Jogan || Chances

Logan fixed the collar of his shirt, smoothing out the front of it, and checked his hair one last time before grabbing his keys, wallet, phone, and jacket. He also snagged the small bundle of lilies he’d put in a temporary vase for tonight, before opening the door and heading across the hall. Knocking on Julian’s door at six o'clock sharp, he bit his lip, a sudden burst of nerves rushing through him.

Morning After || Jogan

Logan woke slowly, with another warm body wrapped around his completely. He blinked sleepily, looking down at the mess of brown hair pressed to his chest, seeing Julian’s eyelashes flutter. Smiling, he ran his fingers lightly through the actor’s hair, closing his eyes again with a soft sigh, not wanting to move for a very long time.

J-J-Jogan || Making Up (Logan Hopes)

Logan made his way up the stairs at Stuart, balancing two cups of coffee. He knocked gently on Julian’s door. “Jules?” he asked quietly. “It’s me. Can I come in? I brought coffee…” He wrinkled his nose down at his pathetic peace offering.