falling for you verse

honeyed autumn light coats the old brick of the library, trickles over frost-bright shingles. the odd still-green leaf floats surrounded by yellow, a flicker of life encased in amber. you are up in the clouds, in a gray city far from here. I’ll pour the afternoon into my tea & have a cup waiting for when you return

I want more, not in the sense that you aren’t enough, but in the sense that you’re exactly what I want, as much as I can get.
—  B. E. Barnes

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i'd like to request an idol seungkwan soulmate!au please! thank you for everything you do ♡

- “i… don’t think i have a soulmate.”
- your two friends stop walking and turn to you, who’s looking down at your wrists to look for any sign of a soulmate hint
- you take a quick glance at the words printed on one of your friends’ wrists and the little diamond tattoo on your other friend’s, and you can feel your shoulders droop at the sight of them
- one of them places a hand on your shoulder and says “there are THOUSANDS of soulmate hints out there. some people see them in their dreams, some can only see the world in black and white until they meet them. it’s not always obvious.”
- your other friend says “yeah!! everyone has a soulmate, i’m sure you’ll find yours soon.”
- you say “i hope….”
- you all continue walking to your friend’s house, and the whole time, they’re assuring you that you’ll definitely see a hint of it soon
- once you make it there, you all plop on the couch and turn on the tv, flipping channels to look for something interesting to watch while waiting for the pizza you all ordered to arrive
- your friend stops on a music show and exclaims “AHHH SEVENTEEN’S LATEST COMEBACK!!” and your other friends screams excitedly at the sight of the thirteen boys
- you say “oh, so this is the group you’ve both been obsessing over, huh?” and one of them says “THEIR SONGS ARE SO GOOD, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEIR NEWEST ONE”
- after the host introduces the group, the scene cuts to seventeen in their beginning poses and the music starts playing as the fans excitedly jump up and down, waving fans and carat bongs
- the song starts and you…. fall in love immediately
- the end of the first verse is nearing, and that’s when your friends exclaim “IT’S SEUNGKWAN’S PART!! HIS HIGH NOTES ARE THE BEST”
- you ask “who’s seungkwan??” and they say “you’ll know who we’re talking about when you hear his voice!!”
- suddenly, this cute, smiling boy walks to the front of the stage and holds the mic up to his mouth to sing but—
- you hear nothing
- your friends are dying next to you after hearing his supposedly high notes, but you say “hey!! that wasn’t funny, don’t mute the tv just as he’s about to sing??”
- your friends turn to you in confusion and say “…we didn’t even touch the remote.”
- confused, you turn back to the tv to see the start of the second verse and you can hear them perfectly fine….
- but when the chorus comes on once more, you can’t hear seungkwan’s voice at all
- your friends even turned the volume up to the maximum, but you still hear nothing
- you say “this is…. getting kind of weird….” but then your friend’s face lights up and they say “…do you think… he’s your soulmate?”
- the room goes silent and your eyes widen at the sudden realization that seungkwan…. idol, main vocal of seventeen…. might be the one
- you say “do you mean to tell me that…. i can’t hear his voice until i meet him?” and your friends don’t even answer your question because YOUR SOULMATE IS BOO SEUNGKWAN???
- they’re jumping up and down with you because you’ve just found out who your soulmate is!!
- you say “um this isn’t exactly a good thing either, guys…. how will i even MEET him?? his schedule’s packed!!”
- one of your friends say “he’s your soulmate!! you’re BOUND to meet up somehow. it’s destiny.”
- but weeks have passed since you found out about it and not once have you had the chance to see him
- seventeen’s been gone for a while, busy with their world tour travelling from country to country
- but even when they get back, how would you even get seungkwan to notice you??
- honestly… you’re starting to get pretty tired of this…
- because you think to yourself…. “why couldn’t i just have a “normal” soulmate?”
- one that you can accidentally bump into while buying food, or coincidentally meet on the subway
- why did he have to an idol?
- suddenly you feel as though you’ll never get to meet him, and it feels like you’re back at square one
- the doorbell of your apartment suddenly goes off, and the person waiting outside has buzzed it at least fifteen times in five seconds
- you scream “I’M COMING GEEZ” and the second you open the door, your two friends push themselves into your apartment and scream two different things at the same time
- you say “what?? ONE AT A TIME PLEASE” and they both stop, take a deep breath and say, “SEVENTEEN’S COMING BACK TONIGHT”
- you say “….so?” and one of them says “don’t you get it?? they’ll be at the airport!! you have to go see seungkwan and tell him you’re his soulmate!!”
- you say “how will i catch his attention? he can’t hear my voice, remember? plus, there are going to be so many fans waiting for them too, i doubt there’s anything i can do to get him to talk to me.”
- your friend says “you don’t know until you try!!” and the other says “exactly!! this might be the only time you can actually SEE him in person knowing how fast tickets and fansigns sold out.”
- you say, quoting your friends’ words from weeks ago “well, he’s my soulmate. we’re bound to meet up somehow. it’s destiny, remember?”
- but then they say “but what if this is your chance to meet him, and you’re not taking it?”
- you go silent at their words…. and finally, you say “what time will they be there, and what airport?”
- and that’s how you find yourself standing outside the airport, looking up at the words that scare you just a tiny bit because you know that this…. is the place you two might finally meet
- you walk through the doors and walk around, looking for the exact area the boys would exit from
- and honestly, it wasn’t so hard…. the huge crowd of people singing along to the newest seventeen song wasn’t hard to miss
- you didn’t come early enough, seeing how far you are from the first row of people waiting
- after waiting for only a few minutes, someone yells “WELCOME BACK, SEVENTEEN!!” and you go on your tippy-toes to see thirteen boys walking all together, on their way to the exit to get to their company’s van
- you’re just about to turn around and leave because you were right, you’ll never be able to get him to look in your direction
- but when you see his smiling face… you don’t want to give up. not yet.
- you push yourself past the crowd and once you get close to them, you scream as loud as you can “SEUNGKWAN!”
- but he doesn’t turn around, not even a glance
- you follow closely, going as close the bodyguards would let you and you scream his name several times, but you know he still can’t hear you
- before he walks out the door, you try one last time, but his time, you say “SEUNGKWAN, I’M YOUR SOULMATE!”
- this catches hansol’s attention, and he stops seungkwan in his tracks and makes him turn to you, who’s being held back by a bodyguard for going a little over the yellow stripe of tape on the floor
- when seungkwan turns around, you both have eye contact and you say “you’re my soulmate!”
- you can tell that you’d both have to actually MEET for this soulmate thing to work, so slowly, you mouth the word “soulmate.”
- the last thing you see is his eyes widening before he disappears behind the airport’s doors, and you know…. he knows what you said
- more weeks have passed, but you don’t feel as sad as you used to because you did manage to technically meet him, you’d just have to wait for your second chance to come along
- it’s pretty late at night by the time you leave your friend’s house, so you decide to pass by a fast food restaurant just to get a little something to eat
- when you get there, you tell the person on the other side of the counter “hi, just a number four trio please.” and they give you a number that’ll pop up on the screen when it’s your turn
- while waiting, you put your earphones on and listen to the seventeen playlist your friends made for you, and it’s hard to listen sometimes since it goes mute whenever it’s supposedly seungkwan’s parts
- you can feel someone looking at you from the corner of your eye, but you just shrug it off and think they’re probably just looking past you to read the menu
- when your number pops up on screen, you say “thank you!” to the person behind the counter and you’re on your way to the subway station to get you home faster
- you luckily make it just five minutes before the subway, and when it halts to a stop at the station, you walk into an empty cart and sit on one of the benches while still listening to your seventeen songs
- someone decides to take the seat beside you and you think…. this is a bit weird…. but you shrug it off as nothing once more and turn your phone on to switch songs
- but right after picking a vocal unit song, the person next to you says “will you be able to hear to that? i have quite a few lines in that song.”
- confused, you turn to them, and you almost drop your phone when you see that the person sitting next to you is boo seungkwan
- and his voice…. is more beautiful than you could have ever imagined
- he pulls down the black mask covering his mouth and he flashes you a smile, taking off his baseball cap to fix his messy hair
- your mouth falls open when realization hits you, and seungkwan being seungkwan, cheekily says “what? am i so handsome that you’re left speechless?”
- you roll your eyes while laughing at his words, and when everything finally sinks in, you say “no, it’s just… finally… i can hear your voice.”

thank you for your request!!

BTS Reactions - You break your arm

You laugh as you stand up, finally having been persuaded into joining in with dance practice by your boyfriend. You try stand at the back - out of everyone’s way - but the boys didn’t like that. They grabbed you by the arms ad hauled you up to the front, insisting that you be the front and centre. You roll your eyes but don’t protest, and laugh as the music is switched on. You’ve been watching them practice DNA for weeks, so you know it by heart. But just before the second verse, you trip and fall, landing on top of your arm. You hear a crack, and then you start screaming in pain as an ambulance is called.

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What do you give a man who had everything? After his ultimate Icha Icha gift to her, she didn't know what to do. So all the dogs got a bath and bones, the house was cleaned, she wrapped a new boxed set release of the Icha Icha series with the original artwork in tact, and finished her plans with reservations to a very private restaurant an hour out of the village and a room at the corresponding onsen. Hopefully that would be enough.

Hatake Birthday Party 2k17

Walking through his door, he had to stop for a moment and make sure he was in the right place. A squint at the number beside the door assured him that he was, of course, but this was…. odd. 

The first smell that hit him upon opening the door wasn’t that of wet dog and dust, it was…. mint? And something sweet and floral? That was strange in itself. He and Sakura had just recently moved back into the old Hatake compound and had yet to get rid of that musty smell that came from years without airflow. Yet it smelled clean and pleasant and, yeah, it kinda freaked him out a little. 

Dark eyes cut to the living room as he toed off his shoes and left them by her neatly arranged sandals (He noticed that all their other shoes were gone, put up maybe?) 

His dogs were spread out and strangely quiet. Only Bull lifted his head as he approached, the others too distracted to their perfectly sized bones to pay much attention to him (Bull’s was the size of Kakashi’s arm, where the hell did that come from?) He patted Bull on the head and came away with more of that minty smell. 

The sound of footsteps brought his head up and he cocked a brow at her, “How did you manage to bathe them all by yourself?” Even he had a hard time doing that. Her soft smile was his only answer and he sighed as she pointed out a neatly wrapped box on the coffee table. 

“Oh, so that’s what this is about?” Honestly he’d almost forgotten it was his birthday. There weren’t many people who knew the exact date, and he preferred it that way. It seemed cliche to tell her ‘You didn’t have to,’ so he settled for a flat stare instead. Her response was to widen her smile and nod her head at the box again, “Open it, I think you’ll enjoy it. Then go get cleaned up, we have reservations for tonight.” 

A smile touched his lips, one she saw when he crossed the room and tugged down his mask to press a kiss to her temple. “Thank you, Sakura.”

He’d thank her properly later.

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prompt: summer is ending and fall is knocking on the door

my mother was born as a projected image of 
      the weeping crab apple tree that would be
      planted on the side of 
      my grandparent’s yard.  

and then she was stolen. and there are fingerprints
      buried inside the rings. fractures. images. a locked
      door. i can’t write about it. my fingers
      scratch at the keyhole. to let it out, to let her out.

the crab apple was cut down. i don’t remember why, i think
      it died. like he did. like she did. but
      she resurrected, her leaves are green and newborn soft.
      my mother has always been soft, cradling. she talks
      to the river. he doesn’t. the tree doesn’t. november
      is coming. birth and death and remembrance. 
      it’s too hot to think about it. 

my mother sits in the passenger seat of the car.
      we talk about the season change. it’s august and we 
      shouldn’t know that slack in heat. she tells me she can
      feel it. roots down to the riverbed, sunken into this place
      where she was dropped. i wonder if she ever thinks 
      about that tree. about him. about me. 

my mother says: “it’s strange, august is usually the hottest 
       season. but i can already feel it. you step outside and you
       can just feel it.” 

i can’t. but i agree. “yeah, i can feel it too.”
        i think about the weeping crab apple tree. and how
        when i was younger i asked her what tree she would be
        and she told me, “a willow-by-the-brook. like in the bible.” 

did you know that tree has been used for thousands of years
        to ease pain? 

Eren falling in love with his s/o (CANON-VERSE)

• He had liked you as a friend for a long time because of your reliability, trustworthiness and honesty.

• But the moment Eren actually started to develop (unwitting) special feelings for you came totally unexpected: It happened after a Survey Corps expedition outside the walls.

• … His self-loathing grew because of the many losts he had witnessed and it made him believe that he is unable to achieve anything for the sake of humanity. Yes, even someone like Eren can feel down sometimes, especially since an incredible weight lies on his shoulders.

•… And you were there for him when he needed it, even if he couldn’t admit it. You saw right through his tough act that he wasn’t feeling well and gave him courage. You even managed to make him laugh.

• Since then he grew attached to you and started to see you whenever he can, especially when he feels a little off. This friendship became slowly something deep, as well as his feelings.

• Everytime you two are together, he gets the feeling of “home”… even if it is only for a short time. These are the rare moments you could catch him smiling since all the terrible events happened.

• Whenever you get physically closer to him or show him your beautiful smile, he will start to nervously rub his neck while avoiding eye contact and blushing slightly - he is still young, don’t judge him ;)

• Eventually, Mikasa and Armin will find out about his special feelings for you and confront him about them. This was also the moment this oblivious boy actually realized he loved you, even though he denied it infront of them.

• Seeing you alive and still being able to smile after an encounter with titans always increases his already burning motivation to fight.

• Sorry, but Eren probably wouldn’t confess to you until the war is or seems to be almost over. It doesn’t mean his feelings for you aren’t real! In the situation you are in he just can’t let himself get distracted. After all, his main goal - wiping out all of humanity’s enemies - has priority. Until this has been done, he will keep his feelings to himself and try everything to keep you alive.

• And after realizing that titans aren’t your only enemies, he wants to teach you the fighting technique Annie taught him. Also he will ask you to cut your hair short, because it might get in your way.

So you all know how there was that line in HoO, “Fall of the sun, the final verse”

you know how we all thought it would be something like Magnus Chase or Kane Chronicles related?

You know how Trials of Apollo was announced? Apollo, as in god of the sun, and how it’s going to be the final series in the PJO/HoO lineup?

Rick how long have you been planning this

GOT7 Reaction: Rubbing Their Pregnant S/O’s Belly And Talking To It

~Literally I just give up on the titles~

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Markeu: S O F T M A R K E U. So so soft. You guys are cuddled up in bed right. You’re almost asleep as you’ve both had a long day. And he just kinda wiggles down the bed slowly as not to disturb you. But it’s sort of hard for him not to as he’s pushing asude your shirt and chuckling to himself about how quickly the bump is growing already. You roll your eyes but kind of just smile because wow he’s so cute just gentle whispering things to the baby. Things he’s told you you aren’t allowed to hear. Even though you can vaguely make out that he’s telling your unborn daughter she’s so beautiful and she’s precious and that he’ll never love anything more than her. You’re almost a little salty about it but you get where he’s coming from. He kisses your belly a few times through his process and ends up falling asleep there. What a dork. 😭

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Jaebummie: Has a whole ritual for this. You’ve both showered and gotten into comfy pajamas. You’ll have the comfiest spot on the bed and he’ll be putting something on the tv. He’ll set his pillows next to your stomach so he can relax. It’s like he’s hanging out with an old friend. But he’s really just gonna mumble incoherent things to your belly as he tries not to fall asleep watching the tv. His hand will softly rub over your belly and you’ve grown used to it because it used to tickle like hell. And he even sings your baby boy a song before he falls asleep. It’s literally the cutest and stupidest thing you’ve seen in your entire life because Jaebum usually falls asleep halfway through the second verse of his song and you have to try so hard not to laugh at him.

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Jiaer: Mostly just cuddles your belly. Sings some songs his mom used to sing to him when he was a child. He tells her how beautiful she’ll be. Tells her to take her time growing and be strong like you. He tells her how much he loves you. And how lucky she is to have you as a mom. You’ve cried a couple of times because he genuinely just speaks from his heart and tells her what he feels. If he’s sad he tells her, and then thanks her for listening with kisses to your stomach. He tells her she’s a good listener. He tells her that he hopes one day she finds a love like he has for you. And that life is hard but no matter what she’ll always have the both of you to fall back on. He tells her that life is up and down and just being happy is important. You’re sure he’ll be the best dad.

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Savage: Literally has a special camera for every momemt that is pregnancy related. He records like half hour videos of his talks to your belly. Most of them are things he’s learned throughout his life so far. You just like listening to his voice. It’s really smooth ans has this soft tone to it when he’s speaking to your little girl. He tells her how much he loves her, and how she’ll be the most beautiful girl in the world. And it never really matters where you end up. Couch. Bedroom. Sometimes you’re in the bathtub and you literally want to kill him. But he’s so serious about it and when he feels the need to talk he does. So you let him. It’s like he’s found the actual love of his life for the second time and you almost cry while watching it.

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Sunshine: Literally serenades your son for the longest time. Like an hour. “Youngjae….” “He should know how to sing before he’s born though.” Has full blown conversations with your stomach as if your unborn son will answer back. “Yeah today was a long day, how was it for you….?…. oh wow man that must have been one crazy day…… i can’t believe that happened wow. So crazy.” Brings Coco on the bed to try and explain that you’re having a baby but Coco just licks his face and your belly when Youngjae points at it. Kisses your stomach and tells your son to hurry growing so he can meet him. You almost cry because Youngjae is too cute.

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Kunpimook: He doesn’t take it as seriously as anyone else. He does it a lot a lot, but it isn’t serious. He tells your daughter he loves her and that she’s gonna be the most chic and fashionable baby ever. You kinda like wanna punch him but hey. He asks her to forgive his weirdness because he knows some day she’s gonna see that he was known as dab boi to aghase. That he literally was a little shit most of the time. But he also tells her that he will love her no matter what. That he will be proud of her no matter how weird she is. And that he hopes she can be proud of his weirdness and embrace her own as well. “Being like everyone else is the scary thing. Being weird and different is the good thing.” He kisses your belly and tells her that he will never let her date. “Not until you’re 35 and it’ll only be to Yugyeom’s son because I’ll know him. There your marriage is set and I can live peacefully.” Will be a protective dad. Promises to be there to make sure she’s okay. You hate that he’s still a meme. But he’s your meme and he’ll be a great dad.

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Gyeombriel: Makes up his own songs to sing to your son. “~please learn to use the potty soon so I don’t have to touch your poop.~” “Yugyeom!” “What?” Has his moments where he doesn’t take it serious. And then he’ll sit down some days and just gently rub your belly while saying everything that he wamts to get off of his chest. Like how he hopes he’ll grow to be healthy and smart. And how he wants to be the best father he can be. How he will always be there to hear your sadness or anxieties. Your depressions and happiness. “You’re a human. I’m a human. We don’t get to choose what we feel. I know that. I want you to know that I’m here to make your life better. And I’ll do my best. Tell me if I’m slacking. Tell me if I hurt you. Tell me and I’ll make it better. I’m your dad. I’m the one that’s supposed to be here for you. I’ll never judge you. I’ll make sure you know that.” 😭😢 You literally cry. And he cries. And you both smile awkwardly after because he said exactly what you wanted to say. But probably more eloquently. Yugyeom will be the best father.

A/N: These parent GOT7 reactions are making me soft as hell. 😭😭😭😭 I hope you guys are liking them! Keep sending in requests! Xxoo ❤❤

Proposal- Tyler Joseph

You were sitting  backstage with Tyler and Josh in their dressing room. You were on the couch with Tyler sitting on his lap as he played with your hair and talked to Josh about the show. Every time his phone would buzz signaling he got a text he would pull the phone out of your view. This was strange because he usually didn’t care what you saw on his phone. You had been dating Tyler for about 2 years now and you’ve always been very open to each other.

“Hey Josh we have to go take care of that thing.” Tyler said.

“What thing?” Tyler just stared at Josh until something clicked. “Oh that thing. Yeah let’s go.” Josh stood and you moved off of Tyler’s lap.

“Where are you going and what ‘thing?” you asked starting to get annoyed with the secrets.

“Don’t worry about it babe, we’ll be back in time for soundcheck.”

“So you’re just gonna leave me to sit here in the arena with nothing to do.”

Tyler looked at you for a moment then smiled. “Yup.” then they walked off.

He was acting so weird today and it kind of hurt that he was sort of ignoring you and all your questions.

You plopped down on the couch and as you did you felt cold glass rub your leg. It was Tyler’s phone. You immediately got up to go bring it to Tyler but you didn’t see him or Josh down the long hall and you didn’t want to get lost in the arena.

His phone buzzed again with a text from his sister Maddie.

Good luck. She deserves this.

Good luck with what? The show maybe? And who is she and what does she deserve?

Maybe she was talking about you. Maddie has never been the biggest fan of you and she probably would only be happy if you left Tyler’s life.

Your thoughts began to roam into thinking Tyler was gonna leave you. They were confirmed when you saw a text come in from one of Tyler’s brothers, Zach.

Do it before she leaves you. 2 years don’t you think that’s a long time?.

You went to open his phone to read what the previous text were about so you could put the pieces together, but his phone wouldn’t unlock. His password was always the same but he must have changed it.

You started to feel guilty when you tried every possible code and the ‘disabled for 1 minute’ screen showed. It wasn’t like you to be snooping around but you couldn’t help it. You love Tyler and you thought things were going so well. I guess not because he’s gonna leave you.

You stood from the spot on the couch and threw Tyler’s phone down on the floor out of anger. You grabbed your purse and left. You didn’t know how to get out of the arena with all it’s confusing halls but once you came across the stage and saw Tyler’s piano just sitting there it set in.

The man you put your life into didn’t love you. The man you woke up to almost every morning for the past 6 months since you moved in with him was gone. He was probably out looking for someone better right now.

You were quickly pulled from your thoughts when you heard Tyler’s voice in the background talking to Josh. They just got back from wherever they went and were headed to soundcheck.

You  were still in shock from thinking that Tyler was going to leave you that when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist from behind you jumped a little.

“Hey baby. I missed you when I was gone.” Tyler said pulling you close and kissing your head.

“Missed you too.” You said with your head in his chest. Even if he was going to break up with you, you couldn’t help but love him.

“You okay?” He asked looking directly into your eyes.

“Yeah just tired I guess. I’m gonna go lay down before the show.”

“Okay. I’ll wake you before we go on. I love you.” He kissed you on your lips and you realized how much you were going to miss that.

You headed to the bus and fell asleep on the couch.

3 hours later

“Hey beautiful, wake up. We’re about to go on in like 20 minutes. I want you to watch the whole show tonight I have something special happening.” Tyler said shaking you awake.

For someone who was going to break up with you, he had a lot of compliments to give.

As Tyler lead you back to the arena you could hear the opening bands playing and the fans going crazy already.

You sat in a chair that Tyler pulled up for you on the side of the stage as him and Josh got all last minute things together.

Right before they went on Tyler ran over to you and kissed you “God I love you Y/N.” Then he ran off onto stage and started the show.

When it came time for Trees and Tyler’s speech you realized he wasn’t in his usual spot on stage where he gives the speech and he had his ukulele in his hands.

“Okay as most of you know this is usually the part of the show where I give the speech about how grateful we are to have you as our fans and all that jazz and then we play Trees. Tonight I wanted to do something a bit different. Something different for a very special person in my life. I love this person and no I’m not talking about Josh or my mom. I’m talking about my girlfriend Y/N who most of you know. If you don’t you should know she’s the most beautiful, fun, loving human in this world. Oh and did I mention how beautiful she is.” The crowd was filled with cheers and ‘awwwwes’.

“Y/N come here.” Tyler said gesturing you to go out on stage. You just stood there like deer in headlights. You never went out on stage with people in the audience. “She’s a little shy. Hold on.” Tyler came over and pulled you out on stage. The crowd all clapped when Tyler placed a small kiss on your lips. He grabbed the microphone again and started speaking. This time playing a few chords on the ukulele.

“I’m playing this song for you my love.”

Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.

He was playing your favorite song. It felt as if everyone in the arena was singing along but all you had your focus on was Tyler as he sang to you.

But I can’t help falling in love with you.

As he sang the last verse he got down onto one knee and pulled out a ring. You felt the world around you stop.

“Y/N will you marry me.”

You shook you head yes as tears fell from your eyes. You were so happy when he pulled you into a hug after placing the ring on your finger. You buried your face into his chest and cried. You were so scared all day that he was going to leave you when really he was planning all of this.

You left for the side stage so they could continue the show and once they both bowed Tyler nearly tackled you with hugs and kisses.

“Are you serious? You’ll really marry me?”

“Of course I will. I love you Ty.” you sat kissing him more.

You both headed back to the dressing room and he told you how he planned the whole thing today.

“Yeah today I just felt something I didn’t feel before and I knew I had to propose tonight. So me and Josh went to the jewelers and picked a ring that reminded me the most of you. Then when you were napping we rehearsing I learned can’t help falling in love. I just thought it was the perfect song to describe how I felt for you. I know you were kind of mad at me before for not telling you what was going on, but I sort of couldn’t. I had asked your parents if I could marry you about a month ago and I told them I wasn’t sure when I was going to, so today I was waiting for their approval to do it tonight before I went out with Josh.”

“I’m just happy you proposed instead of what I thought you were going to do.”

“What did you think was going to happen?”

“Honestly, I feel really guilty but I thought you were going to break up with me and when you left you forgot your phone. I looked at it and there was a text from Maddie and Zack that made me think you were gonna end the relationship. I know it’s dumb but I got scared.” You said with your head down.

He pulled you face up to meet his. “I love you too much to ever hurt you.”

Caught In Praise

And Mary said: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”
Luke 1:46-47

I love these verses because it shows that Mary’s whole being was caught in praise to her God. 

In every season of our soul, may we be more overwhelmed with praise and adoration for our Savior than we are with our circumstances.

Praising God elevates God, not our problems. It’s our statement of faith that He is on His throne and sovereign over every circumstance of our life. It gives us the proper perspective and a Kingdom mindset.

Anxious? Praise Him, for He is your Peace.

Discouraged? Praise Him, for He is your Strength.

Lost? Praise Him, for He is your Guide.

Confused? Praise Him, for He is your Truth.

Sometimes we believe it, sometimes we don’t, and so we keep declaring His praises until our feelings are aligned with the truth. Magnify the Lord at all times. Lift His Name up in the midst of the chaos and watch as your enemies fall and you rise up in His victory.


potterverse mottos: the ancient and most noble house of black — sirius, regulus, walburga, and orion.

One of the themes I find myself very drawn to, (to the surprise of no one) is love.

Not romantic/domestic well-established familiar love, nor even amazing-energy new-relationship love, though I do enjoy writing, feeling, and thinking about both of those.

The kind of love I’m thinking of is almost a courtly love. An unrequited love, even, though not in the typical ‘friendzone’ (which I will argue strenuously is not love but possession, and is ugly) or the fandom trope ‘they are both pining away for each other and will totally get together and bone at the end of the story’ type of love.

It is a love that needs no requiting, because it is enough in itself. It is the love that says ‘let me hold you up, to see you shine’. It is a love that says ‘it is enough that I know you are happy’.

To get fandom-y about it, it is the love of Eliot Spencer for the rest of the Leverage crew. Eliot, who will place himself between his dysfunctional chosen family and danger, no matter the cost. Eliot, who swears he will watch Nate’s back all the way down when Nate’s drinking becomes a problem. It is the love of Dwalin for Thorin. Dwalin, who loves his king with all his warrior heart. Who will follow him to face dragons, who loves him enough to confront him with tears in his eyes when he is not himself. Who will break when his king falls.

And this love is true, and there, whether they are lovers or not.

It is a beautiful love, which is not to say it cannot be a terrible love. Any love can be. This love can be twisted. It can be turned so easily to a love that subsumes the desires of the one who bears it. ‘I live only for you’, ‘I only want what you want’, ‘I would do anything for you (no matter how wrong or morally repellent)’.

Maybe I find it so compelling because it lies so close to the line. It is a fascinating concept to explore - whether in characters that fall on the good side, the bad, or who straddle the middle.

Characters like Ornir in the shadowwalker ‘verse fall onto the twisted side. “You are the only person I care about, and you have been killed, so I shall kill everyone in my sight until I am killed myself”. Or, to borrow some of my favorite characters from @mariejacquelyn, the were-hyena and her maned wolf lieutenant, where the hyena is horrible and bloodthirsty and the wolf loves her and has chosen absolute service to her and her cause.

You could even argue that Eliot Spencer or Dwalin come close to that line. Maybe any love that would give its life for the one who is loved is.

I don’t know, but it fascinates me, and I am certain I will continue writing about it.



anonymous asked:

can you name things that make you happy? or people, just happiness

This is going to be a long list but…

  • washing my hair and smelling it after
  • face masks
  • any self care routines
  • making myself laugh
  • making others laugh
  • helping people
  • hearing new music
  • cuddling stuffed animals
  • the beach
  • nature
  • a nap after a long day
  • popping bubbles
  • dancing around
  • seeing rainbows
  • passing exams
  • making strangers smile
  • kissing someone for the first time
  • singing in the car
  • singing in the rain
  • drinking hot tea
  • wearing fuzzy socks
  • reading a damn good books
  • writing
  • understanding material in class
  • the way the sun feels against my skin
  • poking people’s butts
  • family and friends
  • sticking my toes in the sand
  • perfectly shaved legs
  • having people touch my perfectly shaved legs
  • buying new pastel highlighters
  • when people remember me and the things i like
  • taking a great selfie
  • eating healthy foods
  • buying boba (bubble tea)
  • long car drives with no destination
  • ice cream in the cold
  • breakfast for dinner
  • buying fresh fruit
  • drinking something warm on a cold day
  • meeting new people
  • discovering new places
  • adrenaline rush activities
  • facetiming my nieces and nephews
  • when people tell me that they miss me
  • pizza, i love pizza
  • spontaneity
  • puppies!! and doggos
  • all animals really
  • sunsets and sunrises that look unreal
  • when people get home safely
  • freshly washed sheets
  • waking up on the weekend knowing you can fall back asleep
  • when i perfectly wrap Ludacris’ verse in Justin Bieber’s Baby
  • when ppl tag me in memes
  • being invited to parties and events and life in general
  • holding hands
  • blanket forts
  • art museums
  • music festivals
  • drawing and painting
  • gloomy rainy days