March 30th is National Doctors Day! We’re celebrating with a look at some of the medical professionals of the Transformers world who AREN’T Ratchet! Who’s your favourite doc-bot?

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Knock Out - Minerva
Unicron Trilogy Red Alert - Pharma - Scalpel
Animated Red Alert - Fixit
First Aid - Glit - Flatline

I was re-watching some Steven Universe this evening, and it stuck me that there’s something oddly familiar about the narrative arc the backstory is developing:

A race of celestial beings; one among their number has a change of heart after contact with humanity; she convinces many more to join her; there’s a rebellion; a great battle; a fall, after which the rebel’s surviving followers are obliged to dwell in a lower realm…

Rose Quartz is Lucifer, isn’t she?

Staying in and watching Netflix/Movies (men addition). -Anon (Part 2- Angels)


Any bitchy competitive show (I.e. America’s Top Model)


Any Disney movie (Most likely The Little Mermaid)


The scariest horror flick you know of, just to see if it scares him. (Spoiler: It doesn’t.)


Titanic, because he said you could pick the movie.


A musical, one he knows all the words to.


Nothing, he wants to listen to music, instead.

I feel like if this was me I would hand him something but then do something stupid like start singing hsm like just imagine me giving him something and then being like “take my hand, together we will celebrate” or even worse “what time is it party time”