falling apart

You feel you are falling apart when you wake up and just check your phone, seeing there isn’t a good morning text for you. You fall apart when you get home after the tired day in school and want to talk to someone but you aren’t there. You fall apart when you see the sun shining and see you are stuck alone at home. You fall apart when you pass that place or places and you are just falling down to the floor. You fall apart when you are laying in bed and thinking for the good moments and after a minute you realize they don’t exist anymore. You fall apart every night before sleep and don’t get a good night texts. You fall apart when you are trying to sleep but you can’t because of your broken mind. And when you finally fall asleep, you have the best dream and wake up after midnight and realize there’s nothing like this. You fall apart trying to sleep and just put your headphones in the ears and just cry. You fall apart in the morning when you realize there was another bad night. You fall apart everytime.