falling rose petals

Dreamy star sign aesthetics
  • Aries: fireflies emanating a warm soft glow, intricate golden jewelry boxes lined with velvet, sparkling rubies
  • Taurus: a bouquet of foxgloves violets and daisies, pollen illuminated by the gentle sunlight, turkish delights
  • Gemini: carpets of snowdrops and bluebells dancing in the breeze, soft rosy cheeks, a string of exquisite pearls
  • Cancer: sleeping in on rainy days, rose scented parchment, picnics by the river's edge where willows grow
  • Leo: marigolds basking in the golden sunlight, fiery red hair tied back with ribbon, reading dusty old tomes by candlelight
  • Virgo: collecting buttercups in a straw basket, delicate fairy wings, a golden crown adorned with opalescent gemstones
  • Libra: a glistening drop of dew falling from a rose petal, silk hooded capes, a silver necklace encrusted with emeralds
  • Scorpio: the bright stars reflecting on a still pond, a silver treasure chest filled with pearls and a magical spyglass, a lock of golden hair tucked into a small envelope
  • Sagittarius: a mysterious rose gold locket, roasting chestnuts on a roaring fire, wax sealed letters filled with secrets
  • Capricorn: a mossy glade bordered by toadstools and wildflowers, wishing on a shooting star, a crown of woodland flowers and leaves
  • Aquarius: the soft scent of violets after a sun shower, tiny envelopes filled with glitter and flower petals, a vial of fairy dust
  • Pisces: a silvery silk pouch brimming with sapphires and garnets, iridescent mermaid scales, stargazing on a chilly winter's night

Okay I will stop nagging Steven for this, because maybe this is going to work.

This is sort of like the situation in Barn Mates except not as terrible.

Huh… why the yellow and blue coloration?

Is there any symbolism for this?




Also that’s a great line. “You loved me and I loved both of you.”

With the rosey colors in the background it could easily talk about both Rose and Steven, and how Pearl’s and Greg’s love for them is what ultimately unites them.

Okay the Rose petal falling was an amazing touch.

This is what I was talking about before, Rose was unreliable, fickle and unpredictable. You never knew what she was going to do.

This is going to sound horrible, but these two might find common ground by talking about how Rose kinda screwed them both over.

Let’s not forget, Rose killed herself. This was a deliberate act and she did it knowing well that the gems and Greg would have to take care of her legacy without even asking them

She’s under a little despair that leads her out of here

My half of a trade with hanasaku-shijin as a gift for rwby-rose!

Happy Birthday Emmy! (^▽^)ノ



Beast: [Struggling] You - You came back.

Belle: Of course I came back. I couldn’t let them… Oh this is all my fault. If only I had gotten here sooner.

Beast: Maybe… Maybe - it’s better… it’s better this way…

Belle: Don’t talk like that. You’ll be alright. We’re together now; everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see.

Beast: And at least - I got to see you - one last time.

[the Beast dies]

Belle: No, No! Please. Please… Please don’t leave me.
[Belle sobs]

Belle: I love you….

(And the last rose petal falls…..)

Requested by @romantical-reverie 💖

This VIXX comeback is so luxurious

Like, its all so sensual. The dances for “The Closer” and “Desperate” are just so slick. And the attention to hands and the lace blindfolds at the beginning of “The Closer”. Listening to “The Closer” makes me feel like I’m at a masquerade ball, drinking champagne against the wall, wearing a black crystal gown and satin gloves up to my elbows. I mean, during their comeback stage today, they had rose petals falling from the ceiling? How much more decadent can it get? Keep up the good work VIXX. This album is everything to me.


Decide to make a comic but no more after this haha prob.

Continue from here ,

On her way to the witch’s house, she stumble upon a black wolf. 

Strangely enough, it didn’t attack her but it seems to be examine the young merc instead. Ruby ignores the creature and continue her way to the witch’s house.

The wolf starts to follow her but as long as it doesn’t interfere with her job she doesn’t mind about it.

Edit : Added AU in comic list, fix description a bit.

A Burning Rose

Characters: Ruby Rose, Cinder Fall, Qrow Branwen, Raven Branwen

Relationships: Ruby Rose/Cinder Fall (Falling Petals)

Rating: T

Chapters: 7/?

Ruby Rose wakes up in a dilapidated ruin, unable to move, after unleashing the devastating power of her silver eyes. She is joined shortly after by Cinder, the cruel mistress of pain and destruction, who was watching her sleep. This may just be the most terrifying night of Ruby’s life… what will become of her? Does Cinder merely want to torture her? Or does she have other plans?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

I’m scatterbrained. I’m unorganized. My desk is a mess and my hair is never neat. I can never get my thoughts down exactly how they should be, and I say things wrong. You’re absolutely perfection, the sun shining in my life. You’re rose petals and coffee on cold mornings and waking up next to the person you love so much. You’re breakfast in bed and lazy morning smiles. You make me happier than I’ve ever been before, you’re perfect. My life is an absolute mess, but I wouldn’t mind including you in it.
—  K.J.F