At last, the long awaited short film I spent an entire school year on xD
Not much to say really! It was quite the experience..I had a lot of breakdowns, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without the people I listed in the credits. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it :’D

But I did, somehow, and that’s all that matters.
I’m happy with the turn out, and I did have a lot of fun working on it most of the time (:

Enjoy guys!

Doch dann hast du gesagt, dass du mich nicht verlieren willst und auf einmal fiel mir ein, wie oft ich schon verlassen wurde.
Wie oft es jemandem zu viel Aufwand, zu viel Arbeit war, mich nicht zu verlieren. Wie oft es die einfachere Lösung war, einfach aufzugeben. Und da wusste ich, dass ich dich auch nicht verlieren will.
Denn es ist so schön, nach einer Ewigkeit des Fallens endlich aufgefangen zu werden.

“You are a Captain. The only thing between your band and asphyxiation. Every Dreg and Vandal counts on you. All of them want to be you. Your entire life is a performance: you play at strength, or you die of weakness.
You have been taken.

Take off your cape. Set down your weapons. No usurper watches you. Nothing is measuring your vulnerability.

What are you proud of? What keeps you brave?

You were noble once. You know it. You wear the memory of power, so that you can lead. But power asks for challenge. Everything that sees your banners and your riches wants to kill you and take what you have.

If you cannot hide yourself, you must make them blind.

There is a knife for you. It is shaped like [you cannot find me].

Take up the knife. Breathe the blade. Take your new shape. “