fallen crowns

Parents: what do you want for your birthday?

Me: books

Parents: anything else?

Me: books

Parents: something other than books

Me: novels.


Concept: The Judgements as a decadent aristocratic family 

To each thing its place. For all that thinks, a name. For all that lives, a death.

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August Burns Red


Being As An Ocean



Capture the Crown


Crown the Empire

Fit For A King

For the Fallen Dreams


In Hearts Wake


Memphis May Fire

Miss May I

Motionless in White



Parkway Drive

The Plot In You


Stick To Your Guns

Stray From The Path


Upon A Burning Body

We Came As Romans

Woe, Is Me

The Word Alive

i. Some days I wish I had been there to reach my arm out
to catch you before you had fallen—
Readjusted your crown before it slipped off your head
and shattered on the floor.
Some days I wish I had the chance to go back in time
and fix all the mistakes I had made—
Shielded you from all the horrors and traumas you were exposed to,
opened your cage and let you see how the world really worked.
Some days I wish I had treated you more like a brother
and less like an opponent—
Shown you some compassion instead of preparing for battle.
I wonder how different things would have turned out
if I had just shown you an ounce more of love.

(But those days are few and far between.
Most days I wish I had been the one
to have pulled the trigger
and pushed you off the throne myself.)

ii. “But he’s your brother.”
And I suppose they are right.
You are still my brother.
You were my brother then, and you are my brother now.
Even now, you are still my brother,
and you will always— until the moment my heart stops— be my brother.
At least the press are still getting their information right.
What a fucking terrible thing that is.

iii. I am still trying to scrub the smell of you
out of my life.
I have learned that you are a wretched scent—
One that refuses to leave once someone has invited you in.

(You are cigarettes clinging on a smoker’s clothes
years after they have quit;
Grease on a cook’s hands
hours after they have come back home;
Booze on an alcoholic’s breath
the day after they have sobered)

Even my room reeks of you—
Even after all this time we’ve spent apart—
Even after death—
Even after everything that I’ve done—
I claw at my arms for so long in the shower these days.
trying desperately to rid myself of you,
that my skin is starting to turn raw.
I’ve gone through my memories and
swallowed the ones with you in it,
chased them with pills and booze and dust—
reveled in the feeling of your name sliding down my throat,
knowing it’ll be gone by morning.

(How much longer is this going to take?
How much longer until I don’t think of you every Goddamn second of my life?
How much longer until I’m free of you?)

iv. You are
a room full of red roses:
Beautiful at first
but after a while you

(I am drowning on the petals that you have left behind.
These flowers are beautiful no longer.
Your thorns are digging into my sides,
pushing into my ribcage—

I can’t breathe.
I can’t speak.


v. I wish I could apologize for the way things turned out.
I’ve tested the words on my lips
and everything about them feels wrong.
But knowing that you wouldn’t give a damn either way
settles something inside of my chest.
Because, if I’m being honest, I don’t give a damn, either.
I’m not sorry for your sake.
I’m sorry for mine.
I wish things could have been better.

—  2/? Five Things Kevin Wants To Tell Riko (And Definitely Never Will) Part One (via deadravenkings)

Bound in Blood…

Since long before my birth, we were bound in blood..
It danced within your veins and sat upon your tongue, 
As it sang within my soul and fell cloaked upon my frame..

It drove us mad as Beasts before battle…
Crazed and almost deranged as we felt its effects and followed its wiles..
Shadows and steel lay out our disposal, but simple instruments of war…

In blood we bathed and in hell we stalked…
A Dragon beside a Knight as we basked beneath the carmine Moon
Alive amidst the flames we moved in our eternal dance before the dead…

Will our dance ever end? Our claws ever clean? Our teeth never bared?
No… For us, of thorns and thistles, sold and stained by the hands of Death,
There is no end, the music always ringing, the Waltz ever ongoing…

Instead we stand, amidst the oceans thick and red, Masters before the Storm..
A King once fallen, your crown comprised of thorns; 
A Knight falsely holy, my scars forever branded..

Dear Count before the Knight, beneath shrouded veils..
I stand in your embrace, your Countess dressed in blood…
Reach forth, take my hand, take my heart as they lie in sacrifice to you..

I hold yours as you hold mine while we dance upon the blade,
Across the wilds of our domain,
Ever are we bound in blood…


Unwritten; SaphiraBluFire
Art Credit: Solid & ETC

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Wandering around a small field of flowers, the skeleton sighed through his nose cavity with content. As beautiful and nice as his timeline was, sometimes the more…”simple” timelines were a welcomed break. Things were rather normal with their own unique flares here in there, but he hadn’t seen any to match up to his dream timeline. Where airships transferred both humans and monsters to destinations, one could bounce along a path of unpopable bubbles, take a train to an underwater city for a day. Yeah, the normal timelines were a lot more relaxing.

Gazing over the flowers, Lucid noticed a small child sitting among them. They seemed to be picking flowers and doing something with them. The skeleton watched with curious, yellow eye lights but still kept a distance to not startle them.

We all know Hunk is really warm, it’s those type of people that stay at a really sunny temperature even when it gets colder like in Autumn. So here’s a Hunk, just chilling with a fallen leaves CROWN and a nap pile of mice snuggling in his hand, keeping them really cozy. Not what most would think when “group hug” is mentioned :P

I was very busy for the first day of @hunkweek so I couldn’t make anything AND I WAS SO SAD so I sneaked a little bit of the first day theme in here. 

They crowned the queen

They crowned the queen
with leaves and roses
white peonies in her hair
and I have seen
what this true luck is
I have met her, I’ve been there

They crowned the queen
with gold and moonstone
endless riches in her hand
and I have seen
her take te old throne
now it is her who rules the land

They crowned the queen
with bone and metal
blood and ashes on her face
and I have seen
her men in battle
end the world to save her grace

There is no queen
The crown has fallen
Brought the war to fatal end
It shall be seen
The end of all them
Who have died at their own hand

Continuing “🌸” Ask from @thequietonesarethedarkestones

Light chuckles escaped Misa’s lips as L’s flower crown fell of of his shaggy head. She knew it wouldn’t stay on long due to his messy hair, but it made it all the more funny since it fell off almost instantly… and since a sneeze was added to it. “Well, I’m glad you like it!” She switched her gaze from Ryuzaki to the fallen flower crown. “Now let’’s put that back on your head where it belongs!” Misa gently picked up the item and placed it back onto the other’s head with equal gentleness. 


Final Fantasy XV - Reclaim Your Throne

The Kingdom of Lucis has fallen. Only the Crown Prince Noctis has the power to restore the light and reclaim the throne. Join Noctis and his friends as they journey across the immersive and expansive world of Eos to save their homeland when Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide on September 30, 2016.

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