I only just found out this year that I have several foot problems.  Not because I wasn’t seeing a #footdoctor but because this #medicalprovider did feel like telling me.  It started with a small #heelspur that showed up on #xray 3 years ago!  It was a different specialist because of my knee who told me about it.  This doctor also told me that I have #midfootosteoarthitis from when I dropped a heavy object on my foot 2 years ago.  I was told when the xray showed my mid foot was not broken that I did not have to do anything and foot would just heal.

Instead I have been struggling to walk and in complete fatigue from basic walking for 3 years.  I now know that I have #advancedheelspurs on both feet, #plantarfascitis, mid foot osteoarthitis and #fallenarches.  So I wear #heelcups with an #adjustablearchsupport over an #elasticarchbinder. At home I wear the elastic arch binder with #metatarsalpads. I am in so much pain because a doctor knew I had health problems and wouldn’t tell me.

*You have to put your favorite lotion/oil/cream on the bottom of your feet before wearing the arch binder/support and in general anyway.

**The correct way to wear the futuro arch binder is the feet symbols line up with your big toe as you wrap it over your arch.