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Moods that take me and erase me
And I’m painted black

Falling Slowly: Chapter Eleven

Summary: When Henry is kidnapped by the Evil Queen, Emma rushes to save him. Along the way, she receives the help of a ship’s captain with a shared past, though she has no idea just how deep that shared past really goes.
Rating: E
Warnings: Kidnapping, language, explicit sexual content
Beta-readers: @scapeartist, @zengoalie, @optomisticgirl, @swankkat
Cover and art: @swankkat (@snokone-lady)


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When Emma woke the following morning, she was alone, and the sun was streaming brightly through the windows of the cabin. She panicked for a moment—she’d heard stories of men who deserted women after a night of passion—before it occurred to her that it was late enough in the morning that Liam would have had to rise and do his duties as the ship’s captain. She got out of bed to find that the ship was no longer moving; they must have reached port while she slept.

She dressed quickly before making her way above deck. Did Liam know that she’d fallen asleep in tears the night before? Would he be somewhat withdrawn now that he’d told her what had happened with Baelfire? Or would he be just as open and affectionate as he’d been before? She wasn’t sure what to expect.

She would be kept in suspense for a while, it seemed; when she emerged from below deck, Smee found her immediately. “Milady, the captain is going to be busy most of the day running errands. He told me to pass this along to you, along with his apologies, and asked me to tell you that he will meet you at the inn for supper.”

“Thank you, Mister Smee.” He pressed a sealed scrap of parchment into her hand and nodded before making his way towards some unfamiliar men; they seemed to be assisting in some of the much-needed repairs. She broke the seal and opened the parchment, unsure of what she was going to find, and was surprised to find it rather full of text.

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2:35 stops my heart

Seni tanımıyorum ama istiyorum
Hem de her şeyden öte
Sözler düşer üzerime ve kandırırlar beni
Ve ben karşı koyamam

Ve yüklediğimiz değeri aşmayan oyunlar
Biter kendi hallerinde sessizce

Kurtarsan şu batan gemiyi çevirsen limana doğru
Hiçbir şey için geç değil
Yükselt umut dolu sesini
Seçim hep senindi
Gerçekleştirdin işte şimdi

Beni tanıyan gözler, kapanır usulca
Kalır, geri dönemem
Beni alıp götüren anlar, siler beni hayattan
Ve karanlığa gömülürüm
Yeter çektiğin acılar ve kendinle olan savaşın
Bu sefer kazanma zamanı

Kurtarsan şu batan gemiyi çevirsen limana doğru
Hiçbir şey için geç değil
Yükselt umut dolu sesini
Seçim hep senindi
Gerçekleştirdin işte şimdi

Azalır usulca, ses ver şarkımıza
Ben de söyleyeceğim seninle
Çağır beni, söyleyeceğim seninle

This song’s about the possibility of you finding yourself at a party with your girlfriend, you both arrive in, she goes off to get a drink, you stand there for a minute, you’re looking around, and next thing you see this girl, that you absolutely and utterly can’t take your eyes off, just for a split second you’re like ‘oh my God who is she?’ and then it turns out to be your girlfriend. And just from what it was, she was coming around the corner, and it’s just a moment of 'cha-ching. I’m taking her home tonight.’
—  Glen Hansard about “Falling Slowly” (x)

FALLING SLOWLY (Chyler Leigh & Nathan West)