falling into thoughts of you

Trying to ice skate with Dylan and Eric

     Your legs wobble as you try to gain your balance. “Don’t lean back so much.”, Eric tells. You do as he says and you’re finally able to stand. You look over and watch as Dylan trips over his skates and falls. You begin to laugh so hard you fall too. Still laughing, you hold your hand out to Eric, hoping he’ll help you up. He rolls his eyes and grabs your hand. You stand, knees wobbling again, and fall, pulling Eric down with you. The three of you thought it would be fun to go out and do something different since it got cooler. You all agreed on ice skating for some wild reason. Non of you really know how to correctly ice skate. Finally the three of you get back on your feet and get ready to try again. “It’s like roller skating kinda.”, Eric says as he seems to get the hang of it.

     You watch as he picks up speed and is able to skate over a large part of the ice skating rink. He makes a circle and comes back to you and Dylan. “It’s not that hard once you get used to it.”, he states. You try to copy what he did and you slowly begin to glide forward. You smile as your entire body fills with excitement. You turn around after moving about 9 inches. “I did it!”, you call out in joy. “Good job! How ‘bout you V?”, Eric turns around. Dylan’s lanky legs shake like crazy as he stands. He barely leans forward and falls. “This fucking sucks.”, Dylan mumbles. You laugh and try to help him up. You almost fall in the process. “Alright I’ll skate beside you so you can watch. Move your foot like this.”, you tell him as you move your foot a certain way. You lightly push him forward and he moves his foot like you say. “Great! Now do the other one the same way.” you order. He does as you say and begins to move forward. “Yes! Now do it again!”, you cheer him on. You watch closely as he lifts his foot up. Somehow, the tall boy falls again.

     “Dylan you lanky fuck.”, you laugh as you try to help him up again. “Losers!”, Eric scoffs as he skates by. He circles the rink and comes back to where you and Dylan are. With a sly smirk, you stick out your leg, tripping Eric. You watch as he falls over on the ice. You and Dylan laugh and high five while Eric grits his teeth. He gets back up and tries to skate again, but falls. “Loser!”, you and Dylan tease. “No fair! This coat’s too heavy! It’s throwing me off my balance!”, he makes excuses, “It wasn’t too heavy a minute ago.”, you say. In the end, you and Eric became pretty good for first timers who learned on their own. Dylan on the other hand, was too lanky for his own good and couldn’t stay up for more than 5 inches.

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Why are people having issues with Balem?! It's not that hard to get....lol Clearly he can't fall in seconds

I laughed for a good minute, and thought you meant literally fall. And I was like ‘well he is in space, I suppose falling would take forever there….’ the whole gravity issue…..I made myself laugh. Anyway!

I think they’re used to Newt, Stephen, all the more gentle passionate characters. Balem isn’t like that, so I think people get impatient with me taking my time making him even care lol

I’m sorrrrrry

I like how I didn’t look for you. You just came in like a raging storm and my world was forever changed.
—  another-broken-hello
Falling in love. It’s always something that comes unexpected. Suddenly it hits you; you’re in love, just like that. And maybe that’s what makes it so wonderful. Having absolutely no control is scary, but if you just let it happen, beautiful things can come your way.
—  L.N. | falling in love
  • Viktor: Hey Yuuri, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Yuuri: I don't know. Did it hurt when I smashed this dirty plate over your head?
  • Viktor: You didn't smash a plate over my head.
  • Yuuri: Not yet.
  • Viktor: ...
  • Yurio, watching Viktor vigorously scrubbing the dirty dishes: He's so whipped
  • Otabek, holding a juicebox up to Yurio's mouth: I know.
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t mind showing you who you are, but whose willing to love you until you’re the best you possible. Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh so hard, your stomach cramps and your jaws lock. Fall in love with someone that has you waking up wondering what simple thing they’ll do to make you fall more in love with them. But when you do fall in love, don’t force it, just fall.
—  Treka L. House
I wonder if boys know about the girls crying in their beds, tears leaking from their eyes as they replay all of those memories. Do boys know that their words mean so much more than letters strewn together to express careless thoughts? Every teenage girl knows what it’s like to feel that first heartbreak. The butterflies become uneasiness. The flutters become heavy and slowed. The smiles become sobs. All for a boy. A boy who sees other girls just like he sees her. He’s not different, darling. At least not yet. No one’s taught him how to love you right.
—  teenage girl

And so he became home.

Because I realized something through it all, that yes, you lose a whole hell of a lot of people throughout this life, more than you’ll ever want. One right after the other, each person walks into your heart, makes you believe - believe in them, and one day, one day it all just stop. And when they finally leave, they all seem to take a piece of you with them. Now you’re left with nothing but empty scars and holes reminding you of those you once loved.

But then one person comes along, and you tell yourself that this time you want your walls all the way up, higher than ever before. You don’t want to let him in, having to clean up another mess, and beating yourself down when he leaves - just like the rest of them. But what if this one stays? What if you’re the one who was wrong about him and you kept all those walls up for nothing?

He became home because he taught me to love again. He filled all my holes, mended every scar, and made my heart whole again. He was the one to love me.

—  c.f. // “don’t let me down”
i always tell myself to not think of you. to not think of the way your eyes always have this mysteriousness behind them but they can still shine like the morning sun. or how your smile can turn my whole day better even if it’s just for a split second. or how your voice would sound right when you wake up: raspy and tired. i try not to think of the way your hands would feel in mine or your arms wrapped around my body, holding me closer than i could ever imagine. or the way your lips move when they say “i love you” right before they connect to my own. i always tell myself to not think of you in ways that will make me fall in love with you.
—  but i think it’s too late.