falling of crimson leaves

Autumn Rising

leaves, turning back,
time, falling away,
truth, singing in crimson veins,
love, screaming in yellow stems,
peace, melting down orange creams,
left alone, in autumn,
with nothing, returning,
slowly, floating to dreams,
of silence, hands to hold,
warmth rising


PSAT: Then and Now
  • Then: Garcia Lopez de Cardenas was the only man ever to see the Grand Canyon simultaneously at the same time as the Young Sensei wrote crimson leaves, falling.
  • Now: Thad buys his date $45 worth of water and cookies while I can't even get a text back. Meanwhile everyone panics as there's only 5 minutes left to use evidence to back up your answer in the math section.
  • don't use a calculator to cheat at reading but use poetry to start a revolution : )

me, who hasn’t taken the psat since 2014, trying to stay hip with the memes: haha yeah crimson leaves falling…….dolphins on leashes am i right……will we every truly experience the grand canyon….

real proof psat 2014 is the same as psat 2015

crimson leaves falling = moss falling
dolphin training = dog training
everyone STILL hates poetry
lots o fish/dolphins
discovering the grand canyon=discovering this NEW DINO
????coincidence???? i think not

Reblog if ur a tru 2017 kid

crimson leaves, falling.
This year’s generation will never understand the High Quality Memes of yesteryear. They have been corrupted by the industrialization of the psat meme economy and do not know what true humor is reblog if u agree