graphic made by this fabulous person

  • creative url
  • neat theme
  • tagging system
  • gr8 posts
  • link on my updates tab
  • promo every week
  • whatever you want bro

winners will be announced on the first of february

So a lot of good things have been happening in my life recently - got two jobs, finally got my license at 23, i’m feeling moderately happy and I hit 2.6 K followers the other day which I am so so grateful for! Here’s the deal - I’m only going to get busier as I am merging in the adult life so I wanted to do this kind of last big thing. SO…

Welcome to Infernodean's 2.6K follower Celebration where every single person who enters wins something!

Prime Directives:

  • Must be following me
  • Must reblog this post (likes will not count as an entry) before May 30th
  • Winners will be announced June 3rd.

Optional Directives: (aka you dont have to do these to enter but it would be super neat if you did!)

Main Awards: (these winners will receive as many graphics as they want as well as a spot on my updates tab for the rest of the year. They will also receive a friendship bracelet made by me.*)

  • Dean Winchester Award: Best Overall Blog
  • Gene Roddenberry Award: Best Creations
  • Zoe Washburne Award: Best Theme
  • Stiles Stilinski Award: Best URL

Additional Awards: 

  • 5 people chosen at random will receive a friendship bracelet from me!*
  • 5 people chosen by me will receive a URL Graphic
  • Every other person who enters will be listed on a permanent promo page with stats about their blog and why you should follow them - sort of like a directory.
  • Note for every 50 notes one person will be added to the first to additional awards

*If you’re not comfortable giving me your address that’s totally fine and we’ll figure something else out.

NOW GET TO IT! ヽ(^Д^)ノ
why did i use my full name
  • mbf this fruitcake
  • check out my lovely december botm
  • reblog to enter, likes do not count
  • ends on dec. 30th, announced dec. 31st
  • one winner, one runner-up
  • must reach 40 notes (or this will vanish like burgers near cas)
  • a pretty theme/creative url
  • good, consistent posts
  • an about page (let’s face it, i’m a creep)
  • most importantly, a nice, sincere blogger!
  • (saying hi to me wouldn’t hurt either c;)
  • a follow back from me! (what ew)
  • a link on my blog for the month of december
  • promos in december whenever your heart desires
  • a poem, ficlet, doodle (if you want??)
  • my love and affection that never goes away<333
  • a follow back from me (gross)
  • five promos whenever you want in december
  • my love and friendship (which is the best prize come on

thank you for entering, and have a happy holiday season!

ok now honesty moment the last bots i did was spring (omg im so sorry) 

what you should do:

  • reblog this post
  • double-check you’re following this idiot
  • thats it
  • thats literally all you have to do
  • woooo

what you get:

  • follow back promo to 5K+ when announced
  • any random promo when asked
  • added to an entire tab on my updates bar
  • a url graphic or poem basically
  • anything within reason
  • a new friend??

other info

  • must reach 40 notes or i’ll have the same bots for like an entire year
  • ends dec. 2
  • 1 winner, 3 runner-ups
  • i love you cutiepies uwu

hi everyone! this past year has been pretty incredible for me on tumblr, and i met some freakin cuties on this dumb site. i wanted to do something special but i wasn’t sure who wanted to participate, so i’m making a mass post to tell people about it. hopefully you all see it omg

icandigchristmas inspired me to do this, and i’m going to be sending out christmas cards! i’m not doing very many (maybe like fifteen or so b/c money doesn’t come cheap kids), and who knows what they’ll have in them. a doodle? some money? jared padalecki? anything could happen and here’s how it’s going down.

  • we must be in a mutual follow
  • i would send things to every single one of you, but i want to do something special for the people i really connected with this year! and there will be other things don’t worry
  • you have to be willing to give me your address 
  • you have to reblog this post and i’ll contact you with further details if you get picked c:

i love you guys a lot! thanks for all the happiness you bring to my dashboard  (*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*)

kay so i’m leavin the spn fandom bc i’m not super into it anyway and it’s the most stressful fandom i’ve ever been in like there’s literally always drama and so yeah i just unfollowed like three hundred blogs and i feel kinda sad but spn makes me like have anxiety attacks and hate everything and get pissy and it’s just not working

so beyond this point i’ll be posting:

  • star trek
  • hannibal
  • teen wolf
  • hunger games
  • pacific rim
  • american horror story
  • game of thrones
  • vikings
  • lotr/hobbit
  • all things marvel
  • doctor who
  • sherlock
  • pushing daisies
  • all things disney
  • kpop
  • walking dead
  • different sitcoms
  • btvs/angel
  • night vale
  • random stuff
  • photography
  • scenery
  • architecture
  • fashion
  • and probably occasionally some spn stuff, bc there were some people i just really couldn’t unfollow and some people that post mostly things i want but spn here and there.

mkay so that’s the dealio guys

unfollow now if you only followed me for spn (which is not many of you since i’ve already lost most those followers as i’ve barely been posting spn anymore anyway)

or just keep following if you followed me for one/some of the above fandoms or are supernatural multifandom that doesn’t mind having a no supernatural multifandom blog on their dash

i love you all dearly and this hurts me a lot, but i’m tired and angry and worn out over this fandom. it’s not what it was, it stresses me out, there’s constant drama, jared’s been acting like a fifteen year old since the whole bieber thing, jensen kinda seems like he wants out, i can love misha from outside spn, sam and cas were my favs and they always get recycled plots and the short end of the stick, the show feels bleh, and it’s just not my jam anymore u feel


fallen angels network - announcement!

i’ve finally created a group blog for our network (someone created for me and put a password so i cant really enter but i’ll take care of it)

BUT i can add people to it so it’s okay.

So please sent me your email so i can invite you to the group!