falling slowly

Falling Slowly: Epilogue

Summary: When Henry is kidnapped by the Evil Queen, Emma rushes to save him. Along the way, she receives the help of a ship’s captain with a shared past, though she has no idea just how deep that shared past really goes.
Rating: E
Warnings: Kidnapping, language, explicit sexual content
Beta-readers: @scapeartist, @zengoalie, @optomisticgirl, @swankkat
Cover and art: @swankkat (@snokone-lady)


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Thank you all so much for your love and support. I’m floored that this story won best Enchanted Forest AU in the CS Fan Fic Awards–thank you so much! I hope that the ending lives up to your expectations.

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This song’s about the possibility of you finding yourself at a party with your girlfriend, you both arrive in, she goes off to get a drink, you stand there for a minute, you’re looking around, and next thing you see this girl, that you absolutely and utterly can’t take your eyes off, just for a split second you’re like ‘oh my God who is she?’ and then it turns out to be your girlfriend. And just from what it was, she was coming around the corner, and it’s just a moment of 'cha-ching. I’m taking her home tonight.’
—  Glen Hansard about “Falling Slowly” (x)
Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life.

Some time ago I was tagged by @emotionalmorphine​ to sahre something that changed my life. At that moment nothing came to mind. then i forgot about it and today I saw that post again.

And now I know


For me one of those stories that changed my life was the film “Once” from 2006.

Something or everything about it resonated with me and I’ve never felt so wrapped up in a film, its music and its story. I remember leaving the cinema afterwards to find it snowing. And I love snow! it was night, evrything was dark and those tiny white flakes slowly danced twoards me.

I came home and for the first time in my life I wrote a song. With chords and lyrics and even now, over 10 years after I can still remember the melody though I never recorded it. it just sunk into my heart and stayed there in this special moment that was “once”.

I don’t know if anyone would feel the same about it. BUt the music is emotional and beautiful (and if nothing else, perfect for songfics and AUs ;) ) and I am grateful I went to see it.

Especially “Falling slowly” is still very dear to my heart and once I hear it I can’t stop singing. It’s also one of the few songs where I can actually pick the chords on the guitar. not just strum them ;)

I’m tagging some friends, though if you don’t want to do this, it’s perfectly fine. I would just be curious what story/book/song/ety changed your life <3

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In honor of winning Best EF AU in the @csfanficawards, I am pleased to announce that we’ll be posting the final update of Falling Slowly tonight, between 10:00pm and 11:00pm EST.

In May of last year, I was ready to abandon this story for good after working on it for over a year and a half. I wasn’t sure anyone would like it, and I was struggling to finish the story the way I wanted to finish it. So to have it done now, and to have people like it enough to nominate it and vote for it like this, means a lot to me. Thank you.