fallen inside the black

Bucky: Orange You Glad

Such an awful joke, that one.

Clint met your eyes levelly and shook his head. “No.”

“But why not!” You yelped in a whine. “It’s not fair.”

“It’s not fair?” He cackled. “This is as fair as it gets. We don’t upset him; he doesn’t kill us. That’s how things usually go.”

How many times must I say that he wouldn’t hurt anyone?” You ground out, one hand going to your hair frustratedly.

“He wouldn’t hurt you, Y/N. There’s a difference. Or don’t you remember Berlin?”

“Why should I? Neither of us were there, doofus. That’s an unfair argument anyway. He won’t be brainwashed this time.” You countered frustrated and Clint sighed. You wanted to call Clint out further but you knew that he, like the rest of the group, trusted Bucky. That no matter what they said, they usually didn’t mean it harmfully and getting mad at them was pointless. It was the strangers you had to keep an eye on.

“Look, I’m not gonna help. And maybe just… tone it down for the first one? Let him get a feel for it, okay?” He rubbed his brow and gave you a look that you meekly accepted. Clint left without a backwards glance and you couldn’t help yourself as you rubbed your palms together.

“Toned down it shall be, toned down into a tiny morsel of what it was before.”

“Hey, Bucky, can you crush this for me?” You asked, offering him an empty milk bottle. He didn’t reply, just grunted assent and did the job.

“Buck, can you crush this for me?” You asked, throwing him your smashed phone. He gave you a strange look but did so.

“Can you crush this for me, Bucky?” You asked, throwing another milk bottle at his hand. He didn’t even look this time, instead just squeezing.

“Hey, Buck! Crush this!” You called jovially, throwing an orange in his direction. He barely thought about it, catching the fruit with his metal hand and squeezing. Then it exploded, juice covering his clean clothes, face and the book he read. You cackled gleefully and threw him a damp tea towel.

“Not sorry!” You grinned and he glared at you, but it was half hearted at best. In all the time he’d been there, this was the first prank against him. He sort of enjoyed it. Not that he enjoyed the aftermath or that there was orange on his shirt, but the inclusion and the look on your face was worth it.

What had begun as a long planned momentary prank just kept going. You weren’t really sure if what you were doing was okay, but he’d always give you a gentle look, checking the thing in his palm before he focused and destroyed whatever you’d thrown toward his left hand. He wouldn’t be tricked again.

It wasn’t long before he was crushing all sorts of things. Phone chargers, microphones, chair legs, even the kettle that one time (though Steve quickly banned breaking the appliances, with Tonys wavering support) and there was the unspoken rule not to throw weapons at Barnes that even you followed.

One day, you couldn’t hide a grin. You’d just found the perfect thing to crush and were looking for the man for the job. Wanda appeared beside you, having known the second you returned to that the game was ready for another round (she was constantly in your head, an intimacy she offered right back to you, as much as it weirded the others out).

Stop. She whispered silently and you froze, foot almost visible through the arch to the kitchen.

“You should just tell her. Or kiss her. It’d have the same message.” Steve laughed and you heard grumbling.

“I can’t just assume she feels the same way. That’s not fair at all. And if I said something and she didn’t feel the same way, then what? Nothing would be normal again. I need normal.” Bucky growled sullenly and you couldn’t hold in your snort as you shook off Wandas staying hand and walked into the room.

“We all need normal like we need a hole in our heads.” You agreed, offering up the rock. Bucky gave you a horrified and confused look. Steve himself looked a little confused but he followed it up with a question.

“A hole in your head is a bad thing…?” He said slowly and you cackled.

“You say through a giant hole in your head.” You grinned at him triumphantly, eyes meeting Wandas ones briefly to share the amusement. You looked back to Bucky. “So?”

He seemed even more confused by the prompting, and afraid. Gently, your reached out and put the rock into his metal palm, closing his digits around the stone and giving him a begging look.

“How long were you eaves dropping for, Y/N?” Steve asked dubiously, and James seemed to deflate.

“Long enough to know that James here has a fearful crush on a mystery girl. But that can take a backseat becau-“ You faltered to find he’d already broken the stone, it having fallen apart into six pieces, the insides of which were covered in black gems. You’d missed the actual crushing.

“Oh look, it’s you.” You gestured to the broken stone and gave him a small smile. He seemed to blink at the broken geode. “See, it’s all dirty and rock looking on the outside but inside its pretty and beautiful. I mean, sure it’s a bit jagged but you’ve been through a lot, so my metaphor is getting stronger.”

He blinked at you and you patted his shoulder gently as his cheeks pinkened.

“You’re right Wandy, let’s go watch some more Avatar.” You announced, alert to the way her thoughts had listed slightly in that direction. “Later guys!”