falling for you verse

I want more, not in the sense that you aren’t enough, but in the sense that you’re exactly what I want, as much as I can get.
—  B. E. Barnes

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You. Isaiah 26:3
The secret to having a steadfast heart is found in Psalm 112:7, “His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” We find our strength, our confidence when we place our total trust in the Lord, yielding to His will. When we do that, we are not manipulated by circumstances or swayed by situations. Though the storms of life rage around us, our trust remains in Him who calms the storm. Place your trust in Jesus and feel the peace that flows from a steadfast heart.

I see your face in every other face.
You are the sun that travels neither east nor west.
You neither wake nor sleep.
You are my resurrection and my fall.
You seam my sorrows.
You let my meteoring verses be the death of thorns.
You let me hold like wind the very planets in my hand
until they’re purified and lost.
No wonder I assault you with my heart
and know you, pore by pore.
Because your whispering invites me.
—  Adonis, from “Transformations Of The Lover,” Transformations Of The Lover (Ohio University Press, 1983)
Walled In

Or in which Ford pulls his head out of his ass and Stan is still waiting for that thank you.

Tis here! The third oneshot in the Rock Falls verse! First one was Fallen, the second was Crashing Down, and now we have Walled In! Have fun! It’s a little off, since I wrote it at midnight like all the others but haven’t really had time to edit it. Keeping the Stans in character was harder than I anticipated.

Forgive my lack of actual medical knowledge, the exact details of any injuries will be purposefully left out in order to avoid mistakes.

Waking up seemed, to Stanley, to be a lot harder than it usually was. Considering he was usually woken up by a daily different bodily pain, this was pretty worrying. Actually… the pain was kind of numb. Shit, no, wait, there it was.

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Hear me out,,

If The Foxhole Court gets a tv adaptation and Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips isn’t playing while Neil is saying goodbye to Andrew before going to Baltimore, I would riot.

Ok so the first verse, you have flashback shots of Neil falling in love with Andrew and finding a family:

Do you realize, that you have the most beautiful face? Close up shots of Andrew glaring at Neil. There are a lot okay, make it rapid fire shots of his face.

Do you realize, that we’re floating in space? Maybe this is them hanging their legs off the side of the roof? (pause ok imagine their tiny legs bouncing around)

Do you realize, happiness makes you cry? Shots of all the foxes. His family.

Do you realize, everyone you know someday will die? Something to convey that Neil isn’t willing for today to be the day that his family dies.

The second verse is a painful montage of sappy family moments with all the foxes.

And instead of saying all your goodbyes, let them know

You realize that life goes fast

It’s hard to make the good things last

You realize, the sun doesn’t go down,

It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

It cuts back to Neil. The music has stopped. There’s no sound, no movement, no breathing until

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

They walk out and the riot starts.

Do it. Fall out of love.
What are you afraid of? Is your identity locked in the way your hands itch for his skin or the feeling that his fingers can heal the cuts he caused with his sharp words and secret smiles at girls you don’t know? Do you still think his breath will grow roses from your skin and his smile will put the stars back in your eyes? No more. Be your own starcatcher.
He never gave you anything you couldn’t find yourself – he picked his boquets from the side of the road and his nicknames from a bag of Sweethearts. There are brighter flowers and sweeter candies elsewhere.
Do it. Let him go in the snow and make your own angels.
Fall out of love.
—  goodbyes & good riddances // abby, day 97

anonymous asked:

lmaoo eran seems so short tempered! i can most definitely relate, im really looking forward to this new series! ngl that lil excerpt made my day thank u pia :) <3

Eran is short tempered, lol. He’s also about the equivalent of a 19-20 year old emotionally so you know, he has some growing to do. He’s arrogant, short-tempered, and very determined.

Eran cracks me up actually, I thought I’d have problems writing him / getting into his head, because Mosk is the character I more immediately empathised with. But writing Eran’s perspective in these initial chapters has been great, and I really feel I’m starting to ‘get’ him now.

Though that being said, I know he and Mosk won’t necessarily be likeable either, which is somewhat deliberate. It’ll be interesting to see who likes who, for a long time with Game Theory, there was a very clear Team Augus and Team Gwyn, and then some people in the middle who liked both (and over time that’s shifted too), so….yeah, just…*rubs hands together.*


Okay so like I swear I wrote this on accident it just happened. Minor warnings for angst and implied gore but nothing explicit. kazriku tell Bill I’d like to join his service and this is my offering.

It hurt. God it hurt. He was lying on his chest and his whole body hurt.

Everything was too blurry. Foggy, hard to make out, hard to think…


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█ ▌☾ *.:。

                  this odd aura that caught rosemary’s   ATTENTION   the moment she walked into the woods had her following it, trying   TO FIND   the source of such a powerful energy.   of course being a witch meant that she was more akin to the supernatural then others,   which is how she  FOUND  herself here in the first place.  in the small town known as gravity falls.  she’s  BEEN THERE  for a couple of month now, finding that it’s easy to practice her magic here because of how scared the town folks seemed to of going into the   WOODS.  which made it the perfect place for her.

                 several minutes later, she find a figure,  BUT UPON  squinting her eyes, she saw that it was a person.  they looked like an elderly person, which PROMPT rosemary to walk toward them before stopping.  she could feel the presence from before again & this time it was coming from this man.  BEFORE MOVING, her mouth spoke before her head told her no.    ❝  who are you ?   ❞  she asked bluntly.    //     @bill-rick 

Crashing Down

This is the sequel to my fanfic Fallen and takes place in my Rock Falls verse, for y’all who have no idea what the heck this is. Fallen was from Stanley’s point of view… this is from Stanford’s.

Third oneshot Walled In is right here folks!

It was an accident. An accident.

One second he was yelling at Stanley. The next, rocks were falling down all around them and they were running for their lives. He knew what the fight was about but in retrospect it was moronic and he wished he could say he didn’t remember. But he did and it was stupid and he had started it. He’d goaded Stanley into a response purposefully, knowing he’d take the bait if lead right.

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A very light one today...

In secret, I sing for no one else

Between walls of concrete, under the
crust of earth, I build the words as
slight bricks to hold you safe. Take
the melody love, and forget the words,
if you must.
Let the notes tenderly
brush the blush of your face, let them
be the thickest blanket on your mattress.
Let yourself trust fall into the verses,
where abandon will guide you past the
suspended sky, and into this deep embrace.

lighten up the atmosphere

Prompted by clarkeslight​: "I’m zoning out working on this painting and you just stopped me from drinking out of my dirty water cup" + bellarke + 700 words max, go!

:P COURTNEY YOU ARE TERRIBLE, and I love you! *smooches*

Word Count (for the record): 690

Right now, Clarke’s the kind of tired that sticks eyelids open and locks muscles into position. For the past few hours, she’s been staring at the same section of canvas, and she’s still not satisfied with the color. It needs something, but that something has been eluding her since midnight and at this point she’s ready to tear her hair out. This commission is due next week, and she still has so much left to touch up before she can call it done.

There’s a little digital clock sitting on the shelves by the door, but Clarke hasn’t turned around to check the time since she heard Bellamy puttering around upstairs sometime around eleven, letting Apollo out one last time and starting the dishwasher before bed. That was hours ago, and the thought of sleep makes Clarke want to cry a little. But she has to finish these details, dammit, or she’ll be up half the night agonizing over it anyway.

So Clarke sighs, reaching over to the cart where she stores all the brushes and paints she keeps at home, and closes her hands around her coffee mug. If she’s going to be up until dawn, she might as well be semi-lucid.

A warm hand closes around her wrist, and before she can question him, Bellamy’s chuckling into her hair, “I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.”

Bell.” She’s too tired to care how much it borders on a whine, but she clears her throat and adds dryly, “If you want to keep your hand, you will let go of my coffee cup.”

“That’s not coffee, princess.” He’s sounding much too fond, planting a kiss on the crown of her head. But Clarke focuses on the mug in her hands, on the “paint water” scrawled across the side. Inside, her paints have blended into a muddy, murky brown. It’s nowhere near the color of her cold black coffee in the “not paint water” mug still sitting on the cart.


The smile in Bellamy’s voice is too obvious when he says, “It’s time for bed.” His arms snake around her shoulders and he rests his cheek against the top of her head.

“But I have to finish this,” she protests, but it’s more reflex than anything. When his lips find the shell of her ear, she lets out a little sigh and sinks deeper into the embrace.

“If you do that,” he says, his voice low and warm in a way that drags at her eyelids, “you’ll come back in the morning and hate it, and then you’ll want to scrap the whole thing. But this isn’t a personal project you can set aside. You’ve been working too hard on this to start over now, so close to the deadline.” Then he tilts her chin just so, pressing a kiss to the apple of her cheek. “You’ll feel better with a fresh start in the morning.”

He’s right and she knows it, especially since it’s practically the same speech she gives him whenever he’s up late in bed working on his novel. They’ve always been too similar, that way.

“Okay,” she acquiesces. He helps her to her feet, whisking her coffee mug upstairs while she gathers up her brushes to rinse out. He returns to lean against the door of the basement bathroom while she washes up, scrubbing paint off her hands and out from under her nails. When she declares herself and her brushes clean enough, he takes her hand and leads her upstairs.

From his cushion at the foot of the bed, Apollo opens one lazy eye to watch Clarke shuffle around the room as she gets ready for bed, before she pats him on the head and he relaxes. Then, finally, Clarke climbs into bed and into her husband’s arms, and when they’re both comfortable, he presses a kiss against her forehead and asks, “Where were we?”

“That damn golden apple made a comeback,” she mumbles into his chest.

“Ahh, yes, that damn apple.”

Clarke falls asleep to Bellamy’s voice in her ear, his hands in her hair, and their hearts beating in steady synchronization.

Bendy and the Inkmachine song{Too much ink}

<i>Verse 1{Bendy}

It’s nice to see you back again
It has been a while since then
Did you come back to play
Couldn’t you just stay away
Like when you just left us behind
I lost complete trust in your kind

Between Verse1{Henry}

Ink is dropping from the walls
Once we used to be best palls


You can try to repair the machine
Though the results are best left unseen
I know you used to love this place
And I’m truly happy to see back your face
But now I’m wondering what do you think
Now that I’m melting from too much ink
Too much ink{x2}

Verse 2

Joey killed my best friend Boris
He was always part of my chorus
Can you maybe tell me why
Do you agree with that guy
It doesn’t matter now who’s wrong
Because by tommorow you’re gone

Between verse{Henry}

Wood is falling from the ceiling
Tonight fear is my worst feeling


You can try to repair the machine
Though the results are best left unseen
I know you used to love this place
And I’m truly happy to see back your face
But now I’m wondering what do you think
Now that I’m melting from too much ink
Too much ink{x2}

Bridge{Henry and Bendy}

This isn’t the dream I once made{Henry}
All my hope has started to fade{Bendy}
I remember all of my creations {Henry}
And left us here for generations{Bendy}
I used to be the creator{Henry}
But now I am/you are the traitor{Henry and Bendy}

The traitor!{Bendy}

You can try to repair the machine
Though the results are best left unseen
I know you used to love this place
And I’m truly happy to see back your face
But now I’m wondering what do you think
Now that I’m melting from too much ink
Too much ink{x2}

Now that I’m melting from too much ink</i>

She is intelligent, and brilliant, and prettier than I am.
The words she says are always the ones I need to hear.
We’re the kind of couple that you wish you could be.
But I’m terrible because it’s not enough for me.

I miss the conflict of a love that makes you crazy.
Kissing and cursing all in the same moment.
The kind of love that keeps you high
and brings you down when they aren’t around.

But my parents really love her when she comes to visit,
my friends are jealous of me because she’s damn perfect.
I never feel crowded and she’s always so dependable.
I’m such a fool, I can’t seem to love her the way I should.

I find myself going back to our moments
of rainy day kisses and spontaneous adventures.
I reminisce about the 2am arguments and
the making up afterwards.

I didn’t realize how much I needed the ups and downs
until I was always up and couldn’t see the good in it anymore.


part of the swiftseries

“I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain, it’s 2am and I’m cursing your name.” - taylorswift The Way I Loved You