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Advice for Beginners of Astrology

• Do a lot of research. Books are probably your best bet for learning astrology - the best astrologers have written books filled with information you probably won’t be able to find online.
• Take it one at a time. Don’t mix different parts of astrology together until you’ve mastered one part first. Signs > planets > houses > aspects is how I learned.
• Incorporate it in your daily life. Practice on your friends. Practice predictions on yourself.
• Keep a note journal/write notes in your phone. I do this because I usually find myself having random astrology related epiphanies throughout my day and forget them later. Keeping a log of how you feel under certain moon phases/signs is useful too.
• It’s okay if you need to google something when answering a question, doing an interpretation or if you just forget. No one really knows everything about astrology. We are all still learning. Don’t feel bad if you need to fall back into a resource, we all do sometimes.

It falls to each of us to be those anxious, jealous guardians of our democracy; to embrace the joyous task we’ve been given to continually try to improve this great nation of ours.  Because for all our outward differences, we all share the same proud title:  Citizen.

Ultimately, that’s what our democracy demands.  It needs you.  Not just when there’s an election, not just when your own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime.  If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try to talk with one in real life.  If something needs fixing, lace up your shoes and do some organizing.  If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.  Show up.  Dive in.  Persevere.  Sometimes you’ll win.  Sometimes you’ll lose.  Presuming a reservoir of goodness in others can be a risk, and there will be times when the process disappoints you.  But for those of us fortunate enough to have been a part of this work, to see it up close, let me tell you, it can energize and inspire.  And more often than not, your faith in America – and in Americans – will be confirmed.

On every fourth step, you are meant to fall down. Not occasionally, not once, not twice, but on every fourth step. The ground opens up, the wind blows, a branch hits you in the head, you trip on stones, your heart breaks, you’ve got to fold the laundry, and they’ve closed the left two lanes. Here on the fourth step, the forces gather together to stop you. And some people, when they fall down, they lie there for the rest of their lives. And some people learn how to fall-down-get-up. That is one move. Fall-down-get-up.
—  Naomi Newman
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At the moment my dashboard is about 95% Steven Universe,which is perfectly fine; but it’s always good to have some variety. Especially considering I’m only following about 100 blogs right now. (✿◠‿◠)

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- Art (your own or from a credited source w/ permission from the artist)

-Art tutorials (specifically Paint Tool Sai but anything will do)

-Art resources (refrence images,brushes,color pallets ect.) 

- Concept art/game design 



-Gemstones/semi precious stones

-Quality meme content

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anonymous asked:

I have these crappy ups and downs where for two days I'll be super happy and motivated and then I'll have a week where everything is awful and I cry at everything and I try to look for the good in like every situation but it doesn't always work and idk if I'm depressed or not because I feel like I'm lying if I say that I am when I have everything I need and I have good days. It could also just be that I'm a teenager, and you know, hormones. idk.

Oh, anon 💜  Those ups and downs are nothing to be ashamed of. Depression is a very real thing and if you are concerned for your mental health, even just a little bit, I recommend trying to seek help even though, a lot of the time, the labour of locating mental wellness resources falls on the people who need them and are already in distress. And sure, hormones are part of being a teenager (and, speaking from experience, an adult) but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your intuition. Too often teens, especially teen girls (not sure if this applies to you, but regardless) have their pain ignored. You know your body and your mind better than anyone else. I’m sorry if this is a bit scattered, but I’m not a mental health professional and I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this issue, but I suppose this is all by way of saying stay safe 💜 

anonymous asked:

I'm an INTJ and I've recently come to terms with the fact that a part of me is an irremediable romantic. I say "a part" because I find romance, in life or fiction, is often, well, stupid. I think people make their poorest decisions based on their feelings. Yet I believe it is possible to be in love and not an idiot, and often wish for it to happen to me. I was wondering if this might be an INTJ thing? Because of how rarely but how strongly we connect with other people, and Ni idealistic vision?

I myself can really relate to what you’re saying. And I think other INTJs can too. I personally still don’t really know what being in love feels like for me. Although I’ve learned a lot about love in general when reading the book “The Art Of Loving” by Erich Fromm. It’s a really good book which analyzes the whole concept of love in society. And even though the book is rather old and not up to date with all contents, it has a lot of wisdom hidden between it’s pages. 

I think especially for an INTJ it’s important to figure out what love is for you personally. Because the concept of love society usually shows in movies and songs, is probably neither the love an INTJ is looking for nor does it describe the way an INTJ experiences love.



my shitty star wars au chapter 8 aka Kylo Ren Needs to Chill

@juulna bae

Since leaving Jakku, Rey had learned and seen all sorts of things. Stuff she had never imagined or believed. 

The Jedi were real. She had the Force. Green places existed. There was more to life than scavenging and fighting for every scrap of food and sip of water. Stormtroopers could be good. 

But the one thing Rey hadn’t truly been prepared for was rain.

Thunder and lightning were common enough on Jakku, when it was humid, but rain was extremely rare and incredibly precious.Here, though, next to the ocean, it rained all the time. Rey could hardly believe it. Gallons upon gallons of the most vital resource, falling from the sky and soaking deep into the earth, rinsing everything on it’s way.

Rey danced in the waters, tasting it on her tongue, and she had never felt so clean.

The first time she saw it, she had tried to catch it in a bucket to save. Luke had stopped her, saying it was a common occurrence, and unnecessary. Rey hadn’t believed him. He seemed to understand.

Now though, it had been months, and while she would never get over how water just fell from the fucking sky here, she could certainly get sick of it.

For example, when it had been storming.

For three fucking days.

Like training hadn’t been bad enough when she could go outside. The temple was flooded and she and Luke were confined to the top floors. While Rey respected her Master and enjoyed her time with him (somewhat sort of not really), spending three days in the same few rooms with the man had been hellish.

She tried to pass the time, but after counting all the stones and imagining faces in the moss that grew here and there in patches, three times each, she was growing incredibly bored. 

Plus all the cloud cover in the electrical storm was screwing with her wifi, so she couldn’t even Spacetime Finn and Poe to whine to them.

Which was fucking bullshit, in her opinion.

Left with nothing else to do, she released a breathe and attempted to meditate the hours away. Luke had gone into a trance like state a few hours after the wifi went down, grumbling something about Moisture Farmville, and if he could get through this in an altered state of consciousness, then goddammit, so could Rey.

Closing her eyes, the padawan brushed the small braid behind her ear and concentrated her focus. Rey was used to activity, to moving around and working hard. Sitting still was a strange sensation, and she didn’t always like it. Today, however, with the rain rushing down and cool air flowing, it was easy. With a sigh, she slipped into the hypnotic flow of the Force.

She could feel everything. Leia standing tall, giving orders and managing her grief, every inch the General, every inch the Princess. The young jedi brushed against her, offering condolence and warmth. Leia brushed back with pride and support. Rey didn’t remember her mother, but hopes she was like her. 

Luke in the next room, effortlessly becoming one with the temple and the island and the people of the universe. He was talking to someone, a glowing man with a beard. Rey wasn’t about to push.

Poe, ever so slightly sensitive to the Force, sending back enthusiasm and love. 

Finn, sensitive as a non-force sensitive rock, but comforting in the fact that he was there, and alright. 

Maz, always aware of everything around her.

On the far reaches, she felt a flaming hungry presence, desperately calling out for attention. Kylo Ren.

Fuck that guy, she didn’t need his bullshit today.

Turning inwards, Rey felt herself tuning into the island and the spirit of the place.

Or should she say spirits.

They appeared all around her, those who had become one with the Force before her. Glowing faces with advice and stories.

Today one in particular stood out to her, calling for her attention in a not unfamiliar way.

He was tall, with long hair and a scar down his face. Huh. Now who did that remind her of?

“Hello, Rey.”

“Uh. Hi?” Clearly she was a master of eloquence.

“Do you know who I am?”

“A drama queen?”

“What? No. Look, my name is Anakin. Anakin Skywalker. Does that mean anything to you?”

“Not really. I kinda grew up on a remote desert planet forced to do hard manual labor for as long as I can remember.”

“Oh shit no kidding? Same here. I hate desert planets, they’re the worst. Just. Fucking sand. Everywhere. It’s awful. Sand is awful. It’s coarse and r- wait, you don’t know who I am?”

“Nah, but I feel you on the sand. I had fun with it though. I would slide down the sand dunes, and-”

“Yeah, that’s great. You seriously don’t know the name Anakin Skywalker?”


The man sighed, disappointedly.

“My son’s a moron. Look, do you know who Darth Vader is?”

“Are you kidding? I have Kylo Ren ranting about how cool he is all the goddamn time. He was an asshole, and a total psychopath with some evil plan to take over the galaxy.”

Anakin raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, shit!”

“That’s fair. Look, I’ve been watching you train. You’re incredibly strong in the Force.”

Rey squinted suspiciously. This sounded incredibly familiar.

“You have amazing potential, and you could become someone great.”

Where had she heard this before? Oh, right. Kylo fucking Ren.

“Ok hold up. Are you about to try to make me your padawan and turn me to the Dark Side?”

Anakin’s face became shocked.

“What? Fuck no! I was just going to tell you to train hard and absolutely do NOT join the Dark Side! You will never live it down Rey. Even if, by some miracle, you get last minute redemption in your dying breaths, you still won’t live it down. All you’ll get is an eternity of your former master making fun of you because they named your grandson after HIM instead, and calling you on your shit, and the ghosts of all the Jedi you killed hanging around awkwardly. No one holds grudges like dead six-year-olds, Rey. No one.”

“Well, I mean, that’s great and all, but I wasn’t going to do that anyway.”

He nodded sagely.

“That’s what I said, but then a creepy old man seduced me.”

“What the fuck.”

“Not like that, dammit! He promised me power!”

“Huh. You know, that is exactly what happened to your grandson? Your family has a problem.”

Anakin winced.

“I know. That’s why I decided to warn you. We have a lot in common, you and I. The whole desert thing, the camaraderie with droids, the power, the piloting skills…”

“Holy shit. Ren is gonna be so fucking pissed when he finds out. It’s gonna be great.”

“Yeah, about that. Sorry my grandson’s an asshole. Kinda runs in the family. Look, if you ever want pointers, someone to talk to…” he shrugged awkwardly.

“You really suck at this.”

“I know.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

He nodded and faded away as Rey came back into herself. The rain had finally stopped. Luke looked at her, proud.

“You’ve come very far, padawan. That is the most focused I have yet to see you.”

Rey grinned, proud of herself.

“The wifi’s back on. Take the rest of the day off, talk to your friends. Oh, and I sent you a game request…”

Rey rolled her eyes.

“Yes, Master, I will help you out on Moisture Farmville.”


Peace settled upon the temple as two spirits watched.

“I’ve got a good feeling about this one.”

“You said that about Ben, Obi-Wan.”

“Yes, well, with my name, I had high hopes for the lad. Figures your DNA would go and cock it all up, doesn’t it?”



Somewhere in space, prowling through the halls beneath a black mask, Kylo Ren sneezed, his ears burning.


Wetlands, Wildlife and More

The Tunnel Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) consists of 73 acres of relic and unique wetland plant communities and is home to a small population of Oregon spotted frogs.  Located on the west side of the Klamath Falls Resource Area, Tunnel Creek is a lush and colorful meadow with dark-green mixed conifer surrounding it. Each season offers a variety of colors. 

Photos by BLMer Alec Bryan.