falling for someone who wont love you back

rules 4 all u littles from me:

1. dont flirt w my dom pls
2. dont talk to my dom pls unless u r also a dom or i know abt it
3. dont look at my dom lol
4. dont think abt my dom it will do u no good
5. lol dont even breath near my dom tbh
6. my dom is mine
7. not urs
8. mine
9. my dom isnt interested dont try to seduce them im the sexiest bye
10. dont try to be cuter than me im also the cutest my dom wont fall for u and ur lower class stuffies 🐸☕️
11. dont go near my dom.
12. they r my dom for a reason.

•u all r super beautiful and lovely and u will all find perfect doms who love you, but mine is not the one so back up, u will find someone who thinks ur adorable and loves all ur stuffies, but dont go after mine.
•ur not the only little in the world, and rather than trying to steal other littles doms, find ur own.
•we might belong to our doms, but they belong to us too.
thank u.


anonymous asked:

sos im falling for a straight girl and it hurts so much to know she wont like me back ahh :(

I’m so sorry that you have to go through that, I’m sending you comfort and love!! It happens to so many of us, believe me. This post is an ask on how to deal with a break up - maybe it includes some tips that you find useful as well?
Again, I really wish that wouldn’t have happened to you and I hope that the situation resolves itself somehow so that you can be happy! You’ll find someone who is falling for you as well, I promise :)
If anyone has additional advice, feel free to comment!

Send me your crush stories!
Love spell

Is there someone you really like who wont like you back? Maybe you’ve asked them out and they keep saying no. What you’re looking for is a love spell that will change their mind and make them fall for you.
Here it is:

Step 1: dont

Love spells are bad news. The love that comes from them isnt real. They fall apart suddenly and leave both parties in heartbreak.

No means no. Dont do love spells.

Why (Michael Clifford)

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Having a conversation with someone who travel for their job was hard. Not seeing him for months, going weeks without speaking to each other. You knew he was fine because of the fans and when he tweeted. Sometimes you called the boys just to ask about him. It was hard getting a hold of him, he would never answer his phone. It scared you that he would leave you for someone else but you trusted him. Knowing that he would never do that you, he told you multiple times that he loved you. You and Michael had one rule it was to never go to bed being mad with each other. It didn’t matter how long it took you always worked it out. He liked having that rule because it made your relationship stronger so far so good. After every fight you always made up. Never going to bed angry with each other. Finally having the boy you missed the most home was fantastic. The only thing that got in the way was school but, you always tried to get home early just to spend time with him.

Rubbing your temples you closed your eyes as you sat on the couch. You could hear Michael screaming at you. Not listening to his words you leaned back and closed your eyes. The tiniest things set him off, you didn’t even know what to do anymore. Scared to do the wrong thing and have him yelling at you. Every day was something new.
“Are you even listening” he shouted as he stared at you from across the room “I swear sometimes you just sit there like an idiot” he yelled. Looking up at him you took in a deep breath. Not wanting to say anything, you knew if you opened your mouth something mean would come out.  Running your fingers through your hair, you closed your eyes and leaned back on the couch again. He had always accused you of cheating on him. Having guy friends was out of the picture the only boys you were allowed to be near were his band mates. 
“I was working on a project” you whispered looking down at your lap 
“Its 10 at night why are you coming home this late” he yelled as he pointed towards the clock “Why the hell were you working on your so call project so late” he shouted. 
“I’m tired” you mumbled as you stood up and started making your way upstairs 
“We aren’t done here” he yelled towards you. Turning around from the top of the stairs you glared at him 
“We are done Michael. I’m fucking tired and I have a presentation tomorrow at school” you spat before stomping your way upstairs.
“You’re just like her” he shouted, closing your eyes you felt the tears rolling down your cheeks shaking your head as you reached the bedroom slamming the door behind you. 

Michael’s P.O.V

I heard her footsteps as she walked around upstairs. Looking towards the doorway when I heard her walking down the stairs. She appeared at the door and stared at me for a minute before she walked over to the fridge and took out a water bottle 
“Are you having breakfast” I asked looking at her.
“Not hungry” she mumbled as she gripped the water bottle. Picking up her backpack from the ground and the poster that was spread out on the counter. “I’ll be back around 4” she muttered as she headed for the door. I sighed and stood up following her 
“Y/N” I asked, she sighed as she slipped her shoes on 
“I don’t have time for this Michael” she muttered as she stepped out and slammed the door 
“I love you” I mumbled and leaned against the wall staring at the door. Gripping the coffee cup I made my way upstairs and laid down in bed. How was I going to make it up her. I always compare her to my ex. She much better, she is the best thing to happen to me. 

Jumping from the couch as the door closed. I looked over at her and she sighed as she removed her jacket. She placed it in the closet and closed the door dropping her backpack by it. 
“Baby” I asked, she looked over at me and half smiled at me 
“I’ll be upstairs” she muttered as she took out her phone “Dont worry Im not cheating Im just talking with Luke” she said bitterly as she climbed up the stairs. Closing my eyes I sat back down on the couch and played with my shirt. Looking at the clock I bit down on my lip before making my way to the kitchen. Grabbing her some food, I heated it up in the microwave before walking upstairs. Knocking on the door I heard as shuffling inside before the door opened. She stared at the plate then at me raising her eyebrow 
“I thought you might be hungry” I whispered, she shook her head and closed the door again. Leaning my forehead against the door “Baby, please let me fix this” I muttered loud enough for her to hear 
“Why Michael” she yelled “So two weeks from now we are back here. So two weeks from now you can accuse me off cheating on you just like she did. So you can tell me that I don’t  love you, so you can tell how much I act like her. How much I am her” she shouted 

I fluffed the pillow on the couch and laid down pulling the blanket over my body. Curling up and I slid my hand under the pillow and closed my eyes trying to get some sleep. Turning on my back I stared up at the ceiling and bit down on my lip. Grabbing my phone I stared at the clock and slipped off the couch. Getting to my feet I climbed up the stairs and stopped at the stairs. Turning the knob I stepped inside and watched as she curled up on the bed. Facing the other way, sitting down behind her I played softly with her hair making her scoot away. 
“I’m sorry” I whispered as I laid down next to her, wrapping my arms around her waist, she squirmed in my grip as she tried to get away “Please stop” I mumbled against her back hiding my face “I’m so sorry. I’m such an asshole and you don’t deserve any of this. I don’t deserve you, you’re too good for me” I added. She finally stopped moving and I felt as she took in a deep breath. 

“Its 3 am” she muttered as she tried to push my hands away. 
“I don’t care” I mumbled holding her tightly against me “I’m sorry I compare you to her. I love you so much, I’m scared you will leave me for somebody else. I know that there is someone better for you out there. I’m terrified of coming home and not having you here. I’m scared to find you with someone else just like I found her” I whispered sniffling. She moved in my arms and turned around facing me. She sighed and ran her thumb softly over my cheek wiping my tears away. 
“I would never do that to you” she whispered as she stared into my eyes “It really hurt Michael. I don’t want to be compared to someone who hurt you. Some who you loved so much. I’m nothing like her. I thought that after a year of being together you would see that I would never hurt you” she whispered, her eyes watering as she stared at me “I could never do that you” she added “You were there when nobody else was and you were the one who picked up all the broken pieces. I love you more then anything and more then anyone” she said as she caressed my cheek softly. “I hate fighting with you. Over something that you know will never happen. I don’t like being told I am like her” she stared at me and bit down on her lip “I don’t want to be compared to someone who hurt you, someone who put you through hell” she whimpered. 
“I never meant to make you cry” I whispered, she nodded her head and nuzzled into my chest. Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her head and closed my eyes “I wont make you cry again baby” I added hearing her sigh quietly. Watching as she closed her eyes, I pressed my lips to her forehead and watched as she started to fall asleep. 
“I love you” I whispered to her watching a small smile appear on her face as she moved closer to me. “So so so much” I added rubbing her back as she finally got some sleep.

you wanted kissing in the rain

Hey there! No posts in a while but i’m back and better than ever! Continuation of this piece from a while back since you all like it so much! Enjoy xx

She’s healing well-she’s healing great, or at least that’s what Madam Pomfrey tells her, it doesn’t feel like it though.

She repeats this to James with a radiant smile, she’s gonna come to his practices, she promises, she might even paint her face for the game. He whoops in delight, eliminating the distance between them in two quick strides.

“That’s great,” he cheers overenthusiastically. She tilts her head upwards to give him a look-yes, he’s that close-and huffs out a laugh.

“It’s bloody cold though, might not.” She jokes, inching her way maybe a little closer to him, he doesn’t seem to mind that much.

There’s a tantalizing pause and then he’s reaching out hesitantly to pull her into a hug. His arms are right round her and she’s breathing in his scent when she realizes in one sharp breath that she feels safe. Even with the war that’s managed to suck out most of the happiness in the castle she feels content breathing him in.

“Can I?’ His voice is a warm breath against her scalp and she’s not sure what he’s asking but she feels herself begin to say yes before she’s even registered the question.


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