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Yeah, I see a lot of shark positivity posts on my dash these days and I really appreciate that. But I think something is being left out of the message so I’m just gonna say that:

  • YES, Sharks are not bloodthirsty monsters. They only do what they do because they are instinctively driven to do so.
  • NO, sharks are not your friends. They are not sea-puppies, gentle babies, or whatever BS anthropomorphic “cute” term you want to use to describe them.
  • YES, you are more likely to be killed by falling coconuts and any number of improbable circumstances than you are to be killed by a shark attack,
  • NO, sharks are not “harmless”. They are apex predators of their habitats and deserve to be treated with the same respect that you would give to a wild lion, bear, or wolf. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LIKELY TO ATTACK YOU DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WON’T. ACCIDENTS CAN ALWAYS HAPPEN, AND A SHARK’S PATIENCE IS NOT LIMITLESS.
  • YES, you should take every precaution to prevent a shark from “test-biting” you.
  • NO, a test-bite is not just a harmless consequence of shark curiosity. A TEST-BITE CAN KILL YOU. Just because sharks generally release people after the first nip and don’t make any effort to eat them does not mean that the bite is somehow any less deadly. You will bleed out in the water if the wound is bad enough.
  • YES, sharks are endangered and unfairly demonised and worthy of our support.
  • NO, that does not mean that anthropomorphising them and spreading false information is okay. 

Please support sharks, but please, for the love of god, give them the respect they deserve when you do so. YOU ARE NOT HELPING THEM BY ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO SWIM RIGHT INTO THEIR JAWS.


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Shark PSA

Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be die due to lightning (24,000 people/year), a hippo (2900 people), a horse (20), a cow (22), a falling coconut (150), a malaria-carrying mosquito (800,000), football injuries (12), champagne corks (24), tripping and falling (6000), choking on your own food (2000), ants (50), falling icicles (150), falling out of bed (450), playground equipment (20), or falling down a staircase (1600), than due to a shark (less than 3 deaths per year). Couldn’t find a consensus on the possibility of being killed by a vending machine, but it’s at least that high. 


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