falling in love

I could fall in love with you over music.
I could fall in love with you over sleeping,
Ten hours in a freezing tent on uneven ground -
I could fall in love with you over books.
I could fall in love with you over breakfast,
Burnt toast and fried eggs that you say look like -
I could fall in love with you over words.
I could fall in love with you over arguing,
About who will win the election and how none of us will -
I could fall in love with you over coffee.
I could fall in love with you over laughing,
A pillow fight leaving us bruised and feathery -
I could fall in love with you over art.
I could fall in love with you over driving
From here to the coast, for illusions of romance.
I could fall in love with you over football.
I could fall in love with you over painting
Your bedroom blue, radio blaring out eighties classics -
I could fall in love with you over flesh.
And for each moment I have known you,
I think I have slowly been enchanted.
The Meaning of Being in Love.

Have you ever been in love?
No, not that kind.
You know, the overly-emotional; keeps you up until 2:06am kinda love?
Well, it sucks.
Your day will start out and end perfectly.
(and I mean perfectly.)
You will feel as if you’re on Cloud 9 up to High Heaven even when you’re dressed in stained jeans and a worn T-shirt.
When he makes you feel sexy no matter what clothes you have on or not.
You’ll begin to feel a small growing pit near the middle bottom of your stomach. This pit goes from feeling like knots all tangled up, intertwined within, then it will feel as if a swarm of butterflies swooped in and untangled all but the last knot.
(and this goes on repeat until you die)
Being the gentleman that he is, he will ask you if you’re feeling okay, to which you reply by crying in hysterics, thus freaking him out beyond measure.
You constantly run back and forth inside your mind thinking, “I’m so in love with you that I’m scared,” to “I’m so in love with you that it hurts knowing that if this ever goes south, I can promise you not only will I be picking up what you broke for the rest of my life, I will die cutting myself with the last piece left.”
You take a breath and breathe a sigh of relief that he’s choosing now of all times to joke about your predicament.
Hell, you think it’s hilarious.
(it’s not)
It sucks when all you can think about; all you want to do is kiss him with all the passion you can muster, and say on repeat, like a broken record, is “I’m so in love with you.”
This is bad.
(this is worse than bad)
All those unanswered questions come back to haunt: What if he only loves you, but is not in love with you?
That would SUCK.
(I believe I need a shot for every time I feel the phrase “in love” slip up my throat)
Why is it that we get so scared and so insanely attached to someone else? What draws us to certain people who grow to embody all that we hold so dear and true to our hearts?
I’ll tell you why.
(we all have sinned to avoid pain)
We are all guilty of feeling alone.


The Two Sides of the Coin

TITLE: The Two Sides of the Coin


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being brought to Asgard to be married to one of the sons of Odin.

Loki and you fall in love at first sight, but Thor won’t give up on you. He’s used to get what he desires.

Finally Frigga steps in and puts her older son in his place, making sure that Loki and you will be wed.

RATING: Teen and Up 

You stood under the willow tree where you had spent some of the afternoon with Loki, nervously wondering if the raven haired prince was simply playing a trick on you. According to your ladies-in-waiting, he was renowned for such. Convinced he was simply toying with you, you sighed and sat on the bench.

“You’re early.” Came a velvet smooth voice beside you ear, causing you to jump in surprise.

“You have to promise to teach me how to do that.” You laughed as you felt your heart pound in your chest.

“Only if you swear to never use it to hide from me. Do we have an accord?”

“We do.” You smiled bashfully.

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When we kissed
it’s like everything good
that had ever happened to me
had all happened
in that one moment.
—  I remember I couldn’t even stop myself from smiling that day. || {a.d.a}
Don’t fall in love with me unless you know how to love a storm. And I don’t mean the kind where you say “I love to dance in the rain” or the “lets go walk through the snow”. I am a storm of which, I destroy and corrupt anything in my path. I am a tornado, a hurricane, a blizzard, and a tidal wave all combined into one. I have never known how to be gentle. I don’t love softly, I love hard. I don’t hate lightly, I hate strongly. So please, when you tell me you love storms more than sunshine. Tell me you love the idea of a twister swallowing you whole.
—  Would you give up sunshine and blue skies for me? // 9:47 am

anonymous asked:

What does falling in love feel like? And how do you know when you love someone?

It doesn’t feel like butterflies. It feels like stars are expanding and collapsing inside your lungs. It feels like a mind clouded until it’s not really your own anymore, until you can’t control the way your thoughts wander. It feels like peace in someone else’s heartbeat, and finding a home in a single hug. It doesn’t feel like your skin is on fire, it feels like it is fire, like you’ve become the flames that can finally freely dance in the air. It’s terrifying and wonderful, but I don’t think it’s really falling and that’s the most magical thing about it. I think true love, you walk into, with your eyes open and holding someone’s hand. You choose to let them in, to let them see bits of you that have been hidden for years, you choose to let them see the rawness that you fear. It’s being completely bare in front of another person, and yet feeling incredibly safe. 

And I think you know you love them the first time you forgive something. The first time you realise that their mistakes, their imperfections, the wrong choices they made are something you can live with - you know you love them. And I guess that’s the tricky thing, because when do you stop forgiving? When do you need to start forgetting?

Fall in love knowing your heart is going to break.

And I know that sounds awful.

But fall anyways. Fall like a summer thunderstorm, and don’t look back unless you’re searching for flowers that will bloom in your wake.

Wander into uncharted territory, and let your guard down. Hang on to laughter like perfect days, and remember that hearts can change like the weather, but spring will come again. 

Love can be heart break. And in the event, pick up the pieces and give them away. Give them to people who deserve you, and don’t feel like you’re losing something, someone, or yourself.

If you have love to give, you should always give.
Then when it comes back your way in some form of forever. You will realize, you could fall a million times, just to get to here, to now.

And it would be worth it.

—  A scribbler // If I Fall for You… Will You Catch Me?