fallen is one of my favorite movies of all time

The Mazurka (Loki Imagine)

Hello I have done nothing for three days but write this. Omg. 

SYNOPSIS: You have been betrothed to Thor since you were born, but throughout the years have fallen deeply for his brother, Loki. Who so happened to fall just as deeply for you. But you have each been promised to different people… and tomorrow is to be your wedding day.

This imagine is based on one of my all time favorite stories/movies “Anna Karenina.” The scene in the imagine below is inspired by a dance called “The Mazurka” that served as an immense symbol/turning point for the beginning of the downfall of the main characters love story. 

This movie to me is so beautifully intense and romantic and sad… and I just love it. So I just had this idea in my head and I wanted to try it out.

I’m going to attach a link here, incase you want to hear the song I envisioned to go along with this imagine (if you are curious! because it is literally breathtaking. And the dance in the scene is based on this version of The Mazurka! :) )

Just an FYI: GET READY FOR A LONG ONE. & Lot’s of “Anna Karenina” references littered alll throughout this Imagine!! 

Hope you enjoy :)

It didn’t matter.

They way he would barely so much as glance at you. Or the way her silky dress fell perfectly along her honey skin.

Or the way all the light in the room seemed to be radiating from the golden tresses cascading like ribbons of gold down her back. And the way his eyes fixed themselves on her… On the way her tall, beautiful figure lorded over the room- every eye commanded to her attention. Every breath stolen by her command. Every beat to every heart held still to her will.

It didn’t matter, that her hand was on his arm and your’s was on Thor’s.

It didn’t matter.

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Any idea about what the Champion's (both old and new, including Zelda) favorite movies would be?

Link: He actually has a hard time with most fantasy films. While watching he tends to point out inaccuracies in the sword play or how certain monsters would behave or the tactics employed by the various armies. He also dislikes Chosen One narratives since they strike a little too close to home. But put him in front of any given Mad Max movie and he eats it up. From the original to Fury Road, little else gets his blood pumping as much as seeing the Road Warrior barreling across the wasteland.

Zelda: Ladyhawke. For those of you who have never heard of it, Ladyhawke is the story of a knight and the woman who loves him, both cursed by a jealous bishop whom the woman had spurned. Under the terms of the curse, by day the woman takes the form of a hawk while by night the knight transforms into a fearsome wolf, effectively keeping them from ever truly being together. The film follows them and a young thief as the knight seeks revenge upon the bishop as well as the means to break the curse. And if you don’t think that isn’t the kind of film Zelda would drag Link to sit down and watch at least once a month then get out of my face.

Revali: Top Gun. Just… Top Gun.

Daruk: Doesn’t really watch many movies. Pretty much the only one he owns is Secondhand Lions and he only watches it when he’s sure nobody will hear him cry.

Urbosa: Gladiator. The spectacle, the action, the emotions. All of it combines to make this movie Urbosa’s absolute favorite. You can tell whenever she’s watched it because she can be heard lamenting over the state of disrepair that the colosseum has fallen into. Of course, she insists that fights would not be to the death. She also has a soft spot for 300.

Mipha: The Time Traveler’s Wife. She’s more in love with the idea of the film rather than the plot itself, finding the idea of a love born out of man’s ability to randomly jump back and forth through time and interacting with a particular girl throughout her life only for them to fall in love to be terribly romantic. She takes a little bit of issue with how it ends though. No spoilers in case you haven’t seen it.

Teba: Robin Hood: Men in Tights. There’s just something about absurd trick shots and clever witticisms that he enjoys.

Yunobo: High School Musical. He relates to a lot of the issues the characters deal with and the cheerful musical method of delivery is far better suited for him than tense dramas or hot blooded action.

Riju: Moana. For the most part she finds a large part of herself in the character of Moana. They are both young women under the pressures of leadership and faced with impossible tasks that they must find a way to resolve. Riju also really enjoys the deep cultural roots present in the film and characters, mirroring how deeply connected the Gerudo are to their culture and traditions. She has a hard time believing that the ocean is really that big, but outside of that she has very little issue with the film. Once she got Link to watch it with her and insisted to him that he was the Maui to her Moana. Link of course pointed out that he was the one that both retrieved the Thunder Helm and ultimately tamed the Divine Beast. RIju punched him in the arm and told him to just roll with it.

Sidon: Conan the Barbarian. He’s a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger in general but this is by far his favorite film with him in it. Swords, sorcery, revenge and riches. This film has something for everyone. It’s part of what inspired Sidon to become some ripped to begin with.

- Lonely Voe

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I still can't get over how Cameron Crowe was the one to interview harry. He directed a couple of my all time favorite movies and I was hoping he would be so impressed by harry and want to work with him again and it looks like he was definitely charmed so maybe my dream will come true lol 👌

i love how he’s fallen under the harry styles spell too no one is safe

Connor Imagine - bestfriends?

            Connor and I have been best friends for as long as I could remember. When we were younger our moms used to joke about us getting married. When we were teenagers they still teased us about it but we answered with groans and red faces. Our moms met each other in some pregnancy class and became friends and figured out they were neighbours. We were always in the connected backyards. Our dads had teared down the fence blocking one yard from the other so that me and Connor could have a bigger yard to play in.

            One day Connor and I were watching Notebook. My all time favorite chick flick. My legs were swung over the side of the couch with a blanket draped over them. I was in my panda onesie and my head was on Connors lap and he was leaning against the back of the couch with one had running through my hair and his other tapping on the couch. This was a normal ‘sitting’ position for us. The movie was almost done by now and I was in tears. I’m pretty sure Connor had fallen asleep since his hand wasn’t running through my hair. I looked up to see him smiling at me. I gave him a weak smile as I was still crying. “C’mere” he mumbled as I straddled him and started crying into his neck. “It’s just, they are so perfect and I just I can’t even” I managed to say. He chuckled and I pulled away and we just stared at each other. We both leaned in without noticing and kissed. Sparks flew I must admit but I felt weird I was kissing my best friend but I liked it. Did I like him? I don’t even know. I jumped off him in surprise and stared at him. “Shit I’m sorry I shouldn’t of I’m sorry” he mumbled out really fast. I started pacing. “I don’t understand.” He paused his mumbling. “What don’t you understand?” “Why I fell like this.” He looked shocked. “I feel weird but in a good way.” He stood up. “Look YN… I like you, no I love you. I have for a long time.” I was shocked and my stomach did flips. “Ever since we were 10 and some guy shoved me in the dirt and you came over and helped me with my bleeding knee. Or that time when I fell off my bike and scraped my head off a rock because I didn’t wear a helmet. When we went into high school I realised something. I want you to hold me, I want you to love me, and I want you to be there every single time that I need you and even during the times when I don’t. I want you to be my girlfriend, YN.”

            I ran to Connor and jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist and kissed him passionately. “I love you Connor Ball” I murmured between kisses. He chuckled as I heard someone say “Took you long enough” I turned my head to see our moms standing there looking proud.  I blushed as Connor kissed my cheek. “Mom” he started. “Meet the girl of my dreams, YN” He said then kissed my cheek as I blushed. 

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So... My favorite part of the marketing for Frozen is that they call Hans "the nice guy". Cause with all of the nice guy conversations in the media about what girls might "owe" a man who acts a certain way with her and the spoilers from the movie, I just love the trolling in calling him a nice guy. What do you think? (AKA here is a chance to rant about Frozen if you needed one today.)

[Okay, finally gave this a lot of thought…. prepare for LONG rant ahead….]


I actually completely forgot about that part in the marketing, lol…. shows how much marketing affects me, huh? =_=” However, now that you’ve reminded me, it’s really quite brilliant. Everyone was complaining about how Frozen’s marketing was terrible because it made it look silly and absurd (ie: the teaser trailer with Olaf and Sven), and yet…. right before the film was released, suddenly Disney bombards us with AWESOME trailers, a few AWESOME clips, and fabulous marketing. They started off looking silly, partially to grab little kids’ attention (I mean, come on, when the teaser trailer showed in theaters, EVERY little kid was cracking up, including my little brother), but also perhaps as the element of surprise. No one was taking the movie seriously (except for the fandom, who did their research), until Disney suddenly launched a whole series of incredible marketing skills. It was risky, but brilliant, in hindsight. 

Now, to get back to Hans…. Again, I completely forgot about the “Nice Guy” marketing tool by the time I saw the movie, and yet when the spoiler scene occurred, I was completely taken by surprise (as was everyone else). Whether or not the trolling of “friendzones” was the intention, I don’t know, but the marketing was definitely deceiving… in a good way. In almost every single Disney film, both good and bad, you can pinpoint who the bad guy is going to be, either by the dark design, ominous background music, or just some subtle (or not subtle) character traits. Even if the villain is never seen, or not until the end, the build-up of their character still marks a great villain. Hans is the amazing exception to the rules. 

I remember fangirling over Frozen to my boyfriend (after he FINALLY watched it, after I saw it twice), and complained about how jarring and unexpected Hans’s villainy was. I mentioned how though it was refreshing to have such an unique villain set-up, where were the hints?? My boyfriend said that the moment Hans emphasized his “twelve brothers” and how three of them ignored him for years, he knew he was up to something and so wasn’t too surprised at the revealing of his true character. I thought about that and taking your thoughts on the “Nice Guy” marketing, suddenly, it all makes sense. 

Hans was seen as the “Nice Guy” due to his charm and seemingly “connection” with Anna (namely, the siblings who’ve shut them out). And then you get Kristoff’s title, “the Ice Guy,” which throws another wrench in the outward characterization, because the opening song, “Frozen Heart,” sings about bewaring those with frozen hearts, and sings about the beauty and danger of ice. Though one can take Kristoff’s marketing title LITERALLY (being an ice harvester and all), it also contrasts greatly with Hans’ “Nice Guy” act. The song “Frozen Heart” seems to be literally talking about ice and thus make a connection to Elsa’s ice powers, but then again, it was Anna’s heart who froze, and contrariwise, it is Hans who is the real villain, “the only heart here that is frozen is yours,” as Anna coolly told him. And, to take a closer look at the song aforementioned, in the first stanza, lyrics say “This icy force both foul and fair/ Has a frozen heart worth mining.” BOTH FOUL AND FAIR. Hans is unbelievably handsome, the kind of looks any naive girl could fall for, and yet his actions are despicable. And I think that “the frozen heart worth mining” could be interpreted as sort of digging a little deeper into someone’s character (namely, Hans) and see that his heart is nothing like his outward appearance. 

But then again, the same goes for Elsa, the one character the song could literally be talking about. Her powers have beauty, but also induce fear, fear within herself and fear from outsiders. When Elsa’s powers are finally revealed, everyone is terrified, shocked, and repulsed. Everyone, except Anna. Though it is Anna’s heart that is literally frozen, her character is the most open and expressive among the rest. Even Kristoff hides behind a rough exterior before his tenderness is shown towards the climax of the film. Whereas Hans is automatically seen as affectionate and tender, his true character is cold and cruel. So, ultimately, the “Nice Guy” and the “Ice Guy” switch roles. 

This movie has a major theme of hiding your true self (as has been explained countless times on Tumblr), and is notable for being among Disney’s few animated features to break down and change archetypal roles shown throughout many of their fairytale films. The fact that Hans was supposed to be the love interest and a PRINCE, of all things, makes his villainy all the more fascinating and perfect. Everyone was rooting for him (and, if you ask me, I think some people are STILL rooting for him, simply because they cannot get over the fact that he was a bad guy all along… >.>”), and yet he took everyone’s expectations and slapped them across our faces. Though I have no objections to previous Disney love stories (the whole meet prince, fall in love, get married, happily-ever-after routine), I do appreciate Disney for taking a risk and a jump over traditional characterization and give audiences a whole new meaning of “bad guy.” Sometimes the “nice guy” is really a jerk. Sometimes the rough, grumpy guy is the sweetest person ever. It’s all about getting to know someone before deciding to take a chance at love. 

I think one of my favorite arguments I’ve read on Tumblr was that even if Kristoff did reach Anna in time and try to save her with a kiss, it wouldn’t have worked because it wasn’t true love……. not yet. Kristoff and Anna ended the movie still falling in love, not completely fallen yet, which is another tactic I think is brilliant. Because, all her life, Anna loved Elsa with all her heart, even after giving up on reaching out to her, she still held her sister in the highest regard. THAT is true love. 

And to get back to your original idea, of the friendzone factor…. in a way I can see that…. and that disturbs me even more, now that I think about it. When a guy assumes that once he wins over a girl’s heart by being charming and perfect and lovey-dovey, only to change his tune the moment he has her, or the moment she rejects him, he’s hardly a real “nice guy,” and that fact is something that people still argue about to this day and something that Hans greatly represents. If he had married Anna, without revealing his intentions, he would have been on par with abusive relationships, because once ascended to the throne (after killing Elsa), he could do whatever the hell he wants with Anna…… possibly even force himself on her to produce an heir…. *shudders* Whether or not she’d be murdered too is besides the point: he acted like the “nice guy” in order to gain her innocent trust and to achieve his goals. That is not real love, and certainly not true “nice guys” do. 

Now let’s look at Kristoff. Offhand, he’s rude, blunt, and tactless. He’s awkward around people, especially women, but his heart is so pure, he can’t help but fall for Anna, who also is pure of heart. And yet UNLIKE Hans, who seized on Anna’s innocence to win her over, Kristoff struggles. Though he knows her engagement is ludicrous, to say the least, he still knows a marriage is not something to get tangled up in, and so refrains from expressing his love to her, even going out of his way TO TAKE HER BACK TO THIS UNKNOWN FIANCE JUST SO THAT SHE MIGHT BE SAVED. Kristoff is not charming, not “handsome” in the sense of typical love interests, and not remotely smooth in any form or fashion, and yet his heart is probably the biggest one of all of Disney’s male princely-hero characters. He never put on a good guy act for Anna, because he found her annoying and naive at first, and even when he sacrificed his love to put her in Hans’ care, he only did it for HER sake. 

The key difference between Hans and Kristoff is that Hans SAYS all the sweet, nice things a lover should say, but Kristoff DOES all the sweet, nice things a lover should do. Huge, huge difference, something I’ve been trying to tell my friends for ages (the ones who always have a habit of falling for “bad boys” because they SAY the sweetest stuff, but in reality, are utter jerks).

And that’s the main reason why I adore Kristoff, but despise Hans. I never really found him that appealing (“oh joy, another hot, boring prince, ugh” was basically my train of thought), but now that everyone knows his character through and through, it annoys me to no end when people still defend him. His motives were simple, but his actions toward them were unique in the Disney villain line-up, and for that, I give the writers credit. However, I do not like Hans at all (similar to me despising Gaston, ANOTHER villains girls on Tumblr seem to love…. seriously, what the flying fuck?!?!), and I wish people would understand that just because he was also “shut out” by his siblings, and just because he seemed so nice in the beginning, it does not, by any means, make him a better person. Repeat after me, Tumblr: BACKGROUND STORY DOES NOT DEFINE A PERSON’S CHARACTER, NOR EXCUSE A PERSON’S FUTURE ACTIONS. I seriously cannot emphasize this enough…. 

All in all, I think Disney labeling Hans as the “Nice Guy” might be confusing for kids, but is brilliant for teens and young adults (and also for kids who’ll grow up watching Frozen). Not every nice guy is your true love, and no one should be judged, either positively or negatively, by their outward appearances, but by their ACTIONS. Though this theme has been used in previous Disney films, both princess or not, I think Frozen stepped it up to a whole new level and that’s what makes it so captivating and wonderful for kids and families to watch. I adore Frozen for many, many reasons, but I think its theme of “hiding/accepting yourself” is among the most effective and powerful tools. True love themes can be romantic or family-oriented, for all I care, but the key factor everyone should learn about is to stop hiding yourself and just embrace who you are. And likewise, make sure you get to know someone before defining their character. 

…. And I think I’ve said enough for today. ^_^”

Do You Wanna Set Off Fireworks
Naomi (ihaveablognowblogsarecool)
Do You Wanna Set Off Fireworks

Do You Wanna Set Of Fireworks? (A Supernatural Do You Wanna Build A Snowman Parody):

Okay so basically I’ve fallen in love with the movie Frozen. It’s the best film I’ve seen from Disney in years, possibly even my favorite Disney movie of all time, and one of the things that I loved most about it was the focus on sibling relationships. And in a way that reminded me of something else I like to watch that happened to focus on sibling relationships and the power of family. I’m also madly in love with the soundtrack for the movie, thus ‘Do You Wanna Set Off Fireworks’ was born.

The first part of this is set when Dean knows about the family business and Sam doesn’t (Sam’s five years old), the second part is set during their high school years where Sam’s beginning to dream of a normal life but Dean is always focused on hunting so doesn’t really understand where he’s coming from. The final part is set when Sammy leaves for Stanford and makes a last ditch effort to get Dean to come with him and live the normal life he’s always dreamed of.

Apologies for any bleeding ears caused by my shoddy voice/piano playing + also for my pretty terrible attempts to sound like a child, I promise I did my best. Enjoy!


Do you wanna set off fireworks

Come on let’s go and play

I never get to see you smile

Not in a while

No matter what I say

You tell me when I’m older

I’ll understand

Well Deanie I’m almost fiiiive

Do you wanna set off fireworks

Come on Dean don’t be a huge jerk

Go away Sammy

Okay bye

Do you wanna set of fireworks

Or chill out watching some TV

I think we need a break from ghosts and ghouls

And constant switching schools so people never see

Hang in there Sammy

It gets a little lonely

All these motel rooms

And fearing one day we’ll die


Please I know you’re in there

There’s things I never should have said

But dad just never understood my dreams

Lay beyond vengeance schemes

A life of dread

But I don’t want to leave you

Please don’t shut me out

This could be your life too

Do you wanna set off fireworks…


»… They are not your property! You cannot own a human being. Sooner or later, someone pushes back …«  

Watch in HD! [1080p]

Warning: Spoilers!

I’m in love with these ladies!
These amazing women have completely stole my heart ^_^
I realised that I have to make such a video while watching “Mad Max” in the cinema for the first time. All I needed was only a nice suitable music and the movie itself in HD quality. So, the time has come ^_~
I truly love all of them, but I have to admit that The Dag and Capable are my most favorite ones. Though can’t say that I loved Dag that much from the very beginning, but after some time and especially after the second “Mad Max” comics, I’ve completely fallen for her.
And yep, Miss Giddy is my hero! This amazing brave woman gives me goosebumps. “They are not your property!” Mother of God!! She rocks! Much respect for you, Lady!

I hope that you’ll like the video, I really enjoyed making it ^_^

Sorry, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stop myself from making “Mad Max” videos in the near future. I just need more good and inspiring music. So if you have any suggestions welcome to my ask!^_~

SHOW/MOVIE: “Mad Max: Fury Road”
MUSIC: Little Mix - Salute (Instrumental)

Rainy days (Cameron Dallas Fanfic)

I just got off the phone with my best friend Cameron. We made plans to go to the indoor race track for a friend date. It was raining really hard. We planned on going to the water park but, it closed cause of the rain. Cameron has been my best friend for a really long time! Of course I had thoughts of us being together from time to time but, he would never even consider it.
I was wearing this sweatshirt of his, it was his favorite diamond sweatshirt but, he left it at my house during our movie night. That was a great night. To go along with that diamond sweatshirt I wore my ugg boots with my leggings. I had curled my hair, and put on my glasses.

Ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door, I stood up, grabbed my purse and opened the door.
“Hey beautiful!” Cameron said as he pulled me into a huge hug. “I missed you Chloe!” He said still holding onto me.
“I missed you too stink butt!” I said making him smile widely. He had just gotten back from Utah for the fam tour.
“You ready to get an ass whooping?!” Cameron said cockily.
“Umm, are you ready to get an ass whooping!?” I said walking out the door and shutting it behind me.
“Oh shut up!” He said pulling me under his arm.
He was my absolute best friend!

We got to the indoor race track, we walked up to the door, Cam tried opening it. It was locked. It had a note attached to the door and it read “If your names are Chloe and Cameron, come in through the back, otherwise we are closed.” I was so confused.

“Cam, what’s going on?” I asked him.
“I don’t know?” He said smiling. I knew something was up. Just what was it?

We started walking towards the back door, my hair now crazy, and messed up from the rain.

We got to the back door and I grabbed ahold of the handle and opened the door and let Cam in first. He ran in and started sprinting down this long hallway.
“CAM!!!!” I yelled running after him but he was too fast, he had already turned around the corner by the time I was half way down the hall. I then turned around the corner and saw double doors. They had notes on them.
One on one door read “Chloe, as you know you’re my best friend.” The other on the other door said “We tell each other everything!” With a little note at the bottom saying “(enter)” in parenthesis.
I walked through the double doors to see all these huge posters of pictures we had taken when we hang out. And each one of them had little notes on them.
The first one read “You are great company.” It was a picture of us hugging.
The next one said “You’re so beautiful.” It was a picture of me covering my face. I remember I was covering my face cause I didn’t have make up on. I giggled at the next one. It read “and you’re the one I can always fall asleep with watching movies.” It was a picture of us snuggled up on the couch. We had fallen asleep to Oliver and Good Company( our all time favorite kid movie) and Nash took Cameron’s phone and took that picture. That was a good day. The next one was me walking into my house. I had never seen this picture. But, I was looking backwards at him smiling. On it, it said “You’re the reason I smile. I mean look at how cute you are!” I started to tear up a bit.
I had gotten to the end of the pictures and saw a sign hanging on the door signaling me to turn left.
When I turned the corner there was a red carpet with rose peddles on it leading to a table at the end. I looked at the wall and there was a note. The note said “Now you get to walk to red carpet like you have always wanted to.” I laughed.
I reached the end of the carpet and there Cameron was. Standing. At a table set for two. With roses.
“What is this all about Cam?” I said wiping away a tear of joy.
“Well, I’ve been thinking. We’ve been best friends for a long time. But, I have always wanted to take it past that. So, Chloe Elizabeth Walter, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked.
“I would love to be your girlfriend Cam.” I said wiping away more tears that have fallen.
The rest of the night was magical. I was dating a beautiful boy named Cameron Dallas. And I was the most luckiest girl in the world.❤️