fallen prince

“Weakling shells“ “You can do this….. fingertips only“

“Do you even know how to crack an egg?” “Silence!!!!“

Vegeta was killing me this ep….OMFG my sides they hurt XDDDDD

Cannot right now!!!!!!

I just had an idea

What if Lance is captured by the Lotor at one point and is held captive.

What if the team had previously fought Lotor and noticed that he wanted Lance to join him

What if when they rescued Lance they found him sitting in the ship able to leave whenever he wanted

What if he refuses to leave with his team

What if they decide to just leave him that’s because they thought he joined the Galra

What if he had refused to leave because Lotor had ordered Haggar to implant a tracking device in Lance’s arm

What if he couldn’t tell them because Lotor threatened to kill all of the empire’s slaves if he did

What if eventually Lance is able to remove the tracking device and escape because he found out Lotor was bluffing about killing the slaves (they need them)

What if when Lance finally makes it back to the castle of lions the team doesn’t let him in

What if they think it’s a trap

What if Lance goes to fight the empire on his own

What if he pretends to join the Galra and kills Lotor

What if he dies in the process

What if the team finds his body and watches the security footage of him killing Lotor

Me to The Clave:

pink-lightsabre  asked:

do you think magnus could have survived the activation of the soul sword? or would his demon blood have overridden his angel blood?

That’s a good question! First off, I should clarify that Magnus doesn’t have angel blood at all; it’s specifically the blood of a fallen angel. A popular conception – which the books seem to hold to – is that fallen angels are responsible for having created the first demons. This means Magnus doesn’t have regular demon blood like other Downworlders, but something much more potent and closer to the source. 

What’s significant about this – and this is something the books failed to explore – is twofold:

  • it suggests that your blood doesn’t define who you are no matter how little or how much “demon” you have in you
  • it suggests that downworlders and shadowhunters are really two sides of the same coin because everything originated from the angels; fallen or not, the seven princes are still archangels

As a result, I want to say there are certain things Magnus might actually be more susceptible to, including weapons specifically meant to destroy or harm demons like the soul sword because his blood is so closely aligned to the original fallen angels. Whether this is true or not ofc we don’t know, but I wish the show would consider it because it’s a good way of giving him a kryptonite without taking away from his power in silly ways like having a couple of vampires cling to his hands.

But I also think in his hands, he’s equally capable of wielding them, if that makes sense. Like, his fallen angel blood would have allowed him to activate the soul sword but with different results than Jace with regular angel blood did, much in the same way that the witchlight glows red for him, not bright white.

But yeah! Basically I think it’s important to distinguish that Magnus doesn’t have angel blood like Clary or Jace because if he did, it’d undermine him as an example of someone whose birthright doesn’t define him; he’s specifically the son of a fallen angel/prince of hell and he’s learned to embrace his power without becoming dark and evil like his father.

  • Me, unassuming: wow, this captive prince series is literally the slave/prince 10k+ light bondage uwu trope in novel form. I'm intrigued to see how it plays out. I'm certain I will find this story hilarious and hot but probably nothing more.
  • Me, five hours of straight marathon reading later: *clutches chest* I....was a fool...*drags hands down face* I WAS A FOOL IT TRICKED ME THERE WAS A PLOT AND GENUINELY GOOD CHARACTERS HIDDEN IN THIS INDULGENT SMUT BATH OH GOD HELP

If Clary was the little girl who stopped a big war, you can do your very long and difficult homework.

If Jace found a way to love again even after what his father had done to him, you can forgive the ones around you.

If Alec found the courage to admit in front everyone who he was and whom he loved  you can open your mouth, speak your mind, and be yourself.

If Izzy was able to turn her anger into strength, you can be stronger, better.

If Simon sacrificed his memories for his friends, i bet you can be a better friend, a loyal one.

If Magnus endured what was unbearable and bore it for hundreds of years, you CAN get through the day, trust me.

Magnus Bane: I hate those dang Lightwoods and Herondales.
Magnus Bane: kisses a Herondale and a Lightwood.

“I made to slither off the bed, but he grabbed my hand, keeping it against his arm. “Thank you.”

I studied the hand, the ravaged face. Such pain lingered there-and exhaustion. The face he never let anyone see.

I pushed up onto my knees and kissed his cheek, his skin warm and soft between my mouth. It was over before it started, but-but how many nights had I wanted someone to do the same for me? 

His eyes were a bit wide as I pulled away, and he didn’t stop me as I eased off the bed. I was almost out the door when I turned to him. Rhys still knelt, wings drooping across the white sheets, head bowed, his tattoos stark against his golden skin. A dark, fallen prince.

The painting flashed into my mind.

Flashed-and stayed there, glimmering before it faded.

But it remained, shining faintly, in that hole inside my chest. 

The hole that was slowly starting to heal over.” 


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