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Yeah, I see a lot of shark positivity posts on my dash these days and I really appreciate that. But I think something is being left out of the message so I’m just gonna say that:

  • YES, Sharks are not bloodthirsty monsters. They only do what they do because they are instinctively driven to do so.
  • NO, sharks are not your friends. They are not sea-puppies, gentle babies, or whatever BS anthropomorphic “cute” term you want to use to describe them.
  • YES, you are more likely to be killed by falling coconuts and any number of improbable circumstances than you are to be killed by a shark attack,
  • NO, sharks are not “harmless”. They are apex predators of their habitats and deserve to be treated with the same respect that you would give to a wild lion, bear, or wolf. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LIKELY TO ATTACK YOU DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WON’T. ACCIDENTS CAN ALWAYS HAPPEN, AND A SHARK’S PATIENCE IS NOT LIMITLESS.
  • YES, you should take every precaution to prevent a shark from “test-biting” you.
  • NO, a test-bite is not just a harmless consequence of shark curiosity. A TEST-BITE CAN KILL YOU. Just because sharks generally release people after the first nip and don’t make any effort to eat them does not mean that the bite is somehow any less deadly. You will bleed out in the water if the wound is bad enough.
  • YES, sharks are endangered and unfairly demonised and worthy of our support.
  • NO, that does not mean that anthropomorphising them and spreading false information is okay. 

Please support sharks, but please, for the love of god, give them the respect they deserve when you do so. YOU ARE NOT HELPING THEM BY ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO SWIM RIGHT INTO THEIR JAWS.


“Why is there a tentacle?“ “Garnish“

so apparently it’s billdip week and I DIDN’T KNOW but luckily I managed to fix my tablet in time to contribute! :D :D :D I wanted to make something fluffy but uh… this came out instead… so I hope this works lol

also, all bill did was shake a bottle of milk and put it in a fancy glass. you know… cuz it’s a milkshake

the continuation [link]

  • MC: Quick, I need a fun fact!
  • Jumin: Cats purr when upset.
  • 707: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!
  • Yoosung: women orgasm faster with socks on
  • Jaehee: You are more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head than a shark.
  • ZEN: Giraffes have blue tongu-
  • ZEN:
  • ZEN: yoosung what the fuck
Natural oils/teas

Acne= tea tree oil (rub it on problem area if in soap form, let rest on problem area for 30ish minutes if oil/water mix)
Periods pains: coconut oil (you can find tablets of this)
Insomnia, stress: chamomile tea
Tired, slow metabolism: green tea (putting warm tea bags over your eyes will help get rid of dark circles)
Sore stomache: chai tea
Ate too much crap food: oolong tea
Feel a migraine coming, bloated: peppermint tea
Trying to wake up: matcha
Ate smthn that doesn’t agree with u, nausea: Ginger tea
De-stress: lavender (tea or candle form both work)
For colds: white tea
Asthma attacks: black tea
Cramps in your stomache: chamomile tea (I cannot stress this enough, ur cramps will be gone in like 5 minutes, literally)
Maintaining good blood pressure: hibiscus tea
Lowering cholesterol: rooibos tea
Stress: lemon balm
Before you get a cold: elderflower tea
Get sunburned easily: moringa oil
Eczema, rashes: tamanu oil
Aging, stress lines: meadowfoam seed oil
Dry skin like wtf why is my skin so dry: golden jojaba
I’m 15 and I look 50 cuz my skin is loose: Argan oil
Red spots, irregular skin colour: black cumin seed oil
Acne scars, harsh skin: rosehip oil
Dandruff, I bleach my head 10 times a day and my scalp hurts: almond oil
Dry hair: shea butter
Hair fall out: coconut oil
Frail hair, split ends: castor oil
Turns out dyeing ur hair can fuck it up: avocado oil
I want shiny hair: jojaba oil
Grow faster: ylang ylang oil
Prone to matting: eucalyptus oil
Hair too oily: basil oil
Hair loss: Rosemary oil
Ur hair stands up when u hold it between ur fingers: chamomile oil
Dry scalp: myrrh oil

Feel free to add to the list !!


Vegan Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Cookie Dough :)


3 heaping tbsp almond flour

3 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp coconut flour

1tbsp flax seed

½ tbsp coconut oil

(Pumpkin spice)

1 medjool date, chopped

2 tbsp cacao nibs

½ tbsp pumpkin spice 

1 tsp vanilla extract

(Chocolate coconut)

2 tbsp cacao powder

2 tbsp coconut flakes



1. Combine and mix ingredients in bowl.

2. Knead dough to desired consistency, adding maple syrup as needed.

3. Enjoy!

  • Other rockstars: *Trip down the stairs and die.*
  • Keith Richards: *Gets electrocuted.* *Eats cocaine for breakfast lunch and dinner.* *Smokes 39 packs of cigarettes a day.* *Gets hit by a fucking coconut.* *Falls off stage 754 times.* hi guys whats kickin
Y'all remember the anagram below?
One solution is


He said the graphic novel was sent to him with a note.

But we clearly saw him sitting in a limosine reading his novel.

He said that the 2nd unfinished graphic novel was “done much later”.

We know Rosewood Time is approx. Fall 2017 and Pastor Ted said “15 years ago” when he ran a camp for troubled boys, so 2002.
At this time Charles was 13 to 14 years old. Born 1998.
How do you feel telling someone, learning something “much later”?
Remember Charles transitioned in Charlotte at the age of 16 = Two years
And then they were working on this 2nd book only over e-mail?

Another solution is


Do I have to say more,… maybe about coconut falling from trees?

hey youtube today i’m going to shake this palm tree until a coconut falls on my head, knocking me out. hopefully a small tropical tribe will come and roast me over a spit and or put me in a large cauldron of hot water that i assume is some sort of sauna until i see them chopping carrots into the water

The first time it happens, Sherlock is watching Rosie. Well, he’s supposed to be watching Rosie, but the toenails have started fizzing, which they’re not supposed to do at all, and he looks up from the petri dishes at a flash of motion in the corner of his eye to watch as a stack of books (which he’d really meant to pack away) topples in slow-motion horror onto Rosie’s head.

He throws out a hand and flings himself across the room, and it’s not until she’s safe in his arms that he notices that the books seem to have frozen mid-tumble. As soon as he does, they fall to the ground.

The second time it happens a murderer is stabbing at John’s back with a wickedly sharp knife, and Sherlock is too damn far, and he’s running and shouting but it turns out not to be necessary, because the man screams and the knife hurtles out of his hand to stick four inches into a stone wall.

Sherlock punches him in the face repeatedly and nearly strips John on the spot to check for wounds.

It’s the third time that convinces him that something else is going on, something beyond the usual weirdness of his life. Twice is coincidence and three times is a pattern, and the third time is really quite spectacular. The third time it happens, Sherlock is at the park with Rosie, teaching her deductions she’s still too young to understand, and he’s buying her an ice-cream and when he turns around there’s someone trying to unbuckle her from the pram. A moment later the man hits a tree twenty feet away with a wet crack like a falling coconut and slithers boneless to the ground.

In the echoing silence after, Sherlock almost runs back to the flat, dialling Mycroft as he goes.

Mycroft arrives twenty minutes later, out of breath and looking worried, because Sherlock has never, in their forty years of knowing each other, phoned him willingly.

Rosie is asleep upstairs,and Sherlock is sitting in his chair, staring at his hands.

He looks at Mycroft and curls his fingers on themselves.

“Mycroft,” he says. “Something’s wrong with me.”

And he points at a book and watches it float into the air.

“Is that real? Can you see that happening? I’m not high - I haven’t knowingly taken anything so I don’t have a list-”

Mycroft finds himself on his knees beside Sherlock’s chair, wrapping his hands around Sherlock’s, and he isn’t entirely sure but he thinks he may be crying.

“Oh, Sherlock,” he says. “Oh, brother mine, there you are.”

Sherlock looks at him like he’s lost his mind and Mycroft shakes his head, asking for a moment without words. Sherlock untangles one hand and places it gingerly on Mycroft’s head, as though he’s not entirely sure what to do with all this emotion.

It takes five minutes for Mycroft to get his emotions under control and he gets back to his feet, and turns to face the fireplace/

“You know what’s happening to me,” Sherlock says. “You’ve been expecting this.”

“I know, yes,” Mycroft confirms. “As for expecting this? Hardly. I could say that I have…hoped, desperately, that this would happen one day, but I’m not entirely sure that the word covers enough ground in this case.”

“Sit. Explain.”

Mycroft sits and studies his brother.

“When we discovered what Eurus had done,” Mycroft begins, and Sherlock stiffens almost imperceptably. Mycroft continues, implacable. “We did not immediately understand the full import. A child should not have been capable of what she did to you - there are people who train for years and are not capable of doing what she did to you. When I told you that you erased your memory of Eurus, that…was not entirely true.”

Sherlock raises an eyebrow.

“More lies, Mycroft? I’m really getting tired of these games, you know.”

“Sherlock, please. This is not a game, and I could not have told you the full truth. Not then, and certainly not in front of John. Will you listen?” Mycroft waits for Sherlock’s reluctant nod before continuing. “You did not erase your memory of Eurus. Eurus did that herself, and in the process, she did something else to you, something that the best minds in the world have not been able to understand or undo. By the time we realised how she had blinded you, the effects had sunk in and you were actively resisting any attempt to undo it.”

“Blinded me how? Stop talking around it and get to the point, Mycroft!”

Mycroft sighs heavily and takes something out of his breast pocket. A long, thin stick, which he waves in the air. Between their two chairs, a small table appears, bearing a tea service and several small, delicious cakes.

“Can you see that, Sherlock?”

Sherlock is almost crawling up the back of his chair, staring at the table in horror.

“What…what…” he opens his mouth a few more times, but nothing comes out.

“There is a world beyond the one we live in, Sherlock. Beside us, every day, invisible and unseen. You were meant to be a part of that world, but when she attacked you on the night she burned Musgrave to the ground, Eurus not only erased every memory of herself, but every memory of the world we were born to, and blinded you entirely to its effects. Three years ago, Sherlock, I could have done this in front of you and you would not have reacted. Your mind would have filled in the blanks and created a story you could believe, because it had lost the ability to see this.”

Sherlock still looks horrified, and Mycroft wonders if he should continue.

“I believe that when you confronted Eurus in the prison and at Musgrove, some of the things she had done became…damaged. And they are being damaged further-”

“The point, Mycroft. Please,” Sherlock bites out, and Mycroft sighs again.

“You’re a wizard, Sherlock.”

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