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Heaven is a Place on Earth with You

billdipweek 2017 - Day Two: April Showers/May Flowers

Uhh they are dancing i think…. Well after today i will not draw people under the rain for…. A lot of time ahah Dipper is so gay dressed like that omg sorry Father for my sin.

The only person who loves Katie’s boobs more than us, is Katie herself 😂😂 how is she even real?! She knows their power…she knows…and I love that she knows it was very reminiscent of Morgana ❤️❤️

“I figured they needed an excuse to use my boobs on the show, and they couldn’t really do that in contemporary costume so… They have been Morgana-ed!” - Katie McGrath

actualplanetpluto  asked:

I can't breathe with courferre?

Oh grim the humble angst request that plagues the sweet Courferre shipper </3

The song was soft and sweet and romantic, and exactly the kind of music you’d expect to play at Marius and Cosette’s wedding.

This was where Courfeyrac usually lived, all these people, all of his friends, the happy energy, the dancing.

But the reasons that Courfeyrac would usually thrive were also the exact reasons the he was currently standing, frozen to the spot, the champagne glass in his hand held so tightly that it was a wonder it hadn’t cracked.

He was here, and of course he looked so beautiful. Of course he was graceful and wonderful. And of course- he was dancing with somebody else.

He should have known better than to plan things out in his head. They rarely played out the way he wanted them too. 

He had imagined it a million times- the soft and romantic lighting, the fairy lights twinkling above them as the first song played. Extending a hand to him, jokingly at first, but once they came together, entwined in a slow dance, he would finally see Courfeyrac the way he always saw him.

He couldn’t bare it anymore. His fantasy scene was playing out perfectly, but it had left him behind as a spectator, not the star. Courfeyrac stumbled past a group of giggling guests, his feet carrying him away.

“Where are you going.” Somebody called out to him.

“I just need some air.” Is what Courfeyrac said. I can’t breathe is what he thought.

Combeferre had came to the wedding, dashing and lovely. He’d danced with somebody close and fallen in love to the sway of a romantic song- but he hadn’t done any of it with Courfeyrac.

FOB Albums: A Summary

Take This To Your Grave:
“I gotta lotta pent up emotions and people I wanna kill but hey at least I have Chicago.”

From Under The Cork Tree:
“SCREAMY PETE POETRY, also slut shaming, and I recently moved permanently into the friendzone, someone help me.”

Infinity On High:
“I might be self deprecating and doubting myself all the time but hey I can be aesthetic as fuCK.”

Folie à Deux:
Mr. “I’m gay above the waist” Wentz writes an entire album for his best friend, Patrick Stump.

Save Rock and Roll:

American Beauty/American Psycho:
“I wanna burn my old photo album in a bonfire in the middle of summer”

Honestly, who the fuck even knows at this point?


totally forgot to post these before, but I went for an interview at the aquarium (!!!) yesterday and my hair was p much perfect (and it matched my dress too!)

It’s 3:04 am.
And I’m still thinking about you.
I honestly don’t know what this is.
Did I do something terrible to the universe?
Is that why I’m poisoned?
Is that why I can’t forget?
Is that why pain is constant?
Your freckles, your hair, your eyes.
I’ve memorized them.
I’ve loved you for years.
So much so that my heart almost doesn’t feel the pain anymore.
You loved her.
She didn’t love you.
Your heart was on fire.
Her’s wasn’t.
Weeks passed, and you’ve started to smile more often.
You laugh at my stupid jokes as if they were funny.
You call my name far more than you used to?
Am I being used?
Did you see my throbbing heart and decide to grab it?
Is it just so she can see?
Why is your smile so handsome?
Why can’t it be ugly?
I wish you were ugly.
More specifically, I wish your soul was ugly.
Maybe then, I could move on.
But so far nothing’s worked.
I can’t get your laugh out of my head.
I remember every word you say.
I’ve tried to erase my memory with happiness.
But how can I do that if it’s with you?
You’re so bright
And not just with intelligence.
Why can’t people love each other?
The way I love you.
—  I wrote this at 3 this morning, and I’m in desperate need of advice.
This is real. Has anyone else gone through something like this?
Is this love? Or is it revenge?

A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

F ⇥ Falling for each-other

“It was instinctive, the way I fell for you. Like an effortless intake of breath.”– Josh Walker