falling of crimson leaves

In a season of deaths
when the dead ones, the great ones
were falling all around,
when the leaves were turning
scarlet, crimson, brown as blood,
when the birches trembled
& the oaks turned gold
I dreamed,
perhaps for the last time,
the old exam-dream:
a history course
& I had not read a word.
Though I took my degree Phi Bete
with every honor,
I trembled in my dream
that I would fail.
Oh the terror
in the college corridor!
The fear of reprisals,
the fear of death.
The history of the world
is blank to me.
The only thing I know
is certain
How are we tested?
Why do our minds
go blank?
Why the exam room,
why the witness stand?
A’s & F’s are equalized
by sleep.
Perhaps we are tested by mortality.
No childhood of anxiety
& pain,
no eyes behind glasses
searching flyspeck print
can spare us
from the certain truth
we fail.
Teach us to live
each day
as if our last.
Teach us the present tense,
teach us the word.
Teach us to take air in
& let it out
without the fearful catch
of breath on death.
Truce with the cosmos,
soul at peace within,
we may stop dreaming
that we fail 
life’s school.
Our lives are in your hands,
our deaths assured.
Between this knowledge
& our schooldays
fall our dreams.
—  Erica Jong, “The Exam Dream"

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If you don't mind, can you please make a list of eng SLBP's events with their dates and such? It would be too awesome if you do so!

I can list events, but not the exact dates! I just have the months.

1) Sakura Wars (battle, March 2016)

2) Love’s First Kiss (story, April 2016)

3) May Day Wars (battle, April 2016)

4) Secret Confessions (story, April 2016)

5) Echoes of True Love (story, May 2016)

6) War of Summer Rain (battle, June 2016)

7) Scattering Rumours, Blossoming Lies (story, June 2016)

8) Passionate Devotion, Samurai in Love (story, June 2016)

9) Tanabata Wars (battle, July 2016)

10) Noble Hearts Exposed (story, July 2016)

11) The War of Ryugu-Jo (battle, August 2016)

12) Transgressions of Lust (story, August 2016)

13) Claim Me At Last (story, September 2016)

14) War of Summer Dusk (battle, September 2016)

15) With You Under the Stars (story, September 2016)

16) Season of Capricious Love (story, October 2016)

17) Moonlight Warriors (battle, October 2016)

18) Our Sultry Nights of Passion (story, November 2016)

19) The War of Midnight Ghosts (battle, November 2016)

20) Seasons of Beguiling Love (story, November 2016)

21) The Wars of the Crimson Leaves (battle, December 2016)

22) Falling For You, Always and Forever (story, December 2016)

23) Unspoken Ties, in Devotion to You (story, January 2017)

24) Wars of the Dawning Snow (battle, January 2017)

25) My Eternal Love (story, currently ongoing)

Young Sensei x García López de Cárdenas: A PSAT Fanfiction

“García! Thank you for coming, I brought you some soup!” said the Sensei, shyly. “They’re in the glasses-shaped bowls you like.”

“Thank you Kiichi!” replied the Spanish man. “How was your day?”

Kichii Shimano sighed. “Alright, I suppose, but an interviewer asked me questions like ‘What kind of ink do you use?’ I hope your day was better…”



14. This space was intentionally left blank.



 “You don’t get it, Kiichi. Everyone else is seeing the Grand Canyon, but I’m the only one who SAW it.” García complained.

“I know what you mean, García.” The Sensei replied. “Nature’s effortless beauty is so hard to capture in words. It’s bedazzling. Speaking of which, I’m writing a poem but-“

He turned around to find…that García López de Cárdenas was much closer than he expected.

            “Ah!” yelped Kiichi.

            “What is it?” García replied, innocently. “I want to read the poem you’re talking about, what are you so surprised at?”

            “N-nothing,” the Sensei spluttered, his face turning as crimson as the leaves.

Our faces… Kiichi thought …are so close…

He was embarrassed, but simultaneously at the same time, he felt a flutter in his heart.

Then, García looked at the Japanese man in the eyes, seriously.

            “Kichii…” he began.

The Young Sensei’s heart pounded so loudly that he was sure García could hear it.

            “Kichii…” he said again.

“I love you.” “I’ve fallen for you.” Kiichi wanted García to say something.

He did not say those words.

Instead, their faces inched closer and closer until…


 The doorbell rang, and they quickly jumped back.

            “I-I’ll get it!” the Sensei said quickly, rushing to the door.

He opened it, and saw a young boy no older than 8 years old.

            “Will you buy candy please?” the boy asks.

            “I’m so sorry!” cries a voice.

A woman rushes over, hitting the child on the back of the head.

            “I wasn’t paying attention and my son ran off without me!” she apologized, and glared at her son.

            “You should positively reinforce your children,” said the Sensei.

            “Pardon?” she says, blankly.

            “Your children are like dolphins,” he explains. “You can’t leash them.”

            “I don’t believe in positive reinforcement,” she says plainly. “It’s dehumanizing.”

            “Come on!” she spats at her child, tugging him along.

Kiichi Shimano closed the door, sighing loudly. Then he stopped, seeing García gathering his belongings.

            “What are you doing?” The Young Sensei asked the conquistador.

            “I didn’t realize you had a wife.” The conquistador said, shaking his head. “Even a son…”

            “No wait, García, that wasn’t-“

            “No, it’s fine. I should have known,” he says, heading for the door.

            “García wait-“

            “Goodbye, Kiichi.”

            “GARCÍAAAAAAAAAAAA!” he screams.

García turns around, startled by the quiet, poetic Sensei, who had become a screaming machine.


García’s eyes brimmed with tears.

            “KIICHI!” he screams back. “I FEEL THE SAME WAY!”

He flung his arms out and embraced the Sensei.

 “I am lucky,” he whispers quietly.

They kissed passionately for more than 23 seconds but less than 23.5 seconds.

After they pulled away, García López de Cárdenas said “Good girl.”

“Woof,” replied the Young Sensei.


Leaves of gold and crimson began to fall to the ground as autumn took its hold on Willow Creek. She grew closer with Don, spending every moment she could by his side. She had never been this happy in her life, never felt like she was truly loved outside of her family. Everything was easy, and she slowly felt her anxiety towards him flutter away on the crisp autumn breeze. 

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Autumn Rising

leaves, turning back,
time, falling away,
truth, singing in crimson veins,
love, screaming in yellow stems,
peace, melting down orange creams,
left alone, in autumn,
with nothing, returning,
slowly, floating to dreams,
of silence, hands to hold,
warmth rising


PSAT: Then and Now
  • Then: Garcia Lopez de Cardenas was the only man ever to see the Grand Canyon simultaneously at the same time as the Young Sensei wrote crimson leaves, falling.
  • Now: Thad buys his date $45 worth of water and cookies while I can't even get a text back. Meanwhile everyone panics as there's only 5 minutes left to use evidence to back up your answer in the math section.
  • don't use a calculator to cheat at reading but use poetry to start a revolution : )