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“I have decided life is more interesting with you in it. If you wish to keep railing against me, so be it. Your interference changes nothing.”

Anyway when this b*tch gonna leave her alone it’s been like 8 years lmfao

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I finally finished this! B) sure took me awhile [click full size for better detail pls!]

During the 5 years leading up to Kotfe Kaairos leaves the Jedi - both disenfranchised with the order as a whole, and to flee from Zakuul as a war criminal. During this time she would travel around the galaxy to find out more about her past, who her parents might’ve been, and why she was separated from them, her travels eventually lead her to Korriban, the birth place of the Sith…

  • The rest of the characters when Valkorion gets in their head: what the fuck fucking fuckery is this pls go away???
  • The Sith Inquisitor: honestly I don't even care anymore, wanna get in my head, fine, bring your whole family for all i care

SWTOR it is

(Most of the screenshots has taken from xLetalis channel from Youtube)


Lana Beniko is not amused.