falling slowly

Falling slowly

So, I definitely got more out of my second read through of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts. 

One of the things that struck me is how Viktor thinks about Yuuri, and when he does it. We know that at the end of the chapter, at the age of 23, Viktor is ‘completely in love with Yuuri’. But the bit before he says this is very telling: 'Viktor had known for a long time where the path he was walking would eventually lead’. See that? He had known for a long time.  Perhaps he didn’t think it in the words he uses at the end of the chapter, but he knew he was falling all the same.  And when I read through the chapter I just saw so much evidence of Viktor falling. He’s been falling slowly for a long time, and we can see it happen through the chapter. 

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In the end, this is all that really matters.

This song’s about the possibility of you finding yourself at a party with your girlfriend, you both arrive in, she goes off to get a drink, you stand there for a minute, you’re looking around, and next thing you see this girl, that you absolutely and utterly can’t take your eyes off, just for a split second you’re like ‘oh my God who is she?’ and then it turns out to be your girlfriend. And just from what it was, she was coming around the corner, and it’s just a moment of 'cha-ching. I’m taking her home tonight.’
—  Glen Hansard about “Falling Slowly” (x)

Glen Hansard & Lisa Hannigan : Falling Slowly (HD) Live Albert Hall 2014 Feat . John Sheahan