meine wand. 
Ein Projekt, was mittlerweile bestimmt 1 1/2 Jahre alt ist. Mittlerweile ist kaum noch Platz für kreative Ergüsse meines eigenen Hirns oder anderer.
Für Besucher immer wieder spannend, möchte ich die Wand am liebsten mein ganzes Leben lang mit umziehen.

Ich würde sagen: Danke Fallfrei! Endlich jemand, der den Anfang macht.

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Questions asked by my beautiful Luder rexasaurus-swag

1. What makes you happiest?

There’s two things actually. 1: Spend time with friends or family and have a laugh or 2: A good book/show, a cup of tea and some chocolate. Depends on my mood :D

2. Name one pet peeve of yourself!

When I have to share my room with someone who snores. I know it is not there fault and maybe I do so to but it just annoys the fuck out of me. I just can’t fall asleep if someone is snoring next to me. I don’t know why it can even be a very subtle and soft snoring it just kills me. I usually just put my earphones in and listen to music to fall asleep then.

3. Scariest childhood memory

Climbing over the walls of the kindergarten and falling into the neighbours pond. I couldn’t pull myself out so my friends had to get help and I was just treading water and grabing some grass, trying to hold myself up.

4. Is there anything in your past you’d like to change, if yes, what?

No, nothing. I had some really shit times but I wouldn’t want to change them. Everything I ever went through shaped me to be the person I am now, if I changed anything, I would change myself and I don’t want to do that.

5. Part of you body you like the most

My eyes

6. Your happiest moment the last ~ 3 years

I’d say there are many equally happy moments. Like getting my Abitur and getting accepted for University. But also the little things like my two best friends showing up on my birthday last year.

7. If you could kill anyone and you’d get away with it, would you do it? If yes, whom would you kill?

No, I wouldn’t. I might get away with it legally but I would have such a bad conscious. I don’t think I could live with myself afterwards.

8. Do you think you’ve ever really been in love?


9. Name one thing you are proud to have accomplished!

Finished School with a good grade which got me into University.

10. Do you have a “type”? If yes, which?

I don’t actually think so. At least not concerning the looks. But I think I tend to like smart and funny guys more than serious or dumb ones. But really that’s impossible to say in generall. I just find intelligence very sexy…

11. If you were an animal, what would you be?

I would be a dog. Always eating and/or sleeping. Also very loyal and trusting. Yes, I think I would definitely be a dog.

My questions for you:

1. If your life were a film. Who would portrait you?

2. A book you could read over and over again without getting bored?

3. Where do you want to live later on in your life?

4. Do you have a plan in life or are you just letting things go their way?

5. Do you know any foreign language? If yes, which?

6. Your motto?

7. Do you like going to the thatre? (Not movie theatre.)

8. What is your earliest childhood memory?

9. Mac or PC?

10. Do you believe in the one true love?

11. What would your best friend say about you?











nur einmal soll jemand zu mir sagen "ich liebe dich". also so wirklich und wahrhaftig. es soll ehrlich sein, aus dem tiefsten inneren der person kommen, mich mit wärme umhüllen, mich schweben lassen, mir zeigen, dass ich es wert bin, geliebt zu werden. wie soll man sonst an sich glauben?
Am Ende stirbst du. Es zählt nicht, ob du dabei Geld hast oder nicht; es zählt nicht, ob du dabei viel besitzt oder nicht. Das einzige, was zählt, ist, dass deine geliebten Menschen sich an dich erinnern und du mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen in den ewigen Schlaf ziehst.
warum sind mir so viele dinge peinlich, die ich gemacht habe? Man sollte niemals bereuen, sondern es immer als erfahrung und vor allem als etwas nicht veränderbares ansehen. die vergangenheit kann man nun mal nicht mehr ändern.. trotzdem blicke ich manchmal zurück und krümme mich innerlich vor schamgefühl. das ist doch absurd!!