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They were seven.

They were destined to greatness.

They were destined to command, but also to serve.

Seven whose natures were once so untarnished that no poet could ever express the purity of their essences in a mere verse.

Seven so beautiful that no artist had ever managed to capture their grace with a brush or chisel.

They were seven.

Seven like the seven stars of the seven churches in Asia.

Seven who had become stained, polluted, unfitting for the role they had been given.

They were destined to greatness, but also to suffer seven times the punishment for their sins.

They were seven, and they were in pain.

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~ Prologue ~


Parody ending for anime UmJammer Lammy)))

Just in dream…


…So I guess now’s as good a time as any to reveal what I’ve been up to.

What you’re watching has been 6 months in the making, a little somethin’ somethin’ cognitively conceived by @thatoneclassylady to which I provided some voice work and sound design, along with the voice talents of @starbotdubs, @kolormixesstudios and @thesym, with animation by @kuwacha and composition by @chisanaai. Give it a watch and show these fine folks some love. :)


In 2006 in Catalonia, Spain, a group of men were exploring a wooded area near their home when they stumbled upon a terrifying “fallen angel”. In the video below, the men can be seen frantically following a trail of long white feathers into the bushes. At the end of the footage, the see a hunched over figure in a tree. It appears to be bald, gaunt, and has a notably disfigured back, which many believe are it’s damaged wings. The creature becomes aware of their presence, and quickly glares around which frightens the men. The original footage can be viewed below:


“Fallen Angel” lyric video! This was shot in Dallas, big thanks to the fans there for a great show!


Isle of Flightless Birds. Anna, Castiel, Gabriel, Gadreel, and Lucifer


They scream… they shout… they are the Fallen Angels…