Hey everyone, this is my May blog of the month (BOTM), its my very first! Every month i’ll do a new one with a different theme, this months is going to be destiel! This is in celebration of me hitting 3000 followers and i thought i’d do something new.

Rules are:
  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this as many times as you like but you only get entered once, likes do not count
  • Reblog all the way through April, and I’ll announce the winner during the first few days of May.
  • I’ll pick one winner and two runner ups, as its my first there can be a variety of blogs who win.
What I'm looking for:
  • Someone who’s friendly and kind towards their followers
  • Good posts, preferably in same fandoms as me (if you post other fandoms you still have a chance dont worry)
  • A nice icon, theme, and url, a bad theme will lower your chances quite a bit (by bad theme i mean i am unable to see your posts)
What runners-up get:
  • A link on my BOTM page forever
  • A short fanfic for your OTP 1000-2500 words (the OTP must be one i’m familiar with though, i wont write anything good if not) 
  • 3 promos throughout the month, you decide when they are
  • A follow back if I’m not already following
  • If you want a new theme at some point tell me what type you’d like and i’ll find you a variety. I’ll be your theme finder
What the winner gets:
  • A gift from Amazon, you choose! (Under £10, depending on shipping) this is only if you’re okay with giving me your address of course
  • A follow back if im not following already
  • A fanfic of your OTP 1000-5000 words (you give me the prompt) 
  • A winners link on my BOTM page forever
  • A link in my sidebar for the month
  • Promos whenever you want them you just have to ask
  • My eternal love and friendship
  • Destiel will love you forever

Please message me if you have any questions, and good luck to everybody! I’m looking forward to checking out all of your blogs. I’m going to make a short list of 10 blogs and the winners will come from this list, i’ll publish the short list after the winners are announced.