falling whistle

As you wish (Dwalin x Reader)

Disclaimer: I have no rights to the Princess Bride, or J.R.R.Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s work.

Word Count: 1599

Dark was the night. Silent and eerily empty as the dwarves all sat side by side, staring out into the forest or sharpening their weapons.

Not the soft crunch of a falling leaf nor the whistle of wind was heard in the encompassing and never ending emptiness surrounding you. The silence seemed to last for hours before it was broken by a sudden voice. A strong vibrant tone belonging to that of Bofur as he asked; “Lass, could you tell us another one of your stories?” Immediately, excited murmurs of agreement sprung through the air and you felt a tender smile stretch across your lips.

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Sirius buying a Dog Whistle to annoy Remus during classes.

Of course, nobody but Remus can hear the high pitched whistle so for a while it is very amusing for the rest of the Marauders.

Every now and then Sirius would blow on it without warning as hard as he could, usually causing Remus to jump in surprise.

Sometimes he would just whistle the tune of whatever song was stuck in his head.

Other times he would draw out a long and continuous note until Remus turned around and flipped him off. 

It becomes a running joke for a few days, and Remus goes along with it. Waiting for the day they use it in front of McGonagall. 

Transfiguration comes and Remus can’t hide his laughter when their Professor claps her hands over her ears and shoots Sirius a look that makes the whistle fall out of his mouth and clatter to the floor.

20 somethings//the older i get, the less i know [a playlist]

love me/the 1975 || sofa song/the kooks || a new england/billy bragg || kids/childish gambino || still take you home/arctic monkeys || bad blood/bastille || there’s always someone cooler than you/ben folds || no. 1 party anthem/arctic monkeys || the lazy song/bruno mars || naïve/the kooks || all over/cruisr || inbetween days/the cure || unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed/david bowie || shores of california/dresden dolls || everyday i write the book/elvis costello and the attractions || young volcanoes/fall out boy || whistle for the choir/the fratellis || at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be)/fun. || cassy o’/george ezra || someone new/hozier || community college/jan dulay || blame game/kanye west feat. john legend || i like you better when you’re not around/kate miller-heidki || i don’t care/fall out boy || sister/kate nash || sexotheque/la roux || ribs/lorde || sex yeah/marina and the diamonds || i’m not okay (i promise)/my chemical romance || dear god please help me/morrissey || don’t you want to share the guilt/kate nash || walk of shame/p!nk || the love club/lorde || campus/vampire weekend || are you satisfied?/marina and the diamonds || are you fucking kidding me?/kate miller-heidki || we hate it when our friends come successful/morrissey || i think ur a contra/vampire weekend || heaven knows i’m miserable now/the smiths || sex/the 1975

"I want to be invisible"

Note: The idea of this imagine popped up in my head today during maths so I eventually had to write it as soon as possible :D As always I hope you like it!

If you had one wish, what would you wish for? Well, someone once asked me this exact question and I answered: “I want to be invisible.” You may laugh now, I did to. “That’s just ridiculous.” “You’re kidding, right?” “That’s impossible.” No, it’s not. You still don’t believe me? Let me tell you a story.

Only girl in the Glade = embarrassing situations non-stop. Only girl among 30 hormonal boys = even more embarrassing situations. Like inadvertently boob touches, caught stares and wolf whistles while falling over. I really would like to forget the memory of the last one. Minho won’t stop teasing me about it. It was an accident! The stone appeared out of nowhere. But anyways, back to topic.

If you had one wish, what would you wish for? Seemed like the creators wanted to do something nice for me, so they sent me this message. I allowed myself a little fun and scribbled “I want to be invisible” as a response. 

A few days after I had pulled my ‘awesome’ joke, the box came up again. The boys were startled as Newt handed me a hand-sized packet. “For you.” 

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I wrapped the bracelet around my left wrist. It was absolutely beautiful and absolutely normal and boring. Nothing ‘invisible-like’. 

“What nonsense!” I mumbled as I looked at myself in the mirror. “It doesn’t work.” At least that’s what I thought. 

And that’s the part where the fun began.


“Hey, Alby!” Waving wildly I tried to gain his attention. Unsuccessfully. 

“Alby!” This time he turned around to search for the source of the voice. I waved again but his eyes skipped me. Understandable. 

I wore my magical bracelet. I was invisible. I was what I always wanted to be, at least for a few hours. 

“Alby! Could you help me please?” Fooling other Gladers was probably one of my most enjoyable actions. “Alby, please!” 

“(Y/N)?” His furrowed eyebrows caused me to chuckle. “Where the shuck are you?” “I’m right here!” I answered, breathing heavily because of holding back my laughter. 

“I can’t see you.” “Open your damn eyes and hurry up!” 

“Quit playing games. I can’t see you, slinthead.” His head turned in every direction to make sure he didn’t miss me somewhere. 

With a brief movement I wriggled off my bracelet and stored it away in my pocket. “As I already said, I’m right here.” “No, you…” Now I couldn’t hold back my laughers anymore. His expression was absolutely priceless. 

“What the shuck? How…?” I reached my goal. Alby, the one and only leader of the Glade, was speechless. “It’s magic.”


Of course the runners weren’t safe from me either. 

The sun set and I planted myself next to the two big maze doors. Thomas and Minho should round the corner any minute and as punctual as they were, they arrived at the entrance just a few seconds later. Minho ran ahead. 

I was kind of nervous. One wrong move and my plan would fail. The doors began to rumble and the two runners accelerated their speed. Three. 

Grinning I stretched out my invisible leg. Two. 

“Come on, Min,” I thought excitedly. One. 

With a rather feminine than masculine scream he crashed down to the ground. 

Thomas behind him stopped immediately and bowed down to inspect his friend. “You alright, man?” “Yeah. Watch out next time, shuck-face.” “But I didn’t do…” 

The dark haired boy picked himself up and turned around to race over to the map-room. “Alright. Sure. I’m following you,” Thomas grumbled clearly annoyed as he followed his friend.


The next day started wonderfully… 

After a delicious breakfast made by Frypan I decided to pull some pranks on Newt like hiding his shovel and his knife or throw some tomatoes at him. It didn’t take me long to make him livid. 

“Zart I swear, throw one more thing at me and you’ll pay for it!” He screamed and stomped with his foot which looked pretty cute. 

“I didn’t even do anything, shank,” the addressed replied obviously confused. 

“Yes you did. In the last ten minutes you threw at least five tomatoes at me.” 

That was the moment I decided to clear off and waste my time somewhere else. For example next to the builders. Until now Gally was the only one who wasn’t allowed yet to enjoy the power of my bracelet. 

“Hey, Gal,” I casually greeted him. He winced and turned his head. “Hi?” 

“How’s work going?” My fingers travelled down his arm. Underneath them I could feel his muscles tense. His green eyes darted back and forth. He got pretty nervous. 

“You look really good in that shirt but you would look way better without it,” I murmured and got on my tiptoes to be able to reach his ear. 

Shivers went down his spine and he shook his head. “Now I can already hear her voice. Ben’s right. I’m in too deep.” 

“Oh, you like me?” 

He squeezed his eyes shut. “No, go away stupid voice.” 

“Well, I like you too.” To cap it all I briefly brushed his lips before turning around and disappearing in the direction of the Homestead.

…but ended horribly. Kind of.  

I must have fallen asleep because as I opened my eyes and turned my dizzy head to look out of the window I couldn’t spot the sun. But I also couldn’t spot my bracelet. Slightly panicking I searched under my pillow, on the floor, under my bed, under the bed side table. It was gone. 

“Oh shuck,” I cursed under my breath and jumped up to leave my room. Outside it had cooled down considerably. 

Shortly after I shivered, warm hands sneaked around my shoulders and pulled me close to a broad chest. I froze. “Who’s this?” As expected nobody answered. 

I unsnapped and ran over the slightly wet grass to Frypan’s kitchen. It was empty. “Hello? Fry?” Suddenly I heard shuffling noises behind the counter. “I know you’re here.” 

The tomato appeared out of nowhere and hit my chest. 

“Ahh!” Screaming, I wanted to flee over to the closed maze doors but I somehow tripped and unceremoniously said hello to the ground. What the shuck was happening? 

About six metres away from my destination, two arms grabbed each side of my body and lifted me up. “No! Take your filthy paws off of me!” I shouted while struggling to get my freedom back. 

Warm breath hit my cheek. “Payback, shank. You won’t get away that easily.” 

“I didn’t do anything.” “You messed with my feelings.” 

“What? Wait… Gally?” As if I had cracked an imaginary code, I was set back onto my feet. “God, you scared me to death.” 

“Like you scared me a few hours ago?” It was quite awkward to hear him talk but to not be able to see him. 

“Could you please take off my bracelet? I want to see you when we’re having this kind of conversation.” Twenty seconds later he appeared in front of me. “And could you please give it back?” Impatiently I held out my hand. 

“No, I think I might keep it a few days,” grinning evilly he put it into his pocket. “You deserve it. I mean, what were you thinking as you crept around me like a wisp of wind?” 

“Oh, did I distract you from work? That wasn’t my intention.” 

“You’re a dirty liar, (Y/N).” “A liar and a cheater,” I whispered and wrapped my arms around his neck. 

“What…” He was cut of my by the sudden encounter of our lips. Of course I had some ulterior motives. Getting my bracelet back was the one and seeing him getting weak under my touch was the other. 

I reached out to grab the front of his shirt in a demanding manner with my left hand. Meanwhile my right slid down his stomach. His grip tightened. 

Just a couple more centimetres. I could already feel it. My hand squirmed into his pocket. My fingers closed themselves around my bracelet. As soon as I surely got it I pulled back. 

“Thanks,” I breathed completely out of breath. He was only able to nod. “Uhm, okay then. See you tomorrow?” He repeated his movements. “Good night, Gal.” 

“Hey! Wait!” At last he seemed to awake from his rigidity. 

“Yes?” I stopped to turn around. 

“I can’t believe it! That was just another trick?” 

“No, I enjoyed it pretty much, but remember Gally? A liar and a cheater.”

How to Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

3 ways to add color to your cold-weather palette

We’re all victims of wearing too much black during this time of year. Your dark style choices may match the gloomy conditions outside, but there’s no reason not to introduce a little color into your wardrobe. Not only will it add a boost of energy to your winter look, it will also put an extra bounce in your step (promise!). Here’s the trick: begin with a black base and, depending on how bold you wish to go, add colorful pieces from there, because brights pop the most against black. Scroll down to see what we mean, and shop the looks below.

1. Pick two similar colors and match them throughout

Susie Lau is the queen of color. To achieve her eye-popping ensemble below, wear two complementary colors together with a trace of black underneath.

Susie Lau at NYFW Fall 2014

Whistles Kumiko Faux Fur Coat

Love Debutante Textured Prom Dress

Whistles Rivington Chain Clutch in Acid Pink

2. Wear a colorful coat against black basics

Wrap yourself in a vibrant coat like blogger Zanita Whittington below, and you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Street style via Vanessa Jackman

Blogger Zanita Whittington

Oversized Bouclé Coat

ASOS Coat With Drop Collar In Textured Wool

ASOS Knitted Jacket In Blocked Pattern

3. Pair contrasting colors together for a bold effect

For an unexpected ensemble, wear two different primary or contrasting colors together with black accessories, and smile at your new style trick.

Stylist and fashion director Anya Ziourova at PFW Fall 2014

Street style via Stockholm Street Style

T BY ALEXANDER WANG ribbed sweater

Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

‘Phoebe’ Beaded Velvet Clutch


I’m fasting from your body,
building an altar between your legs
too holy to touch,
even as I whisper Ave Maria
against your lips:
my breath becomes hymns,
becomes goosebumps
that travel like wise men down your thighs.

Your bottom lip
bursts will holy wine,
and I am drunk on your spirit.
I learn to read for the first time
by stitching gold-threaded scripture
up your thighs;
your body teaches me creation.
In the beginning, was Adam, was Eve,
was time melting between your fingers
like gold,
was you with your feet in the water,
watching empires fall,
whistling at God:
Your eyes swallow a speckled universe.
Your belly heats the sun,
your fingers spread the clouds.
Beginning and ending, you are good.

You arch your back like a steeple
to let me in,
but I, I am fasting.
I am fasting to revere you.
Your fingers twist my hair.
The sun settles on your cheekbones
like light on an altar,
and you let me tremble above your pages.
Your teeth touch my lip just enough for me to sing,
Ave Maria.  Ave Maria.
Holy is your name.