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Storybrooke Has Fallen (1/?)

Summary:   Based entirely too closely on the movie Olympus Has Fallen.  Secret Service agent Killian Jones has always taken his job seriously - perhaps a little too seriously if his supervisor were to have her say. But when terrorists attack the White House with Emma and her son inside, Jones will stop at nothing to find them and get them to safety.

Rated:  T, for violence, kidnapping, some dark themes

This is for the elusive @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable on the occasion of her birth.  Which occasion, I won’t tell you, but suffice to say, she’s a few days younger than me.  Also, tagging @killian-whump​ because I’ve been taunting her with it forever and it’s RIGHT up her alley. @xhookswenchx​ because I made her read part of it and she pretended to like it :-P, and @cocohook38​ because I know you’re a whump fan.

Word count:  ~ 4,600

From the beginning: AO3 / FFN

The punches continued to rain down as Killian Jones bobbed and weaved around his opponent.  Sweat glistened under the lights and the smell of blood filled his nose from a lucky shot.  He waited patiently for an opening, baiting the combatant into a momentary lapse in judgment that would let him score a few body shots.  Finally, an elbow dropped carelessly away from its guard and Killian pounced.  A flurry of body shots dropped the other hand to protect vulnerable organs and he moved on instinct to jab towards his opponent’s head.

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vckaarrob  asked:

i literally just want them enjoying (and making the most of) the fact that they can kiss any time they want now

They’re in Davids, when Aaron realises.

Robert’s got a coffee in hand, scrolling through some news article he’d been stupidly excited about, his brow furrowed as he concentrated. Aaron’s nursing his own coffee, half cold now, and he wants to kiss him.

And he can.

They’d fallen in love in secret, done the affair, the sneaking around, and now - now, he could just lean across the table, and kiss Robert, if he wanted. Aaron wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to that, if it would ever sink in that Robert was his now, that they were in a legitimate relationship.

(“Boyfriends,” Robert had grimaced one morning, half dressed. “Partners makes us sound like we’re fifty, and over the hill.”)

“Robert?” Aaron said, scooting his stool a little closer to Robert. He was sitting next to him anyway, close enough that their knees were bumping together, and every time they did touch, it sent an odd sort of thrill through Aaron’s body.

A ‘you’re mine now’ sort of thrill.

“Hm?” Robert looked up, focus on Aaron now. He was so gorgeous, Aaron couldn’t help but think to himself, all messy blond hair, wearing that navy jumper of his that always felt soft to the touch.

Aaron simply grinned, leaning in and pressing a soft, close mouthed kiss to Robert’s lips. It only lasted a second or two, barely long enough to even count as a kiss, but as Aaron pulled back, Robert’s eyes were closed, a pink flush to his cheeks.

“What was that for?”

Aaron shrugged, turning his attention to his coffee. “I can just want to kiss my boyfriend, can’t I?”

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TSW Commission - Hell Fallen

This drawing features the third bossfight in the Hell Fallen dungeon of The Secret World. The player faces off against the Alpha & Prime in an tough battle, known as one of the most difficult fights in this dungeon.

This is a commission for Raztec. If you’re thinking about playing The Secret World or are already playing it, check out his youtube channel where he has made countless video guides on everything from lairs, to dungeons, builds and general information to help out the community.
You can also take a look at his twitter page: https://twitter.com/TSWRaztec

How much of Azazel is based on Azazel

I’m pretty much a big fan of Azazel (’real’ one) and way back in uni I’ve studied the fallen angels and Watchers a lot. So, I thought I’d just draw some comparisons here (I really don’t have anything better to do). Be mindful, I’m taking into consideration only the Enochian Azazel, not the desert spirit. Though they might be one and the same. And, yeah, it’s all debatable cause no one can scientifically prove anything anyway.

#1. The Fall

Now, that’s a bit of a conjecture, because we don’t know for sure (I didn’t play the game) but in this post is stated that he fell for a human woman. Which could be true because that’s really what happened. In the book of Enoch (grandfather of Noah) Azazel is one of the Watchers - angels tasked with watching (dah) the Earth for god knows what purpose. What they saw though was that daughters of Men were very beautiful and immediately desired them. Their leader Semiazaz gathered his comrades (200 in total, including Azazel) and ventured to Earth where they took them as wives. Their union produced the Nephilim - hybrids said to be literal giants, extremely powerful (also violent because they couldn’t handle well all that power, according to one theory). That was one grave transgression.

#2. Forbidden secrets

Second was, that the fallen angels taught humans secrets not meant for them. Like root-working, astrology, writing, etc. Azazel taught them metal-working and how to make weapons and fight with them (could have taught that together with another angel though). Well, we know that prick is a proficient fighter. Melee fighter, to be precise, as we witnessed many times. He does rely less on magic and more on his martial skill.

Another skill he taught was … cosmetics. I really don’t need to elaborate here lol. Creators of SnB took this part to heart apparently.

Anyway, all that secret knowledge corrupted humankind immeasurably, and it is said Azazel really outdid himself spreading that corruption everywhere. That was probably the inspiration behind his sadistic games with humans in the anime and generally his nasty attitude. I love it though… *blush* 

#3. Rebellion

Well, of course God was furious with insolent whelps and sent other angels to kill Nephilim (publicly, in front of their parents preferably) and punish the Fallen. Which, in turn, sparked the rebellion. Now, that’s where Azazel shined. He spear-headed that rebellion (probably because he was such a skillful warrior) and actually kicked some ass for a time. Alas, it ultimately failed. Obvious parallel with the current situation in anime. His people being subjugated, he secretly resists, eventually starting full-fledged rebellion, but I think we all agree that it’s not going to work. 

Now, in the story Raphael personally cut off his wings and imprisoned him beneath the desert mountain to await the Judgement day. I really don’t want it to end like that (though it would be a really dramatic turn of events). He has such beautiful wings… But we all heard what happened to Mugaro and all other captured demons. Horns and wings are the first things to go in the process of enslaving demons. I wouldn’t put it past Charioce to do just that.

Btw, Nephilim and the legacy of the fallen angels were washed away with the Flood, because God was fed up with their bullshit. Noah and his family survived because they were the only pure-blooded humans left on Earth. How is that for a familiar tale?

#4. Snakes

Truth be told, Azazel is not associated with snakes at all, unless you take into account the symbolism behind snakes in Christianity. Sin and corruption. Also, some attribute the seduction of Eve to Azazel, like, he was the Serpent (he wasn’t even the fallen back then…). But, honestly, let’s leave that to Satan.

#5. Association with Lucifer

Both Lucifer and Azazel has been classified as aspects of Satan in some sources. Which is not the case in this anime and actually is more accurate, as all three are completely different entities (initially) coming from different cultures and eras. Contrary to this anime though (and many other shows), Lucifer and Azazel have nothing to do with each other. There are debates whether there were two separate rebellions of fallen angels or just one, but who knows which one exactly, so really, let’s skip this confusing part.

Anyway, yes, they’re both fallen angels. But Lucifer fell much earlier for completely different reasons (’Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven’, right?). He is the strongest of the two (probably the strongest among demons) because technically Azazel was rank-and-file angel (albeit powerful one) and Lucifer was a cherub, the highest rank in their hierarchy, second only to god (in another angelic hierarchy it’s seraphim), and privy to most of his secrets. Cherubim have multiple sets of wings. Michael and Gabriel might be cherubim too, but honestly angelology is a mess to navigate…

I’m pretty sure they are being constantly thrown together cause they are the most popular in the fallen cadre. I mean, how two such awesome dudes could not know each other?! That being said… I WANT MORE LUCIFER! 

The matter of his current imprisonmnet is quite merky, because it doesn’t stop Azazel from spreading his influence as a demon. According to some demonology sources he is a very high-ranking demon, (apparenlty his abilities expanded vastly after the fall). And Hell Cocytus is such a fun place to make friends that I’m really not surprised Lucifer and Azazel became pals. 


I really love Azazel lol. His character is quite consistent with his prototype, but I hope he’ll have a happy ending instead. I’m really looking forward to learn more about his past (and Lucifer’s).

Justlex Roadtrip #8

Justin sets a new plate of fries down in front of Alex. “There,” he says, containing his laughter.

Alex picks up a fresh, hot fry and eats it. Satisfied, he says, “Now we don’t have to get divorced.”

Justin doesn’t say anything. He just smiles and sits back down. When he attempts to steal a fry, Alex slaps his hand away and shoots him a warning look. Justin holds his hands up in surrender. 

They finish up their meals and go back to the car with full bellies and sleepy eyes. Once inside, Justin yawns. 

“I could go for a nap.”

The yawn’s contagious. Alex has to fight the bubble coming up his throat. He thinks for a moment as Justin rests his head back against the seat and closes his eyes. 

“You know,” Alex starts. “I did pack a tent. There’s plenty of free camping grounds we could go to and spend the night.”

“S'not night,” Justin mumbles. 

“Obviously,” Alex says. “We can do some camping. Ever been camping?”
“Once,” Justin sighs. “With Bryce." 

Alex frowns. "Shitty time?”

“No…” Justin opens his eyes. “Really good time." 

A strange silence falls upon them.  Alex bites his lip and racks his brain for something to say. He reaches over and grabs Justin’s hand. 

"I bet we have a better time together,” he says. 

Justin slowly smiles. “I bet so, too.” He starts the engine and hands Alex his phone. “Find a place.”

Before they drive into the camp grounds, they stop at a local pool to shower for the night. They do their regular business; wash up, shave, brush their teeth.

The air’s much cooler with their damp hair. Alex rubs at his chin, happy to rid his face of any light stubble. 

They reach the camp grounds an hour later. It’s still daylight outside as they park the car in an empty area. Justin kills the engine and stretches the best he can in the cramped space. Alex smiles at him. 

“Think you can handle sleeping outside?”

Justin rolls his eyes. “Alex, I’ve slept in Zach’s garage floor. I think I’ll be fine.”

Alex bites his lip. He forgot about that. To try and lighten up the mood, he says, “Yeah, but there could be raccoons out here, y’know.”

“Fuck off.”

“And squirrels. And owls. Oh, and snakes.”

Fuck off.”

Alex laughs when Justin playfully punches his shoulder. 

They set up the small tent that barely fit in the back of the car due to its length. Justin rolls out their sleeping bags inside while Alex gathers some wood to put in the nearby pit. 

“You gonna make fire with rocks, boy scout?” Justin teases. 

Alex rolls his eyes and pulls a lighter from his pocket. Soon, they have a fire. 

“We should’ve packed marshmallows,” Alex says. “Or hot dogs.”

“Yeah,” Justin agrees. Justin pulls something from his pocket and sits down next to Alex. “Did you see this at the pool?”

It’s a flyer for a concert tonight for some band Alex’s never heard of called Fallen Secrets. Alex reads over the details. “Yeah, I saw it hanging up.”

Justin nudges him. “Wanna go?”

“I’ve never heard of them.”

“Neither have I.”

“What if they’re shitty?”

“Then we leave and make our own music.”

Alex smirks at Justin’s tone. “’Make our own music?’”

Justin wiggles his brows suggestively. Alex tries to hide his amusement. It doesn’t work. He can’t help but laugh as Justin leans closer and kisses his cheek. He works his lips down to Alex’s chin in quick pecks until their mouths meet. 

“Whattya say?” Justin says in between kisses. 

Alex grins and answers with another kiss. 

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Forbidden Kiss

This is for @frenchibi for no reason other than she’s amazing and really fun to talk to!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Ship: Iwaoi

Rating: T

Iwaizumi waits among the trees, the darkness cloaking their branches in the night and their leaves flickering out the stars. Oikawa asked him to come. He whispered in his ear when the other’s weren’t looking and told him to meet him under the stars at the edge of the dying tree with a broken face.

They had talked about this before, about planning, about asking his mother. Oikawa hadn’t mentioned anything about his forbidden kiss, but Iwaizumi knew. When he agreed to meet him, he knew what Oikawa was planning.

He holds tight to the rim of his shirt, and wonders if he should have come.

“Iwa-chan!” Oikawa’s words are a whispered excitements, and when Iwaizumi looks up he regrets even thinking about not coming.

“Tooru,” He steps closer as Oikawa walks from between the twin trees, his silk robes transparent on his skin.

“You’re wearing-” Iwaizumi doesn’t have the words, he holds out Oikawa’s hand and makes him turn. It’s something more than silk that flows over his shoulders hand to the ground, it’s almost woven from starlight it appears so delicate, spider’s thread, or merpeople’s hair. It pools around his feet and allows view of his body, naked underneath except for a pair of underwear. The sleeves are long and scoop around his wrist, and a gold belt pulls it all close at his center. Oikawa’s broken wing flickers at Iwaizumi’s words, or lack of, conveying the racing of his heart, his little tell that Iwaizumi loves to watch. He leans forward and presses a hand to Oikawa’s back, pulling him closer.

“You look beautiful, more than ever.” He whispers and smiles. His heart burns heavily in his chest and he clenches his jaw to keep from leaning forward more, from pressing his lips to him and breathing in every scent every taste he is.

“Thank you, Hajime,” Oikawa blushes and says Iwaizumi’s given name, as always, when their distance is almost too strained to control. Avoids Iwaizumi’s deep black eyes and hides his blush.  

“Shall we go- wherever it is you’re taking me?” Iwaizumi offers; Oikawa nods eagerly, pulling Iwaizumi along by his hand, his words too choked up in his lungs to spill from his lips.

“Okay,” It’s such a small whisper almost a thought, heard by nothing but the tip of his tongue.

Oikawa pulls him along to the meadow, and then past that, where the fairy logs are taken by the council. Iwaizumi walks steadily with him, his love so brokenly beautiful in front of him and he feels unreal there, then, impossible. He holds his hand like it’s all he’ll ever touch, clutching it like a lifeline, and Iwaizumi can swear both their hearts are dying inside, ribs becoming bruised by their throbbing hearts.

It’s his lips he craves, his forbidden kiss that paints his kiss in poison. To indulge would be to either die or leave humanity for him. Iwaizumi twitches at the thought like he’s ready to give everything for him.

“Stop,” Oikawa’s voice pulls him out of his daydream, of his worrying.

“Close your eyes,” Oikawa tilts his hips and chin, looking at Iwaizumi from the side like he’s seducing him to his death. Iwaizumi cocks a smile but complies, letting his lids fall closed and holding tighter to Oikawa’s hand. The bushes hid whatever surprise Oikawa has, their dark shade fading into light through Iwaizumi eyelids and soon the music brushes his ears and he remembers.

“It’s the festival of the Moon wives. Their love legendary beyond worlds.” Oikawa holds both Iwaizumi’s hands and walks backward to the pool.

“You’re going to feel the water,” Oikawa whispers.

His greatest fear is Iwaizumi’s rejection, in this moment he rather die than have Iwaizumi turn away.

“Iwa-chan?” Oikawa gasps his name and stops his movements, Iwaizumi freezing in his step. He hums in response keeping his eyes closed. Oikawa’s greatest fear is Iwaizumi’s death.

“Hajime,” It’s so small Iwaizumi almost thinks Oikawa’s struggling to breathe and when his eyes strike open and find Oikawa’s swimming in terror he almost cries.

“Hey, stop, what is it?” Iwaizumi steps closer to Oikawa’s rock in the pond, stroking his hands up to his cheeks. Oikawa’s lips don’t quiver, he’s frozen.

“What is it, my love?” Iwaizumi tries to smile to feign strength but he fails at Oikawa’s parted lips.

“Do you love me?” Oikawa lets the words slip and immediately regrets the question but says no more once it’s out. Iwaizumi doesn’t respond.

He takes up Oikawa’s hands again and leads him deeper into the cherry pond, the moonlight painting it over with light that’s colored by cherry blossom petals. The water rises up to their hips lifting Oikawa’s robes around them in the water, the silk becoming bluer in the water reflecting the moonlight.

“Hajime-” Oikawa says again.

“Yes-” Iwaizumi almost shouts.

“Tooru, I love you- more than I’ve ever loved anything in the world,”

Iwaizumi strokes a hair behind Oikawa’s ear, tilting his head and smiling with soft eyes that see with wonder.

“I love you more than life itself if you’ll allow me to be unoriginal.”

“Love lacks creativity,” Oikawa chuckles and squeezes his fingers.

“Love makes me stupid.” Iwaizumi says smiling at the small sound that leaves Oikawa, the sigh that lifts off him like a breath of exhaustion weighed down by fear.

“Don’t ever doubt it.” Iwaizumi laughs but calms with his words.

Oikawa laughs softly, and Iwaizumi looks down at him as he does, gripping the rock under his feet, trying not to slip, and get noticed. Oikawa leans forward staring up then leans back.

“Since when are you taller than me?” He says, his eyes narrowing and Iwaizumi laughs, his smiles growing wider.

“Since I stood on a taller rock.” He doesn’t even try to lie, then lets his feet slip to the mud, the soft earth filling the room around his toes until no space is left.

“Better?” He asks, and Oikawa snickers again, looking down then up through his eyelashes, hiding his blush in his shadow.

They’re avoiding the subject, the reason Oikawa brought them to the pond, to this moment, afraid of what each will say, knowing they’ll both agree, and one might die for love, in their attempt at an eternity. How foolish they are.

“Tell me the story of the moon goddesses again.” Iwaizumi asks, stepping back and leaning an elbow on the bank, the grass staining his elbow with its damp green color.

“It’s a sad story. The goddess of the moon was a beautiful woman, with many men who wished to take her hand, she spent years with her knights of stars, but alone, all the same, waiting for a man to claim her heart.” Oikawa turns in the water, his robe floating around him like an ethereal galaxy trailing him.

“But alas, it was not a man who would capture her heart.” Iwaizumi continues the story stepping away from the bank and wrapping an arm around Oikawa’s waist.

“I thought you didn’t remember the story.” Oikawa questions and Iwaizumi rolls his eyes.

“I remember this part.” he says, and Oikawa nods him onwards, leaning his hips closer to Iwaizumi’s arching away to see his face.

“But a woman, another goddess, born of light and plucked from the sky long before the new moon, called to her, and fell in love.” Iwaizumi’s voice has fallen into a hushed secret, and Oikawa listens tentatively, Iwaizumi falling forward towards him with every word.   

“They were married at dusk that night.” Oikawa takes the story back. His breath hits Iwaizumi’s lips, and the story falls quieter.

Iwaizumi’s heart feels like the sharpest razor blade, carving through his chest, and he struggles to keep it at bay. Oikawa’s lips are parted, his hands holding tightly to Iwaizumi’s shoulders, nose brushing Iwaizumi’s nose. He’s so close, and all Iwaizumi wants to do is fall forward into him, into his lips and lose every ounce of his being and sensibility in that kiss, find something new in his taste.

Oikawa’s eyes flutter at the heat of Iwaizumi’s breath, the cold water surrounding them his only awakening.

“Hajime,” Oikawa gasps his fleeting breath out in Iwaizumi’s name and Iwaizumi nods. He takes a step back, breaking with every inch they part, Oikawa’s hand still clutching around his shirt.

“Hajime-” Oikawa pulls at his shirt.

“Hajime, I-”
“I want to kiss you, Tooru.” Iwaizumi interrupts him, knowing he won’t believe him if he’s not the first to say it.

“Tooru, I do, I want to be with you.”

“I’ll take you’re forbidden kiss-”

“It’s not forbidden Hajime, It’s poison.” Oikawa corrects him and Iwaizumi is struck by his resistance.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi calls once more quietly and Oikawa listens.

“I want you forever and more, till time withers my face and death steals me away, I want to love you with everything I have until I break apart” he speaks a vow he’s only ever felt in his heart, words unbreakable and infinite in his chest spilling from his lips finally able to be said.
“Tooru, I want to kiss you, with every consequence in mind, I want to.”

Oikawa looks at Iwaizumi and holds his touch to himself. He stares for a moment that Iwaizumi knows better than to interrupt this time until he reaches out his hand.

“Really?” Oikawa asks in almost disbelief, holding his breath.

Iwaizumi nods, reaching out and taking Oikawa’s hand pulling himself closer.

“Okay, but once you do, you must keep the kiss until the pain fades away, the poison will consume you until the end when it transforms you,” Oikawa speaks without looking at Iwaizumi, but guiding his arms to his waist, pulling himself forward.

“I don’t know if you’ll have wings or not, since mine are broken and torn, but-”
“I don’t care about that, as long as I’m with you.” He says and leans forward.

Iwaizumi lets Oikawa meet him in the middle, his caution inching him forward until their lips brush and then fold into each other.

When he kisses him for the first time, there’s a heat at first, that melts into his cheeks as he holds Oikawa and pulls him closer. And then it hits him, as his hand slides up Oikawa’s back, his nails dig into Oikawa’s silk skin and the pain breaks into him like shattered bone. Iwaizumi’s knees begin to buckle but he keeps himself steady pulling Oikawa closer and pressing harder into him. His gasps pull at his lungs as he struggles, his brow knit tight, and he bites just a bit too hard on Oikawa’s lip as his heart thrashes for life inside him.
“Mmm” Oikawa moans onto Iwaizumi’s tongue but all Iwaizumi can feel is the fire burning away at his skin. He shakes, his hands trembling until he feels the chill touch of Oikawa’s tears between their pressed cheeks.

His breath is weak in his lungs, and the scorching pain that reaching through him feels as if his bones and blood are exploding. Oikawa holds his jaw in the kiss moving his lips to keep him from falling. Iwaizumi’s screams are trapped between their lips and frozen by his lungs, his air rotten and chalk in his throat.

Then Oikawa pulls him through the water, and Iwaizumi feels lighter. He lets the waves support him and Oikawa hold him, trying to see past the poison filling his veins. It’s slow, a dying ache of something scorching its way over his tongue that dulls with every moment.

Oikawa’s breath is sharp and ragged but not labored, gasping for more, as he moves the most against Iwaizumi. Slowly, the raging burn flows smoothly in him, and his breath empties into tiredness, his limbs heavy but painless now lifting properly.

“Tooru,” He whispers his name through his lungs now chilled through fire, and everything leaves with Oikawa’s gasp.

Iwaizumi opens his eyes pulling back from the kiss and seeing Tooru clearer than before.

“Your eyes, they’re green.” He cups Iwaizumi’s cheek and he leans into it, tilting his head and smiling until Oikawa’s lips fall to a frown.

“Did it hurt?” he asks and rubs his thumb over Iwaizumi’s bottom lips pulling it down. Iwaizumi wraps an arm around Oikawa’s waist and pulls him as close as he can, and nods.

“Excruciating.” He says it bluntly but smiles anyway.

He bends forward without any other thought and presses his lips to Oikawa’s breathing in his scent in every way he’s never been able to, tasting for the first time his lips untainted by pain. He hugs Oikawa’s body to his chest and lets the kiss consume them, pulling at the strings of the silk robe, opening his eyes to watch Oikawa slip it from his shoulders and send it floating away from them in the pond. His wing is tucked into his back and Iwaizumi traces his fingers along its ridge pulling a gasp from Oikawa, that he swallows with a kiss.  

Iwaizumi finds Oikawa’s skin breathlessly soft, lifting him in his arms and pressing his lips firmly against his chest as Oikawa tries to breath through each kiss until he’s set down on the grass of the bank. Iwaizumi trails up his thighs and chest, and stretching for his lips again, kissing effortlessly, painlessly.   

Love Doesn’t Discriminate (Part IV)

Word Count: 3637

Authors’ Note: Hey guys! This is part 4 of the fic, and we are happy to be sharing it with you. Also, up until now, we’ve been updating pretty much weekly, but are going to be taking a short break from LDD due to work and school stuff. We’re planning to be back with another new part in three weeks or so, but have fun with this until then!

Part I Part II  Part III

Pippa had been watching the small rescue party for a couple of weeks when she started to notice how close they were getting to the castle. One of the first things she had done after Jefferson had managed to stumble his way home was restore the tree that had fallen over and revealed the secret road to his and Y/N’s eyes. She couldn’t have a brute of a man and his sidekick undermine everything she had done to teach the spoiled Prince how to love.

“The old man is insane, we’ve been looking for the girl going on a month and we haven’t seen head nor tail of her,” Daveed muttered to Oak, who was standing by his side watching the old man deconstruct before them whenever they came to where he believed the road to some beast’s lair was.

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