fallen disaster


“An engineer who was supremely confident in the technology of space, Greg Jarvis sat next to Christa McAuliffe, the social studies teacher with whom he had formed a close working relationship.

His hard aluminum seat aboard the orbiter was on the mid-deck level, to the right of Mrs. McAuliffe’s assigned position.

Edward Corrigan, Christa’s father, was quoted as saying, ‘I’d lay a bet that when they went, Greg and Christa were holding hands.’” (x)

a compilation of Nursey Disasters:

• fallen down the stairs so. many. times
• ripped a large hole in the sofa with his haus keys
• it is a damn good job this boy is rich with the amount of phones he has massacred
• tried figure skating because “bitty makes it look easy” spoilers he was terrible and sprained his wrist
• cracked the coffee table by yep, you guessed it, tripping over it
• unplugged the television and broke the plug (he was drunk and trying to prove to dex he was a better handyman)
• spilled juice on the toaster
• accidentally dropped basically all his textbooks in a puddle
• broke the kitchen table so now it has to be kept level with 1/3 of holster’s playbill collection
• cooked a spoon in the microwave
• dex slightly flirted with him and he walked into a door frame and got a concussion
• launched the wii remote at the television playing tennis
• got stuck on a climbing frame in a child’s park, bitty had to rescue him
• spilled lasagne on his mac
• pulled down 2 bookshelves in the library trying to retrieve a textbook
• fell off the top bunk of the bunk beds and said “chill” as he slowly passed out
• laughed so hard he threw his head back and gave dex a nosebleed

pls contribute this boy is a liability

Memory Item #17: Knitting Needles

last request from @fireflies-and-flashlights

I had spent so long creating away, as though I was fabricating the world all this time. I had created so many items that one wouldn’t have expected, and I was so glad, especially when the world outside seemed to have fallen into a disaster. What kept me from losing my head was focusing on my work. To keep creating, to keep making new things to fit this tinier world that shut out all else outside: that was my focus.

It hadn’t bothered me so much at all. It wasn’t like I was scared. There were too many things about that world that had terrified me anyways, so seeing it go didn’t seem to hurt too bad. Plus, what am I but a lowly alien who lives outside of it? So, while those that lived in that world may perish, I would be the one creating my own world and be constantly living in joy from my creations.

My works had brought me many joys in life. These tools that were bestowed on me grant me this gift, and I am the one to greatly handle such a job. A pure world created just for joy. To bring joy to myself when the world outside had only brought the worst pains. I wouldn’t dare want to leave it behind.

But it seems that my job was coming to its own end. Perhaps, this is what lies ahead for someone so powerful — to accomplish something great before resting at ease. I was running out yarn. I had so much before that it seemed like I would continue my duty endlessly, but I’m afraid that no matter what, the world I had created was still latched on to the one that rejected me. The me now is so terrified of going out, afraid of what the unknown world will hold for me this time — a horrendous surprise, I bet.

I gaze over my creation: the dolls with painted smiles and blushes and beaded eyes, the little animals that stood crookedly on their legs, the many brightly colored clothes that I had created for myself, even the sun, moon, stars, and planets that I have dangled on more yarn across my ceiling. It was so… beautiful to me. I felt at ease.

I laid down on empty ground, surrounded by my creation.

Yes, this world. It doesn’t seem too bad to sleep in.


Algunos de los hermosos libros que lei este año.

Muy lindos la verdad, se los recomiendo!!!!

Leyeron alguno??

Cual fue su favorito?


*Primera Etapa

Lees un Libro que te enamora que te encanta, que no es tan conocido, hasta que de la noche a la mañana se vuelve un Best Seller y todos lo conocen;y deciden llevarlo a las pantallas.

tu reaccionas

*Segunda etapa:

Te emocionas en la mayoría de los casos, y ahora comienza la pregunta del millón de dolares ¿quien interpretara mi personaje favorito? y los fandoms crean su cast perfecto de ensueño, hacen fan arts y de todo.

*Tercera Etapa:

Se empieza hacer publicidad y empiezan los mundanos/muggles/mortales/hunger/crank/ hipster/fake (como quieras llamarle) de los no lectores que siguen modas, que empiezan a “amar los libros” tu:

*Cuarta Etapa:

Al fin tenemos Director de la Película, ahora ya dirán cual serán los actores. y tu juras y estas mas del 100% segura que escogerán los actores que tanto habla el fandom, ademas viste como 100 Tweets y 20 post de que ellos eran los perfectos para el papel. hasta que SORPRESA!

-Puedes ser del 1% que su cast perfecto fue escogido

-Del otro 19% que al menos le colocaron uno de los personajes que escogió

-O de la GRAN MAYORÍA , EL 80%; No es el cast que querías

Entras en una crisis y te niegas a creer que escogieran a “esos” para interpretar el papel del personaje de tus sueños y en ese momento juras que no vas a ver la película, que va ser un total fracaso porque el o la que tu decías no le dieron el papel, los odias a todos y haces campañas en tus redes sociales hablando mal de los actores.

*Quinta Etapa:

El odio y la ira se te quita en ese momento en que sacan el primer Still, las primeras fotos de la grabación, ahí dices OMG que perfecto y empiezas a publicar y a “fangirlear” sobre la película.

Luego empieza la eterna y larga espera por el estreno del primer trailer

cuando piensas que nunca llegara ese aparece nuestro muy amado y esperado TRAILER

*Sexta Etapa

Después de meses de ver vídeos y fotos, llega el tan esperado día. AL FIN ES EL DÍA DE ESTRENO.

Te sabes el libro de memoria, la vida de los actores, todo, pero entras al cine y te pasas toda la película:

claro no todo es como en el libro, pero nos encanta criticar cada detalle.

termina la película y sales:

Puedes Salir Enamorada de la película y ya quieres ver la segunda parte.

o la odias porque no es como esperabas


thursday morning

the light sound of rain

pitter parts against my trailer roof

i think of how you pierce through my heart

just as effortlessly

we have come far but have fallen further

into a disaster

one that you got a hand in

you give me an excuse

hand it to me on a silver platter

like that makes it any easier to take

i used to think of you

without this constant storm inside my chest

i used to think of you

without not wanting to


at one point

we were so young

not innocent but young

i fell for you so hard then

but got preoccupied

i fell for you so hard

that i cant not love you now

its the type of love that

trickles down my heart

just like the rain drops

on my window

the kind that you want to wish away

but keep somewhere safe in the same instance

anonymous asked:

what like, that modern trees are really just sprouts compared to the trees that once existed and junk?

maybe, i didn’t think of that. but mesas may be tree stumps from millions of years ago, having grown MILES INTO THE AIR, but from weather and disaster have fallen and become petrified. some deserts have evidence that they once contained aquatic life, and i’m thinking that maybe in some other deserts it was once a muddy/sandy swamp-like place containing the huge trees.