falling out of love


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I think the scariest thing about falling in love is that there’s always an opportunity to fall out of it. There is no signed contract, no promises that can’t be broken, no guarantees that that person will stick around and that scares me to death. One day, they can just wake up and be over your little weird habits, and the way you say the letter “I.” They’ll realize you’re selfish, they’ll realize they deserve so much more. And that’s the scariest thought I’ve ever had.
—  Brenna, (x)
Nothing made me feel more alive than your fingertips against my skin.
—  You ignite me in flames
let’s pretend, for a
second, that this
is easy. imagine me,
letting you go
and my heart isn’t shaking
and you don’t feel
like home.
let’s pretend that this
is simple. you fall
out of love and I let
you. nothing hurts.
let’s pretend that
my body is the only
home I have, the only
home I need.
I’m not hurting
I’m not hurting
I’m not hurting.
—  pretend // r.e.s
It seems like every time I show an interest in someone, they don’t reciprocate it. But when I stop showing it, their feelings becomes louder? Like what is up with that? Am I not suppose to show someone I like them even when I do? Am I suppose to ignore someone who makes me happy in hopes of making them want more of me ultimately?
—  Why is playing hard to get with someone you want a thing now?
it doesn’t happen all at once
it happens slowly
like a flood
water rising cautiously
a quiet rebellion
spilling over enemy lines with a vengeance
minute by minute, you feel it
the gravitational pull on your body
moving you further and further apart
your mother says that you will
find your way back to him,
but you are not so sure
it does not happen all at once
it happens like the
continents drifting apart
a few centimeters per year
it happens so slowly
you can’t even see it
until it is too late
until the love waltzing in the ball
room of your chest goes quiet
and everyone stops dancing
he grabs your hand and asks you
to go someplace quiet
you don’t go with him
you stay silent
your heart is a still drum
he takes your pulse with his teeth
tells you he doesn’t
how you could change your mind
so suddenly
it doesn’t happen all at once
remember that, even when he
tries to convince you that things
were fine the day before
tell him that the earth is moving
microscopic distances as you speak
that neither of you are in the same
place that you were
—  falling out of love | Caitlyn Siehl
I just wanted to hear you say you were sorry, sorry for hurting me, sorry for lying to me, sorry for not trying your best for me. I just wanted to know that you were sorry too that we didn’t last, that we both ended up heartbroken, that you’re always on my mind and I’m never on yours. I just wanted to know if you will ever be sorry for leaving me the way you did, for making me feel like I shouldn’t exist, for making me love you the way that I did.
—  t.i // Are you sorry yet?
He really fucked her up. She gets anxiety attacks every time she thinks about how he whispered in her ears loving things but do the same with someone else behind her back. She was happy, she thought she was completely done for. Everyone whispered when she walked by but she didn’t paid attention because he was holding her hands. His skin on hers was all she could ever think about. She was too busy enjoying him to care about anything else. What a fool she was… A fool for him. She allowed her feelings for him to twist the reality of how shitty of a person he is. She knows better now. She won’t let anyone hurt her like that ever again. Her guard is high and she doesn’t see it coming back down anytime soon.
—  An excerpt from a book that I’ll never write (1)