a week later: *Is reading readerX rei ryugazaki fan fics*
  • Me: Ugh, I dont understand why Yuri on Ice is so popular
  • Me a week later: VICTURI
  • Me: Deathnote is too weird for me.
  • Me a week later: L, Light, and Matsuda are my children

Need to follow more blogs that like: 
- Haikyuu!!
- Yuri on ice!!!
- Tokyo Ghoul
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- Kuroko no Basket
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- Boku no hero academia
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- Karneval
- Voltron
- Star vs. the forces of evil
- Gravity falls
- Shingeki no kyojin
- Boku dake ga inai machi
-  Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
- No.6

- I W A O I
- Kagehina
- Kuroken
- Ushiten
- Victuuri
- Leoji ( Leo de la Iglesia x Guang Hong Ji )
- Makoharu
- Midotaka
- Kagakuro
- Aokise
- B A K U D E K U (!!!)
- Tododeku
- Yoreki
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- K L A N C E 
- Starco
- E R E J E A N
- Mutsumi x Serinuma
- Shima x Serinuma
- Nezushi

So follow/reblog/like if you blog about any of that

never let someone make you feel bad for wanting to learn something because of a form of media you like! 

you want to learn piano so you can play ‘his theme’ from undertale? 


you want to learn to swim because of free! Iwatobi swim club? 


you want to learn to knit so you can make sweaters like mabel from gravity falls? 


you want to learn how to garden so you can be like jade from homestuck?


you want to learn how to write books  so you can inspire others like your favorite author inspired you?


you want to learn how to draw so you can inspire others like your favorite artist inspired you?


you want to learn how to make games so you can inspire others like your favorite producer inspired you?


you want to learn this activity because something that makes you happy relates to it? 

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