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It Burns

Welp. @sessomesmaru looks like you’re the Thing to break my dry spell.
This is inspired by a GORGEOUS piece of artwork done by sess, as well as some words from @the-female-gaymer during the stream of said art (once the pic itself is released im gonna edit this post and include the link).

Here we go.



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TW: Alcoholism, minor blood/knife inclusion

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A Rebellion's Heart: Ch 20/?
A Star Wars: The Old Republic story, set during the KotFE era
By Organization for Transformative Works

She took a deep breath before marching into her office, diving from one politically delicate situation to the next without even catching a break in between. Hopefully this one went somewhat smoother than the meeting with Zakuul and the Iridonians. Her guest was already seated, his back to the door; she was used to seeing him in military fatigues, or at least an officer’s uniform, but he was instead dressed in an almost gaudily red tunic, unembellished.

His ears flicked briefly at the sound of her entrance, acknowledging her arrival, and he rose to his feet. “Colonel,” he said, as he turned to greet her.

She clasped the outstretched hand in her own. “Fleet Admiral,” she said, far more gently than she might normally have greeted him. “Thank you so much for coming in today.”

Fleet Admiral Bey’wan Aygo looked like he’d aged a decade since the last time she’d seen him, his eyes wan and his fur lacking the usual lustre she knew to expect from her furred colleagues thanks to her marriage to Aric. He smiled weakly at her, as if even such a small gesture exhausted him. “You’ve got my thanks for keeping the invitation open,” he said, taking his hand back and folding both behind his back. “To be quite frank, colonel, I needed the distraction.”

Given the bright red of his outfit, the colour of mourning in Bothan culture, she couldn’t even begin to imagine. “Are you holding up okay?” she asked carefully, gesturing for him to take a seat at the desk again.

re: transposing taz to fallen london  re: Irrigo

ie: meta/writing notes re Irrigo cause i need to work through some plot/character shit 

((hypothetical spoilers to hypothetical fic))

- so, this is a fun exercise in worldbuilding, smashing together two delightfully different and weird fantasy worlds together. they have no common ground at all so i’m not quite sure why im writing this?

- this is getting written in the second person because FL tends toward that, and appropriation of styles is an enjoyable brainbending experience.

- meshing the taz speaking style re: mcelroys with FL is also weird but not bad? they’re two completely different levels of formality so it’s an interesting blenderization, and of course just when i got to the point where writing taz characters is relatively eh, not effortless, but not like pulling teeth, i make my life ten times harder.

- think i’m gonna reskin most FL locations with a TAZ gloss, cause i’m going with fallen faerun as opposed to fallen london.

- this is definitely going to dip into OOC territory at points, and i would apologize for that except i do not care, canon is dead and we buried it and i think i have racked up enough characterization points re: my other shit that i can Do What I Want Let Us Burn Down This House While Standing In The Living Room



-confession: i have no fucking clue what i’m doing with the plot, or most of the characters here. the plot as far is thus: lup got an offer by benthic college to, hm, either study the correspondence or devils or something to do with irrigo - it could be fun to turn canon on its head and make lup the one with memory loss - and now she’s missing. not sure whether she’s memoryless? an umbrella? or something else even more sinister. meanwhile, taako is descending to the neath, and on the ship down, he meets magnus and merle. i think merle is definitely smuggling sunlight for his mildly illegal garden and also to sell it. magnus is i think looking for julia, who is originally from the neath but he met her when she was aboveground? i think probs their fourth roommate on the ship is pringles, lmao. probs craig is on the ship and offers em a job when they get to london.

- i think the BoB is a shadowy organization in the neath- not sure where im going with this but i do want the three of them to be recruited pretty fast, by the Dignified DIrector, who seems…familiar?

- barry is definitely a university scholar who studies death and the correspondence i think?

-davenport’s name is probbbbbs the Absentee Captain and the Quiet Scribe/Dignified Director knows what happened to him but is not saying jack shit.

- i do know that i want to end with the IPRE crew getting on the Starblaster and exploring the Zee. hm.