After the Malec kiss, I’ve become obsessed with War Of Hearts but the problem is every time I listen to it, I start smiling and giggling like a mental patient and people back away from me pls help me

So people might think Im cool because I skateboard and wear aviator sunglasses

but thats a motherfucking LIE because

- I bought that skateboard two days ago and have no idea what Im doing

- I only bought it because I wanted to each eggs faster on pokemon go

- I wear sunglasses because the pokemon games taught me that if you make eye contact with another trainer you have to battle them and I am weak af

- Im not cool please don’t hurt me


“So when it came to do ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ I wasn’t sure how to approach it at first, because I did want to obviously paid tribute to Glenn and ‘The Eagles’ and really make it sense in the original song, but I also wanted to put it an Alissa spin on it and a Metal Allegiance kinda spin on it! So it was a challenge! It was defiantly a challenge taking a song that is routed in such a different world than my normal musical path!


So 2016 has been a pretty rough year when it comes to loosing musicians, artists that people really love. It’s been really rough actually! And of course amongst those that we’ve lost Lemmy, Bowie, Prince there is also Glenn from ‘The Eagles’. So I had this opportunity to record ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ which is not a song I ever thought I would be recording. I mean ‘Hotel California’ is like the first song I learned on guitar and I think that probably applies to a lot of people. It’s like the first song you sort of get in singing and playing together and of course ‘The Eagles’ are a great band. They influence so many musicians over the years.”

fallen london update: got sent to new newgate for fucking up a heist. i didn’t even get to meet the repentant forger while i was there. :(( anyway i noticed that everyone on the ‘who else is here?’ sidebar was seeking the name? and now i’m imagining it was the same in-universe? like attlee turns up and is like “greetings fellow hardened criminals, i am a scary and tough individual and definitely not one of those booknerds at the university who got sent to prison for being terrible at being a thief, no way,” and then there are no actual criminals, it’s all just seekers. their cellmate is like “hey wanna see my weeping scars” and ppl keep carving the correspondence into the walls and shouting “SEVEN IS THE NUMBER” and in the cafeteria- is there even a prison cafeteria? what the fuck, it’s more fun to imagine that there is and it’s filled w/ seekers fucking pouring food down their throats. and all the guards are just standing around watching, sometimes asking themselves if the inmates have been a little… odd… lately before simply deciding that they don’t get paid enough to give a shit

Upon seeing a little boy catch fire after reading a passage of a mysterious book out loud, you:

a) snatch the book away. it’s certainly dangerous and very probably valuable. 
b) throw the child into the cannal. a little water should surely put away the fire. 
c) use him as a distraction. people love to look at angelic children, particularly those on fire.

I love Fallen London. 

Brohm Dead By Daylight Fanfic

     Bryce’s eyes widen as he watches Delirious go limp on the hook, the spider limbs stabbing into him. Bryce lets out a gasp before taking off in the other direction.
     Delirious said it would be fine camping at the old estate. They could go exploring. Cartoonz agreed but Bryce was always a little suspicious of the place. But now he had watched both his best friends die before his eyes. It brought something back in Bryce. A memory that had haunted him.
     “Ohm…” He cries out. Remembering his best friend. Remembering holding his lifeless body. Remembering his horrible family that drove him over the edge. Remembering how much he loved, no loves Ohm.
     “Yes my little Brycey-poo?” The voice was so familiar. The little heavenly giggle afterwards makes Bryce feel like he’s going insane.
     “You’re dead though.” Bryce looks up meeting the eyes of the man who killed his friends.
     “Am I or are you?” Ohm questions the smaller with a happy giggle.
     “Why’d you kill them?” Bryce just continues to talk still trying to wrap his head around the fact his friend is alive… Or was he?
     “Because Boo… They could take you away from me. And I can’t have that.” Ohm moves his hand to lift up Bryce’s chin. “I love you Bryce. I couldn’t loose you to them.”
     “I love you too Ohmie.” Bryce finally says with a quiet giggle following.
     “Stay with me?” Ohm asks hopefully.
     “Always.” Bryce leans up kissing the older male. After, Ohm lifts Bryce up bridal style. And as they walk, Ohm smiles at the three bodies on hooks. Bryce doesn’t see them with his head buried in Ohm’s shoulder.
     “I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t miss the chance to have you with me again.” Ohm smiles as the bodies get carried up into the sky.
     “I would have done it myself if it hadn’t been now. I missed you to much.” Bryce says nuzzling the killers neck.
     Ohm lays a soft kiss on Bryce’s head. As he sets Bryce down on one of the beds in the estate. Ohm lays down, and soon Bryce is snuggled up with his head in the crook of Ohm’s neck. Ohm smiles playing with the caramel colored hair. It was a little faded now that Bryce was dead. But it still looked perfect to Ohm. Everything about Bryce was perfect to Ohm. Even if he was dead. But he couldn’t judge either way because, so was he.
Yay first one! I am currently in a complete Brohm hell as of right now. Soooo. That is where this came from.


METAL ALLEGIANCE - Alissa White-Gluz talks about the “Fallen Heroes” EP (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

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