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Angel!Enjolras lying through his teeth about his wing tattoos being just regular human tattoos that got infected or something and that is why they burn. Grantaire getting suspicious cause they look just fine? his skin is as perfect as ever

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  • Enjolras is DEAD SCARED that people will find out he’s actually an angel
  • I mean, he loves humanity, he wants to fight for them, but humanity doesn’t accept difference and supernatural things easily. What if he’s hunted down? What if they exhibit him in pseudo-science forums? What if they shug him in a jar full of formaldehyde?
  • Or worse, what if they start worshipping him? He cringes simply thinking about it
  • But Grantaire knows his shit about tattoos. He’s got several, and none have every acted up like that. Enjolras’ skin  doesn’t even look read or irritated, yet he’s flinching everytime Grantaire applies cream on his back
  • Joly and Combeferre get worried, too. What if it’s a rare medical condition? What if something is going on underneath his skin and he really needs to see a dematologist about it?
  • Enjolras keeps denying everything, blaming it on minor spine issues
  • He can’t stop worrying though. He feels like maybe Grantaire has discovered his secret.
  • Why else would Grantaire keep calling him “angel” or asked him if it hurt when he fell from heaven?