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What have you been up to? : 3

Well, first of all happy belated birthday (sorry, I didn’t know)! It’s always nice to be celebrated :)

As for what I’ve been up to, well, I’ve been drowning in assignments and studying for exams but school is closing in two weeks’ time so I’ll just have to persevere for a bit more and hopefully make it out alive. Then I’m done with being a junior and ready to be a senior!Yeah! Heheh (^-^)

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That’s because she IS guilty. She knows she is not allowed on the couch because she has claws and the couch is leather-like material. I came back from folding laundry and found the little nugget all stretched out. Then she saw me see her. Then she looked guilty. But I let her stay because I can’t say no to that little face.

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name: Natalia
nickname? Lunaj, Lunajec, Luni
location: Gdańsk, Poland
age: 18
height: 175 cm
star sign: Aries
zodiac sign: uhm Aries ???
any pets? dog
favourite thing about yourself: creativity and good taste
worst habit: thinking too much
fun fact:

identity, sexuality & personality

gender identity: female
sexual preference: males
romantic preference: males
“kinsey scale” score: 2
relationship status: single & ready for Pringle
myers/briggs type: idk
hogwarts house: Slytherin


“early bird” or “night owl”?: a little bit of both
your morning routine: TEA
bath or shower? bath
first thought in a morning: NOOOOOoOoOoOoOoOo
last thought at night: what if Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy played in a movie based on my novel…


do you work or are you a student? studying only
where do you work/study: last year of high school
what do you do? ehm i am student ???
do you enjoy it? not really
where do you see yourself in 5 years? hopefully i’ll be studying Scandinavian studies on my hometown university
10 years? succesful Swedish/Norwegian translator, living in my own pretty apartament in the city, hopefully with boyfriend or something like this
your ideal job: translator

drink?: sometimes
smoke?: nah
do drugs? nah
exercise?: yeah sometimes
have any hobbies?: writing, blogging, thinking
have a go-to comfort food?: nope
have a nervous habit? nah but my stomach hurts like hell when i’m nervous

what is your favourite…

physical quality (in yourself): eyes
in others?: pretty hair
mental/emotional quality (in yourself): independence
in others? intelligence
food: pierogi
drink: tea
animal: armadillos and lynxes
artist/band/group: MUSE 5EVER
author/poet: Ian McEwan, J.K. Rowling, George Orwell
film: Atonement, Trance, The Avengers, Filth, Catching fire
tv show: The Pacific, Band of brothers
actor: James McAvoy
actress: hmm idk Hayley Atwell? but i saw her only in Captain America, so maybe Meryl Streep then?
blogger: too many wonderful people out here

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Awwww. Thanks! xxx What are your assignments on? Anything interesting? : 3

Since I’m a science student, my assignments are basically to come up with a proposal to search for or obtain a new type of bacteria that can potentially help the human race. Either that or to come up with a way to fix common problems scientists face when growing bacteria. It is quite interesting though it’s really brainwrecking. What about you??

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I love the x-men films, use to watch wolverine and the x-men cartoon and have started my x-men comic collection! So...X-men then? I'm usually Charles! But I'll be other characters as well! : )

I play a pretty good Erik, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler. I also have a wide array of OCs a list of which can be found on my main account: Sevslover6195

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That’s basically been my life too! Assessments galore! Non stop! :,( But I only have fours days left and then I get a week off! FREEDOM! XD I also get Valentines day off so I can be lonely and eat chocolate all day! Woo hoo! : D

Hahaha! Good luck to the both of us with our assignments then. At least you only have a few more day to freedom :) and, you don’t have to be lonely on Valentine’s day, just go on to tumblr where there will always be someone online no matter the time or day. Also I will most definitely be here if you wanna chat.