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(m) for mature rated content.

(A) for angst

(F) for fluff

Note: I’ve removed some of my older fics from this masterlist, as their content stopped being in line with my current values and morals, or my writing style just has changed too much overtime. Some i’ll try to rewrite, others will be gone from this blog for good. 



Cathybrid!AU miniseries:  

Yoongi (m)  |   Taehyung (m)  |  Jimin (m)  |  Jungkook (coming soon)  |  Hoseok (coming soon)  |  Jin (coming soon)  |  Namjoon (coming soon)


Shy Alibi (m)

Anemia (m) vampire!AU  |  sequel (m)

Perfect (F) (drabble)

Let me fix you (A) (drabble)


V-Card (m)

Favourites and Servants (m) Cathybrid!AU

Ho-ho-hot! (m)


A Genuine Valentine (m)

What Friends Are For (drabble) (m)

20 Questions (drabble)

Heavy Petting (m) Cathybrid!AU


Body and Soul  (m) Devil!AU

Everything Fine (drabble) (m)

Do Me A Favour (drabble) (A)


Under The Moonlight (drabble) (F/m)

Pretty (A/m)


Mortifer (A/F/m) fallen angel!AU:  

Teaser video  |  Pt. 1   |   Pt. 2


Paired Up (m)

Longing (m)

Tournée du Chat Noir (m) Cathybrid!AU

2AM Thoughts (drabble) (A)

Sexy Imagination (drabble)

Pepero Day (m) valentine’s day theme


Ethereal (drabble)

Whipped (m)

BTS as things:

BTS as shit my groupchat says 

BTS as shit my groupchat says vol. 2

BTS as shit my groupchat says vol. 3

BTS as shit my groupchat says vol. 4


Study Break (m)

Jealousy in technicolour (m)

Birthday Cake (m)

Wanna bet? (drabble) (m)

Bon Appetit (drabble) (m)

A cosy day in (m)

The Last Laugh (drabble) (m)

Moonlight (drabble) (m)

Naughty Classy Party (m)

Lucky (F/m)

Relaxing Bath (F/m)

Soft kitty, Horny kitty (m)

Mine (m)





Sinema (m)

Fade Into You (F/m)

Going Public (drabble)

EXO as things:

EXO as shit my groupchat says

EXO as shit my groupchat says vol. 2

EXO as shit my groupchat says vol. 3

EXO as shit my groupchat says vol. 4


Yes, Mr. Wang  (m)

Yours on Mine (drabble)

Sleepy, Needy, Greedy (m)


If You Do (F/A):    

Pt. 1   |   Pt. 2   |    Pt. 3   |   Pt. 4   |   Pt. 5

Dear Jiary series (F/m):  

Coffee in Bed    |   The Best Bad Day    |    Meeting Place pt. 1


Babyface (drabble)

Cute (drabble) (m)

Hot ’n Cold  (drabble) (m)

Expecting the Unexpected  (m)

Overseas (drabble) (m)

Into Her Panties (drabble)

Think of me (drabble)

maknae line:
A Shot Of Truth (drabble)

GOT7 as things:

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says vol. 2

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says vol. 3

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says vol. 4


Blackout (drabble) (m)

Suck it and See (m)

Spin my head ‘round (drabble) (F)

In Debt (drabble) (m)

S. Coups:
Mac’n Cheese (drabble)

Seventeen as things:

SEVENTEEN as shit my groupchat says


On All Fours (m)

Boo-Boo (drabble) (F)

On All Fours  (m)

Wicked Game (drabble) (m)

Misunderstanding (drabble) (A)

On All Fours (m)

Block B as things:

BLOCK B as shit my groupchat says


Look what the cat dragged in (ft. Ten) (m)

Look what the cat dragged in (ft. Taeyong) (m)



Sign (F) (drabble)


They were seven.

They were destined to greatness.

They were destined to command, but also to serve.

Seven whose natures were once so untarnished that no poet could ever express the purity of their essences in a mere verse.

Seven so beautiful that no artist had ever managed to capture their grace with a brush or chisel.

They were seven.

Seven like the seven stars of the seven churches in Asia.

Seven who had become stained, polluted, unfitting for the role they had been given.

They were destined to greatness, but also to suffer seven times the punishment for their sins.

They were seven, and they were in pain.

 - coming soon -  FallenAngel!AU 

~ Prologue ~


Friday Night Fisticuffs - The Fallen Angels  




Dean & Castiel - Fallen Angel (Video/Song Request) 



…So I guess now’s as good a time as any to reveal what I’ve been up to.

What you’re watching has been 6 months in the making, a little somethin’ somethin’ cognitively conceived by @thatoneclassylady to which I provided some voice work and sound design, along with the voice talents of @starbotdubs, @kolormixesstudios and @thesym, with animation by @kuwacha and composition by @chisanaai. Give it a watch and show these fine folks some love. :)


“Fallen Angel” lyric video! This was shot in Dallas, big thanks to the fans there for a great show!


In 2006 in Catalonia, Spain, a group of men were exploring a wooded area near their home when they stumbled upon a terrifying “fallen angel”. In the video below, the men can be seen frantically following a trail of long white feathers into the bushes. At the end of the footage, the see a hunched over figure in a tree. It appears to be bald, gaunt, and has a notably disfigured back, which many believe are it’s damaged wings. The creature becomes aware of their presence, and quickly glares around which frightens the men. The original footage can be viewed below:

anonymous asked:

hello! i've recently decided to check out BVB and fell in love with them and their music instantly! but i have no knowledge about the band members and their past or their personalities etc. im new to this fandom. mind telling me a bit about them so i can stop feeling like an idiot? THANK YOU!

Hey!! Welcome to the fandom! c: (or as we commonly call it,the “BVB Army”) I’m so sorry I took so long to answer this T^T it was a really long response and I wrote this in between classes, so it took a bit longer than I had hoped.

BVB 101! (..sorta?)

Andy Biersack

So, this is the lead singer. Pretty much the “favorite” of the band. He’s got a uniquely deep voice as you’ve probably noticed so it’s hard not to recognize him.

Personality: I would say that Andy’s a very blunt straight-to-the-point kind of character with a side of sarcasm (which actually makes interviews very amusing to watch sometimes). He can say very odd and silly things from time to time because of this. He’s also insanely talkative, even with fans, so if you haven’t got much to say then that’s probably not a problem. Also super insanely obsessed with Batman.

Background: He was born in Ohio in 1990, making him the youngest in the band. He was greatly influenced by bands like Motley Crue and Kiss, and wanted to start a band at a very young age. His father was also in a band in his youth so that’s also more than likely to have contributed to his passion. He started a band called Biersack and later on that evolved into Black Veil Brides, I believe in 2009. High school was really rough for him. He was the odd one out because he dressed like your typical “emo” kid and listened to what the majority label as “emo music.” So he was harassed and beat up at school. The video for Knives and Pens actually details that part of his life. He dropped out of high school his senior year as soon as he turned 18 and moved to California to pursue his dreams. He made his way around by taking up small acting gigs in commercials and such. He met Demi Lovato through this and the two became good friends. I believe this is also how he met actress Scout Taylor-Compton, whom he ended up living with while he was in L.A. Scout is rarely ever mentioned nowadays because the two of them broke up years ago, but I still believe that she was very important in his life for pushing him in the right direction with his band; like his “rock”, in a sense (for the time). Buuut it didn’t work out and the two of them split in 2011. He then started dating Juliet Simms, whom he’s currently with. In 2012, he made brief cameo appearances on The Voice when Juliet was on it (she was runner up for Season 2), and in 2013 he was involved in a few charity projects with her as well as collabing with her on her jewelry line, Never Take It Off. And now currently, Black Veil Brides has been soaring to new heights c:

Ashley Purdy

Ash is the bassist of the band. He’s usually described as the most feminine because of his brows and mannerisms but is also the band’s playboy (he often plays shows shirtless and is the fittest out of the band). I think to newcomers this concept is a little confusing but trust me, it works XD

Personality: Ash has an image in the band to be the “bad boy” or the playboy, if you will. Because of that, people tend to frame him in a negative image. On the contrary, though he’s outgoing, he’s actually quite shy in interviews sometimes. He has a thing for blondes but loves all women regardless. He’s also the “girliest” of the group; he really likes Hello Kitty merch and is almost always playing with/fixing his hair. But overall, a big giant teddy bear. Yup.

Background: His birthday is a bit controversial at the moment but he’s more than likely the oldest in the band. According to him, he was raised by his grandparents in Missouri until around the age of 18. He was always really ambitious and had his heart set on either pursuing music, fashion or graphic design. So he ended up in L.A. He formed a few bands and dated Vegas show girl, Kina Tavarozi. I believe it was in 2009 when he found Andy’s listing on Craigslist looking for a bassist for Black Veil Brides, which is basically how they met. Having had experience with prior bands, experience in marketing, and a clear vision for what he wanted, he really helped transform Black Veil Brides into what it is today. I would say he’s Andy’s other rock, in that sense. He and Kina officially split in 2011 and has sort of been on-and-off with a woman he met on the set of the Fallen Angels music video. He has never confirmed the validity of this relationship himself so I think he’s pretty much just a single pringle who’s chillin like a villain. Career-wise, even as busy as he is with BVB, he still pursued his other passion in fashion and started his own line called AP Fashion Inc in 2013.


 So this guy’s the rhythm guitarist and violinist of the band. The violin debuted in their third album, Wretched & Divine. Fun fact: he was named “garbage can man” by the band because he’s the worst smelling of the bunch hahaha

Personality: So I’m not really sure what to say about this guy. I know the least about him as far as personality goes. He’s friendly but is generally pretty quiet in interviews, not in a shy way, but just not a big talker in general. He’s really into classical music so he picked up violin when he was younger along with guitar. He also hates to be called Jeremy for some reason so just stick to Jinxx!

Background: I know he was involved in a few bands before Black Veil Brides, but I don’t know much about his past other than that. He joined BVB in late 2009 I believe. Or maybe 2010. Sometime around then. Now that I think about it, none of the current members were in the Knives and Pens video (except for Andy of course), but he was there (along with Ashley and Jake) by the time the music video for Perfect Weapon came out. He dated photographer and musician Sammi Doll for a couple of years before marrying her in October 2012. Unfortunately, it was a rough road for both of them; things didn’t quite work out and the two split up less than a year later. He’s currently dating someone but I haven’t kept up much with them recently so I’m not sure of her name.

Jake Pitts 

Ok, so Jake is the lead guitarist of the band and when I say he’s a boss, I mean HE IS A BOSS. Those magical fancy-sounding orgasm-inducing guitar riffs you hear in their songs are produced from Jake’s talented hands. He’s greatly influenced by bands like Metallica, Motley Crue and Van Halen, just to name a few. Basically, the late 80s-90s metal bands.

Personality: I don’t know too much about Jake either, but he’s very sweet and genuine. I’m not sure how to describe him other than that. I think as you delve deeper into the fandom and watch a couple of interviews, you’ll get the jist of what each of their personalities are like and decide for yourself.

Background: He went to a recording school in LA as well as played guitar for bands he was in at the time. I don’t know exactly when he joined Black Veil Brides, but just like Jinxx and Ash, he was there for the Perfect Weapon video (which was the second music video the band released by the way. Back in 2010 I believe). He has an active Youtube channel dedicated to guitar lessons, fitness, and other random stuff he likes to post. He was engaged to British-born model, Ella Cole but the two have broken it off in 2015.


We all call him CC for short, but it’s actually short for Christian Coma. In case you’re wondering, that’s not actually his real name. He legally changed his last name to Coma for personal reasons, and he does get a bit offended when people pull up his real last name. Anyway! Last but not least, he’s the drummer of the band c:

Personality: CC’s basically all types of crazy in a box (the good kind of crazy). He’s super outgoing and is really close buddies with Ashley, so the two of them chill a lot. He’s really sweet and just has an overall really good energy about him.

Background: I really don’t know anything about his past at all; don’t know if he went to college, or what bands he was involved in. I just know that he was the last (current) member to join Black Veil Brides. If you watch some of their older videos (again, like Knives and Pens and Perfect Weapon), you’ll notice the drummer was different; Sandra Alva was their former drummer and she left the band before their album Set the World on Fire (in 2011). CC was officially settled in for the music video Fallen Angels (and the band was complete with all its current members at that point). He was involved with a woman named Lauren whom he met at a bar one night and instantly fell in love. The two of them are believed to have been soul mates, even amongst themselves and not just in the fandom. But in 2013, they broke up right before he left for tour. Their break up was mutual. He is currently dating a woman named Liz.

And that’s really the guys in a nutshell. I know this isn’t the most complete compilation, but I hope it helped clear some things up. If you have any other questions or confusion, just shoot me a message. I’ll be happy to explain anything else! Have a great day/night! ♥ c: