fallen g

Fallen Angel GD AU!

If only I could hold you once
I wish you were my lover for just a moment
Please, please, please I pray
Us, us, us, us together, together
Because I love her so much my greed keeps growing
I want you for myself. You by yourself. Don’t run, don’t escape.

first part coming soon  @loveandturmoil87 thanks for the inspiration :)

from which stars have we fallen, to meet each other here?

in which we can thank Shaak Ti for suggesting a certain pair of ARCs for the mission at hand, bringing certain lives ever closer to crashing together.

I really want to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of interest and support @evaceratops and I received for the first chapter of this work - thank you so, so much ❤ ❤  And now plans are set and preparations are made…

Ahsoka’s eyes flicked to Obi-Wan, who raised an eyebrow that said he knew exactly what she was thinking. She hid a tiny smile as he nonchalantly said, “Anakin and Ahsoka are both free, Master Yoda. I nominate them to accompany Senator Amidala to Alderaan.”

“Agree, I do. Your Captain and some clones, also will go. Select them wisely, you must.”

“Yes, Masters. I would be more than honored to help find this traitor. And, of course, supervise the Senator.”

Ahsoka resisted the urge to roll her eyes at Anakin’s subtlety – or lack thereof.

“If I may offer a recommendation, Skywalker,” Shaak Ti spoke up, the hologram flickering with distortion, “ARC troopers Fives and Echo have recently returned from a mission to Sullust. And as they both served in your battalion prior to their promotions, they are familiar with your particular tactical… style.”

Ahsoka didn’t bother to hide her laugh this time, and even Senator Amidala cracked a small smile. Anakin gave Shaak Ti a small bow. “Of course, Master Ti. I have no doubt the rest of the 501st will be happy to see them again, too.”

ii. preparations is now live on ao3 - cover art by @autem-lux

Reasons I Love Fallen London Pt 1

1. Capitalism is the main antagonist.

2. Santa is twelve giant bats in a trenchcoat.

3. Homosexuality and gender/gender roles are treated in a respectful and inclusive manner.

4. You can marry a squid.

5. You can sell your soul to a Devil for about fifteen dollars.

6. You can steal your soul back.

7. You can repeat 5 and 6 multiple times.

8. Santa breaks into your house to steal your reputation.

9. Victorian propriety is forced to contend with a bizarre and uncaring universe.

10. Propriety sometimes comes out on top.

11. Death is an inconvenience, except when it’s not.

12. You can observe fantastic and strange sights that will hurtle your character towards the brink of sanity.

13. You can have a threesome on Queen Victoria’s throne.

14. You can brag about having a threesome on Queen Victoria’s throne.

15. When you return from exile (possibly for having a threesome on Queen Victoria’s throne), you can then do the same exact thing again.

16. You can be arrested for eating too much candy at the carnival.

17. You can become friends with the giant space bats.

18. The humor is incredibly clever.

19. The humor is as bizarre as it is clever.

20. You can direct a play in which an actor is actually murdered at the end.

21. The actor gets better, your reputation does not.

22. You can smuggle Queen Victoria’s daughter into a brothel so she can act out her power/voice kinks.

23. You can break out of jail by having your lawyer annoy the courts into submission.

24. You can go down a path of horrific self-destruction, destroying yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a disturbing downward spiral that utterly ruins your life.

25. You can buy a hat with a mushroom in it.

26. You can punch a man for having a smug mustache.

27. Getting impaled by a man wrapped in bandages is more of an annoyance than anything else.

28. The same man congratulates you for chopping him into bits.

29. You can repeat 27 and 28 to your heart’s content.

30. Newspapers rate the resident serial killer’s antics for originality and shock value.

After Party Finale

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I actually went to GD’s concert and it was so amazing. I was a little distracted with all the videos lol. But anyways, hope you enjoy the last part! Tell me if you liked this one. <3

Part 2

During the next 3 months of GD’s world tour, he called you at least once a week. It was always a surprise when his name would flash on your phone. You never knew what time of day or what day he would call but you never missed a single one. He always sounded so tired when you spoke to him, but you didn’t want to stop talking to him. 

As the weeks went by, you became more and more greedy. Wanting to see him, wanting to hug him, wanting to be more than friends. You knew it was a little far fetched but you couldn’t helping imagining what could be. You couldn’t figure out what you and him were. You knew him being a celebrity made him lonely so maybe you were just something to kill time with. But then there were always times when he would confuse you by saying things that were only said by significant others. Things like, ‘I wish I could see you,’ or ‘I miss you,’ or ‘I’ve been thinking about you.’

It was 2:00 am and you were sound asleep. Until your phone started violently shaking on your nightstand. When you reached over to see who it was, Jiyong’s name was brightly lit. You immediately answered, not taking into account how sleepy your voice would sound. 

“Were you asleep?” he asked meekly. 

“It’s okay. I wasn’t asleep for long.” you lied, trying to make him feel better. 

“Good…so then, what are you wearing?” You could hear the smirk form through his voice. You came to found out that Jiyong liked teasing you. During your past phone calls, he always had to do it at least a few times. 

“Why do you do that~” you whined. 

“Haha I’m just kidding….

Hey. I delivered something to you. It should be there right about now..” he said quietly.

“What? No one’s gonna be out delivering this late.” you denied. But just as you finished your sentence, the doorbell rang. You immediately sat up in your bed. “…why would someone be delivering this late..” you said, thinking out loud. 

“Go get it.” He urged as the doorbell rang once more. You hopped out of bed and ran to the door with your phone still to your ear. As soon as you opened it, you stumbled backwards, shocked to see who was there.

“So that’s what you wear to sleep.” Jiyong said as the corner of his mouth rose, creating the all too familiar smirk that you grew to miss so much.

“W-what are you doing here?” you stuttered as a nervous smile formed on your lips. 

“I wanted to see you. Is that okay?” he asked as he let himself in. You simply nodded, not being able to believe he was standing in your apartment. He looked so good. But also so tired. He was wearing a simple, black V-neck that fit him loosely and tight ripped jeans. His black hair messily fell over his forehead as he took off the black hat he was wearing. He reached his hand up to his neck and started rubbing back and forth, nervously. 

“Should I not have come?” He asked shyly while looking down at his shoes. 

“No no!” you said, waving your hands in protest. “I wanted to see you too.. I’m just a little surprised to see you.”

He looked up at you and shot you a smile any girl would have fallen for. He outstretched his tattooed arms towards you and pulled you in for a hug. While standing in his embrace, you knew you would never forget this moment. You wouldn’t forget how slender his body was, how tightly, yet carefully, he held you, how amazing he smelled. As he started to release you from his grip, you pulled him back, squeezing him tighter into you. 

He was a little baffled when he felt how tightly you were hugging him. He pulled away just enough to where the two of you could look each other in the eye, but still keeping his arms wrapped around you. Then, his gaze lowered to your lips. He looked at them for awhile, making you nervously blush. You wiggled around in his arms trying your best to get out of his grip but he wouldn’t let you. It was like you were being hypnotized with the way he just kept looking in your eyes then back down at you lips. Slowly, he started to dip his head down to yours. And then, his lips finally met yours. 

The kiss was much softer than you imagined it would be. It was so tender and warm. You could almost feel yourself melting, conforming to him. The kiss slowly got more fierce, becoming how you had imagined, as his hands slid down your back and stopped when he got to your waist, making your arms to wrap around his neck. He gently squeezed your waist and caused a moan to come out of you, surprising the both of you. He then broke the kiss and looked down at you. His eyes were dark and hooded over as you were both breathing a little heavier than before. You noticed, for the first time, there was a tint of rose on his cheeks. And you knew if he was a little flushed, you definitely were as well. 

“I missed you.” he said barely audible in a deep, sultry voice. That’s when your thoughts got the better of you. You suddenly pulled away from him, causing his eyebrows to furrow together. “What’s wrong?” he softly asked. 

“I don’t think we should be doing this..” you said looking down at the ground. “I told you I didn’t want to do this…” this time you whispered, scared of what his reaction would be. 

“Do what?? I didn’t come here wanting to fuck you, if that’s what you mean.” There was a hint of frustration in his voice. “Why do you keep thinking that’s what I want?” He asked confused. 

“Can you honestly blame me? You come see me in the middle of the night and start kissing me! How else should I take it.. you keep confusing me..” your eyes started watering, realizing how much you had actually fallen for G-Dragon. You felt stupid for having hope that a celebrity could have feelings for you. Of course he only wanted sex. 

“What’s confusing.” he rhetorically asked as he took a step towards you, causing you to look back up at him. “I tell you I miss you. I call you every chance I get. I came back before the crew so I could see you, even if it is just gonna be for a little bit. I like you and you like me. What’s confusing about that?” The tone in his voice had changed drastically. He was now speaking in a low growl and was only inches away from your face. Being as flustered as you were, you tried to look away, but he grabbed your chin in between his index finger and thumb and forced you to look at him. “What’s confusing about that?” he said again. 

“Y-you…what? You like me?” you asked with a trembling voice. 

“I like you. I thought I made that obvious?” he said with a smirk. At any other time, you would have loved that smirk. But right now, it was only making you doubt him. You pushed him away from you, making him stumble backwards. 

“Stop teasing me! You’re always doing this. I always end up getting more and more confused because of you! Just sto–” You felt him press his lips against yours, forcefully, cutting you off completely. 

“Why are you such an assho–” but he interrupted you again. You tried hitting his chest, pushing away, and pulling your face away, but he wouldn’t budge. He grabbed the back of your neck and titled his head to the side, trying to deepen the kiss. He took his other hand and slid it down to your ass and firmly grabbed it, causing you to moan and your lips to part. He took the opportunity to explore the inside, not giving you a chance to stop him. But now, you didn’t want him to stop. You wanted him to keep going. You grabbed the sides of his face with both of your hands and pulled him into you, forcing him to back you up against the wall. His hand moved from your neck to your chest. But he hovered over your breast, debating whether he should grab it or not. You pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him. “What?” you asked breathlessly.

“I’m not an asshole..You’re all I’ve been thinking about since I’ve met you. When I was on stage for the last 3 months, all I wanted to do was call you and talk to you. I’m not just gonna fuck you then leave you. I’m not an asshole..” he whispered while never breaking eye contact. During his mini-monologue, he had taken a few steps back. You saw all the sincerity in his eyes and you wanted to believe him with all your heart. You stepped towards him and reached out your hand. You cupped his face into your hand and lightly grazed his cheek with your thumb. He leaned his face deeper into your hand, closing his eyes, loving the simple contact. 

You leaned forward, closed your eyes, and kissed him. He took no time to reciprocate and resume where you left off. He was keeping his hands places that he knew were safe; your waist, your arms, your neck, your back. And you knew he had to be a little afraid of what you would say if he tried to touch anywhere else. You took the initiative and grabbed his hand. Placing it on your breast, you kept your hand over it and squeezed it, letting him know it was okay. He took the hint and began to knead the soft flesh on his own. Softly at first but then he became more aggressive as the kiss intensified. 

Wanting more than just a kiss, you pulled away and grabbed his hand and led him into your bedroom. Once you got to the bed, you turned around to look at him and stood at the edge. Not breaking eye contact, you slowly took your clothes off. First your t-shirt, then your shorts. Standing in just your bra and panties, he broke the eye contact and took you in. He stepped back to get a better view as he ran his hand through his hair and bit his lip. You reached your hands behind you to unclasp your bra, letting it fall to the floor. After awhile, you began to feel embarrassed because of how intensely he was still staring at your body. You started to cover up your breasts with your arms but he stopped you, pulling your arms back down to your side. He brought his gaze back up to you,  making you feel beautiful. probably the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. He took his hand and slowly grabbed your breast. You slightly threw your head back and sighed at how good his touch felt. He took his other hand and placed it on your lower back, pushing you to lie down on the bed. He hovered over you, getting in between your legs, breaking the kiss. 

“Are you sure about this? I don’t wanna do this if you think I’m just gonna leave you.” he whispered. 

You took a moment to get your thoughts together then said, “….you’re not gonna leave me?” He vigorously shook his head no. “….you promise?” Instead if verbally answering you, he laid down on top of you. Putting all his weight on you while nuzzling his head in your neck. You were a little shocked at the sudden affection from him. “What are you doing?” you said.

“I don’t wanna fuck anymore. I just wanna do this.” he said cutely. You smiled as you laid there looking up at the ceiling. You wrapped your arms around his head, playing with his hair. 

“But you can’t leave me like this..” you whispered shyly into his ear. You could feel him instantly smile after you finished your sentence. He rolled from on top of you to the side of you, still having his face in your neck. He reached down in between your legs and started stroking your mound through your panties. 

“You’re so wet.” he stated. He kept his pace slow, knowing exactly what he was doing. You became greedy and wanted more. You moved your hips to try to get more friction from his hand, but every time you tried to, he would stop and pull his hand back. “You’re so impatient.” he said. 

You really were impatient. You brought your hand down to his jeans, surprising him. He let out a small yelp as you started to roughly palm his jeans. You brought your other hand down to help unzip his jeans. You took his boxers down with the jeans and took a second to take in his length while he took his shirt off. You could feel yourself now dripping wet. You grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down on his back, climbing on top of him. He grabbed your hips and you leaned forward to kiss him. 

You slowly start circling your hips on him making him groan into your mouth. You could feel , as he began pushing his own hips into you, how hard he was. The thin material that kept your lips from feeling the bare skin of his member was almost torturous. You had had enough.

You pulled away from the kiss and looked at him. He was just as breathless as you were. You placed your hand on his chest, resting all your weight on it as you lifted up your hips and pulled aside your panties. You grabbed him and slowly started rubbing his head up and down your drenched folds. The noise coming out of his mouth combined with the look on his face could have made you cum right then and there. 

“Stop..teasing..” he struggled to say. He sounded like he was in pain and you absolutely loved it. This time, it was you smirking. You gave into him, not being able handle it anymore either. You lined his tip up at your entrance and lowered yourself down on top of him. He felt so good inside of you as he stretched your walls. When you had taken all of him in, you took a second to adjust to his size then started moving at a steady pace. His hands rested on your hips, helping you move. You couldn’t help moaning out loud, adding to the mixed sounds of your skin slapping against his and both of your labored breathing. 

You sped your pace up as you began to feel a familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your moaning got louder and his grip on your hips tighten. The sight of you with your head thrown back, moans coming out of your mouth, breasts bouncing up and down, and pussy slamming down on his dick almost sent him over the edge. He had enough. He threw you back down on your back and got in between your legs, shoving his member back into you without hesitation causing you to moan louder than you had been. You wrapped your legs around him, wanting him to go faster. Your nails dug into into his back, forcing a wince out of him. His thrusts became faster and faster as he felt you coming to your high, walls clenching around him. You brought your arms to wrap around his neck, bringing him to rest his body on top of yours while keeping his hips slamming into you. The sound of his breathing in your ear is what caused you to reach your peak.  Over and over again, he slammed into you, his thrusts getting more and more sloppy. His breathing went from soft moans to loud, sporadic yelps of pleasure. 

“Jiyong!” you screamed out as you finally felt yourself release.

“Fuck..!” he muttered under his breath as he felt your walls tighten around his dick. Then, with one final thrust, his hips stopped moving and you could feel him cumming inside of you as his dick twitched. He collapsed on top of you, trying to catch his breath. After awhile of the both of you just lying there, he cleared his throat and said, “My next show is my last one.”

You laid there motionless, not knowing what he wanted you to say. “Oh..” was all you could manage.

“I want you to be there. When I come home.” he said while nuzzling his head back in the crook of your neck. 

“What do you mean?” you asked, still unsure of where he was going with this. 

“I wanna come home to you. Either here at your place, or you at my place.” he clarified. He snuggled as close as he could while giggling and saying, “just move in with me~”

You knew he was joking, and you wouldn’t have said yes if he was being serious, but he was so cute. You smiled and wrapped you arms back around him. “I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll even make you dinner or something.”

“Really?? That would be great!” he exclaimed. You just laughed in response. 

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. He shifted around on top of you and cleared his throat again before finally speaking his mind. “Um. You know what this means right?” You had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. You just shook your head no. He sighed, frustrated he couldn’t say whatever he was trying to say. “You can’t fuck anyone else..” he said a little demandingly. 

“What?” you laughed at the ridiculous statement. Not because he was clearly trying take authority, but because you weren’t the type of person that would just go around and sleep with everyone. “What do you mean?”

“You– I’m– ugh..” he stuttered. “You’re my girlfriend now. so you can’t go around flirting or anything..” he finally said. 

You were speechless. Both at the fact that he was calling you his girlfriend and the fact that it was Jiyong saying these words. You couldn’t be any happier but you were also a little scared. 

“….you can’t either then..” you softly said in his ear. 

“Of course I won’t. Did you think I would?”

“I just– I know who you are. I know you can probably get anybody with just a glance.” you said. 

“yeah, maybe to just fuck. But not to actually be my girlfriend.” He laughed then kissed your neck. “I’m not gonna hurt you.” he whispered against the skin on your neck. You knew he was being sincere but you couldn’t help being scared. As if he was reading your mind, he then said, “Just trust me. That’s all you have to do.” 

He pulled away and looked at you. His eyes were serious as he placed his hand on your cheek, lightly stroking it with his thumb. “Can you do that?” he whispered.

You stared at him for a second, thinking about what you wanted to do. Did you actually want this? You could only think of how much you wanted to believe him, how much you wanted to be with him. You had no choice bit to trust him. You snuggled yourself as close as you could to him, feeling safe being wrapped in his arms. You stayed silent for a moment before muttering, 


Fallen [part 2].

She wakes in the dirt,
Aching bones
And a throat hoarse
From her screams
As corneas flooded red roam
Over her new domain
With a distaste she now relishes.
A horizon of tortured souls,
A land where statues
Are worshipped as gods
Whilst morality
And virtue
Are left derelict
And disused.
Where mortals walk
Amongst false idols
Down streets paved
With the broken backs
And tears
Of the weary
The weak,
The downtrodden;
Breathing in stale air
That stinks
Of heartbreak & sin.

She was not the first
Of the fallen angels
And she wouldn’t be the last.

But she never forgets
The burns across her throat,
Scarring awakening anew every year
Beneath the halo she now wears,
As a gleaming collar around her neck;

She smiles
As she watches the world burn -

Lucifer once wore a collar, too.

s. k. g.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Not sure if you'll see/respond to this, but. . . I'm an RPer/fanfic writer, and I've really fallen for your Don!G character. So I was thinking about adding him to my muse list? Would it be alright with you if I wrote/RPed something using him? I wouldn't be claiming his idea as my own, of course.

Thanks for asking, but I rather not please… because Don G is a personal iteration of mine. Plus something unsavory happened on twitter in which in the end I had to forbid people from using Don G, because well… i’ll be honest, I had obsessed people (plural) stalking his character bot and ended up causing deep discomfort to me and other people around him. I have deep reservations about it…

I decided from then on, I rather have people respect that he’s a personal iteration/variation of G in which I have a story on him already, and to -not- have others use him for their own personal uses…
So, sorry for being the bearer of bad news. 

Don G was created for fun, to fill up my spare time writing some stories using my random knowledge on things, and also being a fan iteration of Undertale. It was never meant to be big since it’s like.. you know how underfell is a whole AU, and there’s UT Mob/Mob/Mafia setting AU? 

Don G is simply like… me & nyu’s version of a UT mob/Mob/Mafia setting AU. 

I AM 100% happy people love him, but again, he’s a personal iteration of a Gsans in a version of Mob/Mafia setting AU. Even if I don’t really work that often on the stories, it’s still my own personal muse of sorts.

I hope this can be understandable, I can’t stop anyone from doing whatever they want, but at least I want to say my real thought on this. Thank you for giving me the chance, and I am sorry again for my reply, but I do appreciate you asking me about it. 

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I was tagged by @mallowmint -thanks fam, I really like doing these things 

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′2″ and 3/4 

Sexual Orientation: Straight 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: Pink and black

Favorite Animal: Owls are cool

Average Hours of Sleep: Like 8 hours, I can’t function well without it

Cat or Dog Person: Both, as long as they are chill

Favorite Fictional Characters: There are a lot, but I really love Jinora (Legend of Korra) (I know, it’s a shocker, since she’s my profile pic)

Favorite Singer/Band: My music taste is so strange and varied that there is no clear favorite, but I like 21 pilots. 

Dream Trip: I have so many, but a really important one is going to Alaska and see the northern lights. 

Dream Job: An advertising worker or art restorer. 

When was this Blog made: Like just over a year ago, so like May of 2016. 

Number of Followers: 307 (That’s so many, jesus, how did that happen? :)

What made you decide to create this blog: My friend Casey aka @killurself was like “Hey, you should get a tumblr” and here I am.

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“we, the courageous damned 
kissing revolution in the moonlight, 
crushing fate between our teeth. 
we, the unholy. 
we, the light.”

part 1 of a modern alarkling mix [listen]

bang bang (feat 2 cellos) - sky ferreira | centuries - fall out boy | yellow flicker beat - lorde | if i had a heart - fever ray | locked out of heaven (bruno mars mashup) - bastille | beast (bioshock infinite edit) - nico vega | seven devils - florence & the machine | we must be killers - mikky ekko | work song - hozier | i put a spell on you - jeff beck & joss stone | i’ll be the first - kill it kid | toxic - yael naim | btsk - ms mr | me and the devil - soap&skin | heart killer - gossling | devil inside - london grammar