falling for you verse

I want more, not in the sense that you aren’t enough, but in the sense that you’re exactly what I want, as much as I can get.
—  B. E. Barnes

Hear me out,,

If The Foxhole Court gets a tv adaptation and Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips isn’t playing while Neil is saying goodbye to Andrew before going to Baltimore, I would riot.

Ok so the first verse, you have flashback shots of Neil falling in love with Andrew and finding a family:

Do you realize, that you have the most beautiful face? Close up shots of Andrew glaring at Neil. There are a lot okay, make it rapid fire shots of his face.

Do you realize, that we’re floating in space? Maybe this is them hanging their legs off the side of the roof? (pause ok imagine their tiny legs bouncing around)

Do you realize, happiness makes you cry? Shots of all the foxes. His family.

Do you realize, everyone you know someday will die? Something to convey that Neil isn’t willing for today to be the day that his family dies.

The second verse is a painful montage of sappy family moments with all the foxes.

And instead of saying all your goodbyes, let them know

You realize that life goes fast

It’s hard to make the good things last

You realize, the sun doesn’t go down,

It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

It cuts back to Neil. The music has stopped. There’s no sound, no movement, no breathing until

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

They walk out and the riot starts.

Proposal- Tyler Joseph

You were sitting  backstage with Tyler and Josh in their dressing room. You were on the couch with Tyler sitting on his lap as he played with your hair and talked to Josh about the show. Every time his phone would buzz signaling he got a text he would pull the phone out of your view. This was strange because he usually didn’t care what you saw on his phone. You had been dating Tyler for about 2 years now and you’ve always been very open to each other.

“Hey Josh we have to go take care of that thing.” Tyler said.

“What thing?” Tyler just stared at Josh until something clicked. “Oh that thing. Yeah let’s go.” Josh stood and you moved off of Tyler’s lap.

“Where are you going and what ‘thing?” you asked starting to get annoyed with the secrets.

“Don’t worry about it babe, we’ll be back in time for soundcheck.”

“So you’re just gonna leave me to sit here in the arena with nothing to do.”

Tyler looked at you for a moment then smiled. “Yup.” then they walked off.

He was acting so weird today and it kind of hurt that he was sort of ignoring you and all your questions.

You plopped down on the couch and as you did you felt cold glass rub your leg. It was Tyler’s phone. You immediately got up to go bring it to Tyler but you didn’t see him or Josh down the long hall and you didn’t want to get lost in the arena.

His phone buzzed again with a text from his sister Maddie.

Good luck. She deserves this.

Good luck with what? The show maybe? And who is she and what does she deserve?

Maybe she was talking about you. Maddie has never been the biggest fan of you and she probably would only be happy if you left Tyler’s life.

Your thoughts began to roam into thinking Tyler was gonna leave you. They were confirmed when you saw a text come in from one of Tyler’s brothers, Zach.

Do it before she leaves you. 2 years don’t you think that’s a long time?.

You went to open his phone to read what the previous text were about so you could put the pieces together, but his phone wouldn’t unlock. His password was always the same but he must have changed it.

You started to feel guilty when you tried every possible code and the ‘disabled for 1 minute’ screen showed. It wasn’t like you to be snooping around but you couldn’t help it. You love Tyler and you thought things were going so well. I guess not because he’s gonna leave you.

You stood from the spot on the couch and threw Tyler’s phone down on the floor out of anger. You grabbed your purse and left. You didn’t know how to get out of the arena with all it’s confusing halls but once you came across the stage and saw Tyler’s piano just sitting there it set in.

The man you put your life into didn’t love you. The man you woke up to almost every morning for the past 6 months since you moved in with him was gone. He was probably out looking for someone better right now.

You were quickly pulled from your thoughts when you heard Tyler’s voice in the background talking to Josh. They just got back from wherever they went and were headed to soundcheck.

You  were still in shock from thinking that Tyler was going to leave you that when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist from behind you jumped a little.

“Hey baby. I missed you when I was gone.” Tyler said pulling you close and kissing your head.

“Missed you too.” You said with your head in his chest. Even if he was going to break up with you, you couldn’t help but love him.

“You okay?” He asked looking directly into your eyes.

“Yeah just tired I guess. I’m gonna go lay down before the show.”

“Okay. I’ll wake you before we go on. I love you.” He kissed you on your lips and you realized how much you were going to miss that.

You headed to the bus and fell asleep on the couch.

3 hours later

“Hey beautiful, wake up. We’re about to go on in like 20 minutes. I want you to watch the whole show tonight I have something special happening.” Tyler said shaking you awake.

For someone who was going to break up with you, he had a lot of compliments to give.

As Tyler lead you back to the arena you could hear the opening bands playing and the fans going crazy already.

You sat in a chair that Tyler pulled up for you on the side of the stage as him and Josh got all last minute things together.

Right before they went on Tyler ran over to you and kissed you “God I love you Y/N.” Then he ran off onto stage and started the show.

When it came time for Trees and Tyler’s speech you realized he wasn’t in his usual spot on stage where he gives the speech and he had his ukulele in his hands.

“Okay as most of you know this is usually the part of the show where I give the speech about how grateful we are to have you as our fans and all that jazz and then we play Trees. Tonight I wanted to do something a bit different. Something different for a very special person in my life. I love this person and no I’m not talking about Josh or my mom. I’m talking about my girlfriend Y/N who most of you know. If you don’t you should know she’s the most beautiful, fun, loving human in this world. Oh and did I mention how beautiful she is.” The crowd was filled with cheers and ‘awwwwes’.

“Y/N come here.” Tyler said gesturing you to go out on stage. You just stood there like deer in headlights. You never went out on stage with people in the audience. “She’s a little shy. Hold on.” Tyler came over and pulled you out on stage. The crowd all clapped when Tyler placed a small kiss on your lips. He grabbed the microphone again and started speaking. This time playing a few chords on the ukulele.

“I’m playing this song for you my love.”

Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.

He was playing your favorite song. It felt as if everyone in the arena was singing along but all you had your focus on was Tyler as he sang to you.

But I can’t help falling in love with you.

As he sang the last verse he got down onto one knee and pulled out a ring. You felt the world around you stop.

“Y/N will you marry me.”

You shook you head yes as tears fell from your eyes. You were so happy when he pulled you into a hug after placing the ring on your finger. You buried your face into his chest and cried. You were so scared all day that he was going to leave you when really he was planning all of this.

You left for the side stage so they could continue the show and once they both bowed Tyler nearly tackled you with hugs and kisses.

“Are you serious? You’ll really marry me?”

“Of course I will. I love you Ty.” you sat kissing him more.

You both headed back to the dressing room and he told you how he planned the whole thing today.

“Yeah today I just felt something I didn’t feel before and I knew I had to propose tonight. So me and Josh went to the jewelers and picked a ring that reminded me the most of you. Then when you were napping we rehearsing I learned can’t help falling in love. I just thought it was the perfect song to describe how I felt for you. I know you were kind of mad at me before for not telling you what was going on, but I sort of couldn’t. I had asked your parents if I could marry you about a month ago and I told them I wasn’t sure when I was going to, so today I was waiting for their approval to do it tonight before I went out with Josh.”

“I’m just happy you proposed instead of what I thought you were going to do.”

“What did you think was going to happen?”

“Honestly, I feel really guilty but I thought you were going to break up with me and when you left you forgot your phone. I looked at it and there was a text from Maddie and Zack that made me think you were gonna end the relationship. I know it’s dumb but I got scared.” You said with your head down.

He pulled you face up to meet his. “I love you too much to ever hurt you.”

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*randomly trips & falls on her, landing with his face into her chest*

                               ❝ Jellal !! What do you think you are doing !? ❞

                     The cheeks of the scarlet mage’s face were as red as her hair. For some odd reason they always gotten into situations like this. Life was funny in those ways wasn’t it. Well instead of getting mad like she would with anyone else, she just kinda watched him, waiting for him to move or something !! She can’t believe that this happened. Again. People were surely going to make fun of her for this. 

                              ❝ Are you comfortable or something ? ❞

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Caught In Praise

And Mary said: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”
Luke 1:46-47

I love these verses because it shows that Mary’s whole being was caught in praise to her God. 

In every season of our soul, may we be more overwhelmed with praise and adoration for our Savior than we are with our circumstances.

Praising God elevates God, not our problems. It’s our statement of faith that He is on His throne and sovereign over every circumstance of our life. It gives us the proper perspective and a Kingdom mindset.

Anxious? Praise Him, for He is your Peace.

Discouraged? Praise Him, for He is your Strength.

Lost? Praise Him, for He is your Guide.

Confused? Praise Him, for He is your Truth.

Sometimes we believe it, sometimes we don’t, and so we keep declaring His praises until our feelings are aligned with the truth. Magnify the Lord at all times. Lift His Name up in the midst of the chaos and watch as your enemies fall and you rise up in His victory.

Starter for @deathsblind

“Itachi-san… why did you wait so long for a check up?” Sakura questioned, tapping her foot as she crossed her arms expectantly. Honestly, he was almost as bad as Kakashi and Naruto (among others). Why didn’t anyone ever take their health seriously? She knew there were a million other things that they’d rather be doing rather than sitting in a hospital and be poked and prodded… but it was a necessary inconvenience. Especially for this Uchiha in particular. His eye condition was a little more sensitive. “I was starting to think I was going to have to hunt you down.” Knowing she didn’t need to lecture him much because he knew better, she ended her mini-rant with a sigh. “How have you been feeling?”

Eren falling in love with his s/o (CANON-VERSE)

• He had liked you as a friend for a long time because of your reliability, trustworthiness and honesty.

• But the moment Eren actually started to develop (unwitting) special feelings for you came totally unexpected: It happened after an Survey Corps expedition outside the walls.

• … His self-loathing grew because of the many losts he had witnessed and it made him believe that he is unable to achieve anything for the sake of humanity. Yes, even someone like Eren can feel down sometimes, especially since an incredible weight lies on his shoulders.

•… And you were there for him when he needed it, even if he couldn’t admit it. You saw right through his tough act that he wasn’t feeling well and gave him courage. You even managed to make him laugh.

• Since then he grew attached to you and started to see you whenever he can, especially when he feels a little off. This friendship became slowly something deep, as well as his feelings.

• Everytime you two are together, he gets the feeling of “home”… even if it is only for a short time. These are the rare moments you could catch him smiling since all the terrible events happened.

• Whenever you get physically closer to him or show him your beautiful smile, he will start to nervously rub his neck while avoiding eye contact and blushing slightly - he is still young, don’t judge him ;)

• Eventually, Mikasa and Armin will find out about his special feelings for you and confront him about them. This was also the moment this oblivious boy actually realized he loved you, even though he denied it infront of them.

• Seeing you alive and still being able to smile after an encounter with titans always increases his already burning motivation to fight.

• Sorry, but Eren probably wouldn’t confess to you until the war is or seems to be almost over. It doesn’t mean his feelings for you aren’t real! In the situation you are in he just can’t let himself get distracted. After all, his main goal - wiping out all of humanity’s enemies - has priority. Until this has been done, he will keep his feelings to himself and try everything to keep you alive.

• And after realizing that titans aren’t your only enemies, he wants to teach you the fighting technique Annie taught him. Also he will ask you to cut your hair short, because it might get in your way.

Hot tears obscure her vision, and suddenly it feels hard to breathe, like knives are puncturing holes into lungs. Her breathing comes in the tightest of breaths, tiny hiccuping gasps, each breath searing down the back of throat like drops of acid. She is numb, but the pain of numbness is almost unbearable, like she is feeling nothing and everything all at once. No matter how much she tries to fight back the waves of emotions, they keep slamming into her. Not tears, not hoping, or foolish wishes on the brightest star will ever bring her friends back. The finality of it gouges holes in her chest. The pain never seems to stop.

* ・゚🐻 imessage┊charleigh
  • SEBASTIAN: after last night, are you okay ?
  • SEBASTIAN: i stayed with you until you fell asleep but i had to go take care of things
  • SEBASTIAN: fuck that guy from last night trying to pull that shit it shouldn't happen to anybody
to suffer is to harden the soul

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“It is only through suffering do humans become angels.”
–Victor Hugo

It felt odd being back in Paris; after so many years of being away, one does tend to feel displaced in the world of their locality. It felt no different than before, but it felt like things have changed since her absence. Victor couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was that felt so peculiar, but seeing as how every other mortal seemed content and eased, she figured it would be quite useless to go around asking questions.

how strange…i am home but at the same time, not…where on earth could i possibly be though?

Victor stepped casually into a cafe, moving her head so as not to look directly into anyone’s eyes, and sat down in a booth further away from a throng of people in the center. Thumbing what looked to be a map, she digested the information the best that she could, looking quite perplexed for whatever reason or two.

the map reveals nothing has changed…

In the midst of her cerebration, Victor was quite taken aback when she felt something brush alongside her upper back. She jumped to her feet, barely registering the loud bang of the table, and held up the map in a somewhat defensive position.

Victor felt relief wash through her body as she realized that the perpetrator was just a feline friend; however, it did not last very long. Victor slid the map back into her pocket, and eyed the cat semi-cautiously.

“Who do you belong to, Monsieur Chat? Tis very rude to scare a stranger…”

Victor did not dare to look around the cafe though; she could feel a dozen pair of eyes on her as she adjusted the table back to its original position, a blush tinging her cheek from the unnecessary, rude reaction from earlier.

i really do stand out, don’t i?

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THE ruin, the destruction, the death. It was a NIGHTMARE, a maddening dream of the darkest ones Aelestra could have NEVER imagined enacted in Quel’thalas. The battle had claimed lives of ones she had loved most. Convinced she DID possess the power to restore life, she had knelt by her father, praying with ALL her strength for him to be RETURNED to life. But Aelestra had found she truly did hold no power to resurrect her dear father, thus she had done no good. The priestess only exhausted herself the more, her exhaustion added to her grief, to her despair, to her HOPELESSNESS.

AND what was there to be felt if not despair? ALL she had once known and loved lied now in ruin, save for her mother. The Magistrix had been wounded, yet, fortunately, Aelestra had had the power to heal her. Once restored to her health, the women buried the one who HAD once been the High Priest Ga’laor Starflame. They had both wept, embraced. But the Magistrix had spoken words Aelestra was NEVER bound to forget. The deaths of all those who had so VALIANTLY fought to defend the land should have NEVER been in vain. 

BUT Aelestra did not see how this could have been done. She was numb and her faith was hanging by a THREAD. It was not that she forsook the Light, but HOPE. What hope was there for her to hold onto? Her cousin, on the other hand, WISHED nothing else than to achieve vengeance. Aelestra understood: Aenys had lost her mother, her father and her MOST beloved one had been slain and risen to fight against them. Though, not retribution did Aelestra seek, but JUSTICE. However, then, justice and retribution seemed very much ALIKE.

SINCE the Prince himself required the presence of a priest to assist him, Aelestra attempted to contain herself. She straightened her pose, standing tall and proud, gripping firmly her golden stave. Despite her efforts to appear as a woman of might and valour and faith, her TIRED eyes might have yet betrayed her. Even so, the priestess came to conclude it was of NO use to attempt to appear to be more than she was. Besides, was it not proper for her to feel frightened and desolate and pained?

SHE bowed before the Prince in an elegant, courteous gesture. “Your Highness,” the Priestess greeted, “Word has come to me you were in the need of a priest. I gladly put my art and knowledge to your service.” Her aunt, Ty’velana, had taught both Aelestra and Aenys of the rigorous etiquette a certain status meant. She had taught them to carry themselves as what she had deemed proper Ladies. Alas! Her aunt had been a blind, perhaps even GREEDY woman, yet had the Scourge not claimed her life, she COULD have been redeemed. She could have been the mother her cousin had needed. Aelestra set this painful thought aside. Her father’s sister would also lie in ashes. Forever. 

“TELL me: how may I assist you?” Yet, PART of her could have GUESSED the answer. The Scourge. Its presence was STILL to be felt and the remnants of Quel’thalas needed be cleansed of the impure, vile presence. Aelestra was AFRAID. By the Light, she WAS! Her palms began to sweat. You are the golden daughter of the High Priest Ga’laor and the Magistrix Maelena, the Priestess told herself, You have studied, you have practiced. Not for this day, yet this dark day has come. And you shall face it! Thus, she breathed in deeply. Not ALL hope was lost. As long as the Sin’dorei were under the guidance of their Prince, perhaps there was a beacon of hope STILL lit for them as well. She ACHED to believe it could have been so, she NEEDED believe it.

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❝ just glad that i could be here to help you, you know ? ❞

The sun-kissed soul in front of him RADIATES too much of what he isn’t , blinding and even painful to a grim reaper such as he.  His frosted and indecipherable gaze takes in the radiant spirit that has SOMEHOW remained intact , even after an unspeakable loss and an empty victory for the too few that have survived without their friends he’d sent TO DIE at the hands of the beast titan               it’s rage he expects and ultimately deserves , not this warmth of a helping hand extended in words he would NEVER ask for.  Yet it’s offered to him freely , genuine in it’s offering.  He’d RATHER have the anger instead.  

❛  We appreciate your help.  ❜  He speaks for BOTH the living and the dead as the guilt constricts painfully in his chest like barbed wire but his eyes never waver with emotion ( the guilty doesn’t DESERVE to wallow in it’s depths ).  He shouldn’t be here , alive but he was , allowed to look to the shadowed horizon and the stars above for another day  ; how many more of them are there because of HIM today ?   ❛  It’s getting dark , you should get some rest.  ❜   Don’t forgive him.


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send me 💕 to see the moment my muse realized they were in love with yours

It was a crowded night at that bar you used to go to near the Daily Planet. I was in town for a meeting at the UN, and I went to get a drink with you and Clark. You guys weren’t together yet, but the way he looked at you. It made me so jealous. That’s when I knew.

You’re one of my best friends, and I’ve always been great at having girl friends who were friends not lovers but…Something about you, Lois Lane, broke down the wall I had in place. You shattered my safety zone, and you got to me.

But you’re with Clark, and I’m on my way to another suicide mission in the morning. I’m not saying that I’m going to die. I’m good at landing on my feet, but just in case…I thought you should know the truth. I’m in love with you.