• My Chemical Romance Fans:*hears first note of The Black Parade* *cries*
  • Fall Out Boy Fans:*hears first note of What A Catch, Donnie* *cries*
  • Panic! At The Disco Fans:*hears first note of Northern Downpour* *cries*
  • Fans Of All Three:*cannot listen to any music, they are forced to never put their playlist on shuffle, forever living in the world of repetetive alphabetically placed music, never going on Pandora for fear of the unknown and unexpectable*
Quentin Trembley (Lapis Lazuli Parody)
  • Quentin Trembley (Lapis Lazuli Parody)

Concept by eleggance

Original song by Hellen Jo and Aivi & Surasshu


Frozen in brittle,
Though his knowledge was little,
He gave our nation a chance
While in his underpants

Though some could not think any less of him,
He’s truly our country’s bravest president

Quentin Trembley,
He filled all of the courts with babies,
Quentin Trembley,
He’s silly, but he stands for you and me