falling hard


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

what your favorite m a n i a song says about you

stay frosty : probably really liked pax am days. edgy as fuck. congrats. if ur not wearing eyeliner and a leather jacket then what the fuck are you doing

last of the real ones : just want the good days back. too good for this world, too pure. cute af. master of being angrysad

hold me tight : ya hurtin but ya wanna have a good time. sometimes you just scream when you feel like it. fuckin cool ass bitch at parties

wilson : either youre a. named wilson or b. self-destructive as fuck. sad edge. probably wanted to have fringe at one point

church : make no mistake - it isnt lust over love, its lust is love. youre intense but thats what makes the sex so good. cant go into churches because you might be the actual devil

heavens gate : old soul. wonder who killed killed rock n roll. when you love someone, you worship them. also, you just really dig patrick’s voice

champion : you been through shit but youre here. want to wear skinny jeans and combat boots. soft on the outside, ready to cut a bitch on the inside. or vice versa. youre killing it my man

sunshine riptide: dont lie, youve probably smoked weed. sad high. really pretty. youre just having a good time. down with the kids

young and menace : ya just wanna jump off a cliff sometimes (most of the time). generaly well-liked, charismatic, have a lot of drive. sad slytherin. find pleasure in chaos

bishops knife trick : sweet and sour. you live for deep melancholy. astrally project a lot. ethereal alien from outer space who makes sadness and detachment into an art form


fall out boy discography + blue


ending scene vs bonus