falling of crimson leaves

crimson leaves
fall gently amidst
a row of maple trees,
each one spreading its
wistful hues along the ground,
devising a landscape of tenderness
that’s coalesced somewhere between a
maudlin yearning and fond memories of love.

The crisp air and subtle glimpses of sunlight
embrace like past lovers who’ve grown
apart, but still cherish one another’s
presence. And if they could share
their vast thoughts, they would,
but they settle for a quiet
understanding before
the tranquil edges
of dusk softly

All I See Is You

pairing: Boyfriend!Taehyung x Reader
genre: Fluff
warning: sugary sweet romance
word count: 2317

Even if the world decided to swallow you whole and send you back to the days where you had struggled, so long as he was there, you would be happy, because loving him was the sole reason you lived so blissfully.

Namjoon | Taehyung | Hoseok | Jimin | Jin | Jungkook | Yoongi

He’s late. You can’t believe he’s late. Is it not customary for the star of the show to arrive on time and greet the incoming guests? Instead here you are, watching as the exhibition to your boyfriend’s latest gallery open its doors to the massive crowd waiting outside. It is difficult to believe how he has managed to build a positive reputation with his habits of tardiness. The beginnings of a lecture start to run through your mind, it’s rehearsal driving your nerves upward. However, before your irritation can be vocalized Taehyung appears a few ways down the street, fingers fumbling with his brightly patterned tie.

As angry as you are at him, your heart couldn’t help but skip a few beats when the sunlight hits his profile, casting shadows beautifully across his skin just before a smile breaks across his features and he sends his arms into a high wave to greet you. The man who could so easily be mistaken for a sculpture is currently sprinting down the sidewalk, his long coat desperately trying to catch up to its owner.

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Young Sensei x García López de Cárdenas: A PSAT Fanfiction

“García! Thank you for coming, I brought you some soup!” said the Sensei, shyly. “They’re in the glasses-shaped bowls you like.”

“Thank you Kiichi!” replied the Spanish man. “How was your day?”

Kichii Shimano sighed. “Alright, I suppose, but an interviewer asked me questions like ‘What kind of ink do you use?’ I hope your day was better…”



14. This space was intentionally left blank.



 “You don’t get it, Kiichi. Everyone else is seeing the Grand Canyon, but I’m the only one who SAW it.” García complained.

“I know what you mean, García.” The Sensei replied. “Nature’s effortless beauty is so hard to capture in words. It’s bedazzling. Speaking of which, I’m writing a poem but-“

He turned around to find…that García López de Cárdenas was much closer than he expected.

            “Ah!” yelped Kiichi.

            “What is it?” García replied, innocently. “I want to read the poem you’re talking about, what are you so surprised at?”

            “N-nothing,” the Sensei spluttered, his face turning as crimson as the leaves.

Our faces… Kiichi thought …are so close…

He was embarrassed, but simultaneously at the same time, he felt a flutter in his heart.

Then, García looked at the Japanese man in the eyes, seriously.

            “Kichii…” he began.

The Young Sensei’s heart pounded so loudly that he was sure García could hear it.

            “Kichii…” he said again.

“I love you.” “I’ve fallen for you.” Kiichi wanted García to say something.

He did not say those words.

Instead, their faces inched closer and closer until…


 The doorbell rang, and they quickly jumped back.

            “I-I’ll get it!” the Sensei said quickly, rushing to the door.

He opened it, and saw a young boy no older than 8 years old.

            “Will you buy candy please?” the boy asks.

            “I’m so sorry!” cries a voice.

A woman rushes over, hitting the child on the back of the head.

            “I wasn’t paying attention and my son ran off without me!” she apologized, and glared at her son.

            “You should positively reinforce your children,” said the Sensei.

            “Pardon?” she says, blankly.

            “Your children are like dolphins,” he explains. “You can’t leash them.”

            “I don’t believe in positive reinforcement,” she says plainly. “It’s dehumanizing.”

            “Come on!” she spats at her child, tugging him along.

Kiichi Shimano closed the door, sighing loudly. Then he stopped, seeing García gathering his belongings.

            “What are you doing?” The Young Sensei asked the conquistador.

            “I didn’t realize you had a wife.” The conquistador said, shaking his head. “Even a son…”

            “No wait, García, that wasn’t-“

            “No, it’s fine. I should have known,” he says, heading for the door.

            “García wait-“

            “Goodbye, Kiichi.”

            “GARCÍAAAAAAAAAAAA!” he screams.

García turns around, startled by the quiet, poetic Sensei, who had become a screaming machine.


García’s eyes brimmed with tears.

            “KIICHI!” he screams back. “I FEEL THE SAME WAY!”

He flung his arms out and embraced the Sensei.

 “I am lucky,” he whispers quietly.

They kissed passionately for more than 23 seconds but less than 23.5 seconds.

After they pulled away, García López de Cárdenas said “Good girl.”

“Woof,” replied the Young Sensei.

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If you don't mind, can you please make a list of eng SLBP's events with their dates and such? It would be too awesome if you do so!

I can list events, but not the exact dates! I just have the months.

1) Sakura Wars (battle, March 2016)

2) Love’s First Kiss (story, April 2016)

3) May Day Wars (battle, April 2016)

4) Secret Confessions (story, April 2016)

5) Echoes of True Love (story, May 2016)

6) War of Summer Rain (battle, June 2016)

7) Scattering Rumours, Blossoming Lies (story, June 2016)

8) Passionate Devotion, Samurai in Love (story, June 2016)

9) Tanabata Wars (battle, July 2016)

10) Noble Hearts Exposed (story, July 2016)

11) The War of Ryugu-Jo (battle, August 2016)

12) Transgressions of Lust (story, August 2016)

13) Claim Me At Last (story, September 2016)

14) War of Summer Dusk (battle, September 2016)

15) With You Under the Stars (story, September 2016)

16) Season of Capricious Love (story, October 2016)

17) Moonlight Warriors (battle, October 2016)

18) Our Sultry Nights of Passion (story, November 2016)

19) The War of Midnight Ghosts (battle, November 2016)

20) Seasons of Beguiling Love (story, November 2016)

21) The Wars of the Crimson Leaves (battle, December 2016)

22) Falling For You, Always and Forever (story, December 2016)

23) Unspoken Ties, in Devotion to You (story, January 2017)

24) Wars of the Dawning Snow (battle, January 2017)

25) My Eternal Love (story, currently ongoing)

October is FINALLY here!~

-And while he’s not yelling about the upcoming holiday at the end of the month (Halloween), his labcoat is now a creamy orange, the darkened buttons keeping it closed, changed an assortment of tiny pumpkins and crimson leaves.

Clearly a science boy ready for Fall and all that comes with it.

October Special Mentions

Hello, lovely people! Happy October!

I have chosen my new BOTM but before revealing who it is, I’d like to give a shoutout to the blogs who were amazing as well - alas, I could only choose one. :)

Go check these amazing autumn blogs out and give them a follow, because they truly deserve it.





Thank you, everyone, for participating! See you again in about a month! :*

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"something about autumn makes me feel melancholy" with Charles or Logan please

Sighing as you sat up in bed, you frowned and looked out of the window; the leaves were falling and of crimson, gold and orange, fog clung to the air like a disease, rain spat down upon the ground, wind whistled, almost to the time of ‘Singin’ In The Rain’, and there was a melancholy wave washing over everything and anything possible. Beside you, just stirring out of sleep, Charles opened an eye and gave you a lazy smile, which dropped when he saw your frown.

“What’s wrong, darling?” He yawned.

“Something about Autumn makes me feel melancholy,” you told him. “I can’t wait until Winter.”

“Whats the difference?” Charles asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged with a sigh. “But there is one.”

Open starter- home

Vi sat among the crimson leaves of Forever Fall, leaning against a granite gravestone. On the polished stone, the words “Taupe Williams; Eternal Flame laid to rest” were engraved in neat calligraphy. A soft smile took its place on her lips, a bouquet of orchids resting in her lap. She sang softly under her breath.
“I don’t know, where we should go~,
Feeling farther from our goal~
I don’t know, what path we will be shown~
But I know that when I’m with you im at home~”