falling building

People who is worried about what’s going on in Mexico

Please, let it be known internationally that there isn’t a single person from higher levels at the government who is trying to help us. Not the Senate, not a single deputy, no one. The president went to the school with the trapped little girl, took pictures and right now is smiling at a drunken congregation with his workers. SMILING DRUNK.

The people are BUYING stuff to donate to our neighbors and compatriots but the big chains of supermarkets are putting higher prices and aren’t donating anything.

The world has their eyes on us and those mothefuckers are smiling for the picture and gaining money from it.

There’s 12k million pesos up for political campaigns that the people NEED right now, because you know, those are our taxes, and they are keeping it all, hiding in the law they made up, they won’t put a single peso to reconstruct a city that hasn’t stopped falling since yesterday. Every hour there’s a new building falling. But they are keeping all for themselves, while the people is literally spending money they don’t have to help.

Please, I’m begging you, please. Let this be known internationally. Let them be ashamed of their crimes. Don’t let them smile while our people is dying on the streets.

She’s like “See that? My girlfriend always has me. I didn’t just almost lose my life from falling off a building. Now you two are gonna die”

SIDE NOTE. Kara totally fucking whispered “It’s ok. I got you. You’re safe.” In Lena’s ear when she caught her. That’s why she’s so calm.


Autumn park by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Autumn park in Daigoji Temple, Kyoto Japan

Duo - Peter Parker

request -  okay so y/n is part of the avengers (she’s peter’s age) & peter does something that practically kills him. y/n freaks out & goes to hold him while the rest of the avengers just watch her in pity. they take peter & tell y/n to go cool down. and then when peter wakes up, he is sternly told by tony to go see y/n before she goes crazy. sorry this is long & specific ❤️ love your writing btw!! one of my favorite blogs

a/n - i had went back and forth with a lot of ideas on this fic, and i really hope it doesn’t seem rushed and i hope it turned out okay and not a flop like me :( but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you want and follow!

Another building came down to the ground as another crowd ran from the scene, only being able to hear their own screams as the enemy came to terrorize New York. It was only another work of Hydra, trying to come and ruin the lifestyle that so many people have made here. It was fight, after fight, after fight, after fight, and I didn’t know if I could take it anymore.

Peter and I, both natives of Queens, and also the youngest on the team. When Peter and I had first arrived to Headquarters, Captain didn’t hesitate to warn us that most enemies target the younger party the most, and that the rest of the team would prioritize the safety of Peter and I before their own.

Today’s situation seemed to be a bit more difficult than the others, from when I looked up and saw Tony struggling to keep another part of a building from falling to when I saw Natasha almost beaten by one of Hydra’s minions. Something about today was just a bit, off.

“(Y/N)!” I heard Rogers call. I turned around to see his shield coming my way, gripping it tightly and slamming it into the bodies of Hydra’s concoctions. They were out within a second, having me throw the shield back to Rogers. He then ran off with Clint, leaving myself and Wanda to deal with the others.

“Where’s Parker?” Natasha spoke into the intercom. My heart dropped as I looked up and tried to find the boy, hoping to see a spot of red and blue anywhere. I turned around as my last hope, calming down when I saw him swinging from one building to the other, coming closer to the scene.

“Southside on 54th, coming right this way.” I said.

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